To the editor:

I believe that abortion is an issue between the pregnant woman and her God. The Bible says that only he may judge. All of these men in various congresses who are saying abortion is illegal or banned are prejudging and interfering with the woman’s life.

But the bigger hypocrisy is after the child of a single mother is born. Congress, Senates and the executive branch forget about the new child. Often, this child is with a single parent, addicted to any drugs the mother took, hungry and without any support. It is almost like the child had disappeared.

Social services, welfare, Medicaid, schooling, child care and WIC and food stamps are all under fire. Try raising a child without much or any help from the community. Until the children are of voting age or eligible for military service, they are forgotten or ignored.

One proof is a recent article in the Sun about the many homeless children in the valley. Some people around care that the government is doing things to make children’s lives worse, ruining the environment, fostering hate, cutting benefits, warmongering, etc.

I believe the influx of women in the government will slowly bring betterment to the world and to these children.

The election in 2020 could bring great changes and a little more understanding, not only to the plight of women and children, but to all of us. It will not be easy, and it may hurt the wallet a little more, but in the end it will be worth it.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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