To the editor:


Mrs. Rude-I-Grrrrr and her leftist/socialist comrades were quite upset recently when the president said that those who don’t like it here could/should leave. But where was the indignation when she said essentially the same thing (about “the passport bandwagon circling”) for those who disagree with her and her cronies?

It seems that Mrs. Rude-I-Grrrrr is cut from the same cloth that she says the president is. They are “birds of a feather,” so to speak. Interesting thought, isn’t it?

In her recent letter, she talks about the “low-brow, degrading rhetoric we have become accustomed to,” but, for some strange reason, I don’t believe that she includes her own rhetoric, and that of her leftist/socialist/antifa friends, even though theirs fit the description. She, and they, give true, America-loving Democrats a bad name!

She applauds presidential candidate Marianne Williamson for having what she calls “the cure,” which is love, but the truth is that Mrs. Rude-I-Grrrr wouldn’t know what love is if it “hit her up side of the head.”

Oh, she tries to talk a good story. She talks about love and understanding and helping and working together. And then spews hatred and disdain against anyone who doesn’t agree with her!

I do believe that Mrs. Rude-I-Grrrr knows what she loves, but knowing what you love and knowing what love is are vastly different things. And, in my opinion, she doesn’t have a clue about the latter.

As my union friends used to remind me from time to time, “If you’re gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk!”

And her comment about guns would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. It made no sense when taken in the context of Ted Miller’s letter to the editor on gun legislation many months ago, even though she tried to make it sound applicable.

It must be that graduation certificate she got from the “Nancy Pelosi School of Logical Thinking and Expression” showing through!

Vaughn Roy


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