To the editor:

Australia now joins California and the Amazon in burning up, and the polar glaciers are melting fast.

Ornithologists tell us that the state birds of the lower 48 will be unable to survive in their home states by the end of the decade.

Ours has moved to Canada. According to the latest World Health Organization report, children born today will more likely die of climate change-related causes than illnesses.

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says humans caused this and we have less than a decade to turn it around or go extinct. It’s time to elect a president who can tackle the climate.

Greenpeace, the most respected climate action organization, analyzed each candidate’s climate plan ( Here’s what they said:

Both Trump and Weld got an “F.” Barely higher were Democrats Bloomberg and Bennet at “D+.” Maryanne Williamson scored higher, and Tom Steyer and Cory Booker ranked third and fourth, respectively, but none breaks 3 percent in the polls.

Of the six leaders, Greenpeace ranked Andrew Yang’s plan last, saying he “plans to invest heavily in building community resilience to the climate crisis, but he has yet to commit to fully phase out fossil fuels and protect impacted workers and communities in a clean energy revolution.”

Amy Klobuchar’s rated only slightly above Yang’s as she “lacks the necessary level of detail and ambition to show she would be a real champion for transformative climate action.”

Pete Buttigieg is flooding the airwaves to call upon voters to “Read my climate plan.” Greenpeace did. They ranked it near the bottom, slightly higher than Yang’s and Klobuchar’s, saying, “His plan relies on risky tax incentives for carbon capture technology that could perpetuate fossil fuel pollution.

In addition, he has not committed to end exports of oil, coal and liquified natural gas and hold polluters accountable for their contributions to the climate crisis.” Moreover, Pete’s major bundler is a lobbyist with ties to big oil.

Greenpeace ranked Tulsi Gabbard’s plan above Pete’s, praising her for saying she wants a full fossil fuel phaseout, but admonishing that "she hasn’t released a detailed plan to tackle climate change if elected."

Next highest was Biden’s “new” climate plan, which Joe unveiled here in New Hampshire (Greenpeace graded his last one a “D-minus”). Greenpeace ranked this new one a mere fifth, saying, “He still has a ways to go when it comes to confronting the fossil fuel industry.” Notably, Joe recently told a Sunrise activist at an Iowa rally that if the activist wanted someone who would end fracking immediately, he “should vote for someone else.”

Greenpeace ranked Warren’s plan second best with an “A”, but noted that, "she has not released a detailed plan to responsibly wind down all fossil fuel production at the same time.” In addition, they said, she only dedicates $3 trillion over the next 10 years to the problem and relies too heavily on market forces.

Last but not least, Greenpeace gave Bernie Sanders the only “A-plus”, stating, “Sen. Sanders released a bold plan to invest $16 trillion in a Green New Deal to usher in 100 percent renewable energy in a decade, phase out fossil fuel production for good, and prioritize workers, communities of color and indigenous communities in a just and inclusive transformation of the economy.He committed to immediately end federal fossil fuel subsidies, halt new oil, gas and coal projects, and ban harmful fracking and mountain-top removal practices while planning for a just and managed phase-out of fossil fuel extraction. He pledged to hold fossil fuel companies accountable and make them pay for their contributions to the climate crisis.”

If we don’t elect the candidate with a plan that can save us, nothing else matters. Based on what Greenpeace revealed about each plan, the best chance for our survival is the A-plus plan. Please join me in voting to survive. Vote Bernie Sanders for President on Feb. 11.

Theodore Bosen


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