To the editor:

With local schools about to begin another year we are all well aware of the many changes to our district. One thing that has not changed is the rules regarding school buses and vehicles. For the safety of everyone I would like to remind everyone of the laws regarding passing a school bus. If you encounter a bus on the road it is always a good idea to use extra caution. If there are yellow flashing lights it indicates that the bus will be stopping and a stop sign will be next. On the contrary to popular belief drivers will not suddenly put reds on. However when the red lights come on the stop sign will also be activated. Drivers MUST stop at least 25 feet from the bus in all directions unless on a divided highway. Students maybe coming from all directions and believe themselves to be safe. For sports and field trips no reds will be used and you may pass... but please remain vigilant. No amount of rushing is worth a child's life. Even if you do not have a student in school please be aware of start and release times so we can all do our best keeping the future safe. And now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Renee Stewart


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