To the editor:

A coalition of climate activist groups will lead a strike at the State House in Concord as part of a national day of climate strikes.

On Friday Dec. 6, climate activists nationwide will lead a second round of climate strikes to demand their elected officials support the Green New Deal and other climate justice legislation. The strike will build on the record-breaking strikes on Sept. 20 of this year, when a historic four million people globally took to the streets to demand climate action.

“Climate science tells us that we have 11 years to take action to transition off of fossil fuels if we are going to have a livable future,” said 350NH Action organizer Rebecca Beaulieu. “We need a massive movement to demand our elected officials in Concord and Washington take this emergency seriously.”

The Concord Climate Strike will be organized by a coalition of climate justice organizations, including N.H. Youth Movement, 350 New Hampshire, and lead by the NH Youth Climate Strikes. The strike will take place at the State House in Concord at 11 a.m., where speakers organized by the N.H. Youth Climate Strikers movement will share their stories and demand that lawmakers take action to fight climate change.

350 Action mobilizes progressive voters, gets climate champions elected, holds fossil-fueled politicians accountable, supports frontline partners, trains young movement leaders, and much more. Ahead of the 2020 election 350 Action is mobilizing voters and volunteers across the country to break the fossil fuel industry’s grip on our democracy, elect progressive climate champions and build grassroots power for bold solutions like a Green New Deal.

Rebecca Beaulieu

Climate organizer

350NH Action

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