To the editor:

He’s doing it!

Frank “Bone-Spur” LaFerriere is showing his true colors and they are NOT red, white and blue!

He spews hatred against American values, and true patriotic Americans who disagree with his and his Antifa cronies’ leftist, socialist values — values that would wreck this country, just like they have every other socialist country civilization has known!

Bone-Spur Laferriere’s socialist agenda is to deny basic American rights to any American who disagrees with him, and then he tries to pass this off as something our brave military and law enforcement personnel embrace.

He cherry picks examples in an attempt to support his twisted thinking, and ignores any that that would expose it for what it is. He even openly lies to make fictitious points! He makes things up!

For example, according to Bone Spur: “they” just cut all the benefits for our military people to pay for the wall. Prove it! (By the way, Bone Spur, apparently your knowledge of history is severely lacking. So to enlighten you: The Democratic Party is the party of the KKK.)

Bone Spur is like a hula dancer, making it difficult to know if you should be watching the hips or the hands. It doesn’t really matter, though. Either way you only get half the story.

Vaughn Roy


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