To the editor: 

With so much negativity in the world today I would like to say a few positives. My dog and I walk six days a week. The people on the four-wheelers have been awesome. They have been very respectful of us. They slow down to make sure not to startle us. They go by us slowly. We thank each one and wave to let them know that we are grateful to them being considerate. Most acknowledge and some stop to talk with us. We have met some really nice people.

So to say that people only watch out for themselves is not always true. We love where we live and the people around us show it also. The ATV people have come from New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts mostly. Very nice people who enjoy our beautiful area.

The work being done on Route 16 has had many dump trucks going by and they too have been very good. They move over and we have gotten to wave at each other to acknowledge that we appreciate them. Most vehicles have also been good.

Now, my Mom is elderly. She walks around Main Street in Berlin. People have been so good to her. The cars stop when she is in the crosswalk and wait to make sure she gets across safely. People have come up to her to ask if they can help her to get to where she’s going, to cross the street, to get home safely to open the door to stores for her. She told me about this one young girl who had her parents stop so she could help my Mom across the street. She then gave my Mom a big hug and kiss on the cheek. This makes me proud that people are helping people again especially the elderly. When she goes to the grocery store, people are always there asking her if she needs help getting something off the shelf.

My Mom loves Berlin. She picks up the twigs and trash in the park near her home. She also picks up trash up and down Main Street. She wants to keep the downtown respectable. It’s a shame that people are so close to the trash cans but yet they still throw things on the ground. My Mom is a special person, and even at her age, she is still trying to keep downtown beautiful along with all the Main Street people with the beautiful flowers. Now with Christmas decorating too etc. Be proud of our town.

I am not the best writer but I hope I was able to convey myself with all that I wanted to get across.

Hoping everyone will have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Lucy Jeskey


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