To the editor:

With all the news covering the Covid virus, we all have different ideas about how to handle it. A lot of people are panicking and over stocking on supplies. With so many differing venues reporting on this virus and millions of people over buying paper products, dry goods and cleaning supplies you'd think the world was coming to an end! I don't think it is but even if it was, will hoarding supplies or panicking change it? No! We have control up to a point. What we can't control, we let God take care of that. He's got the bigger shoulders! If you don't have Jesus in your life, this would be a good time to invite Him in. Most of the illnesses, especially in our area, are the typical winter colds, flu's, pneumonia, etc. It's a very low percent in the bigger areas that have the virus.

What we can do is wash our hands, stop putting our hands in our mouth or on our face, stay home if we're any kind of sick and take proper care of ourselves. Common sense will override the fear if we put our mind to it. Besides, when did fear ever change an outcome? Will fear stop you from getting sick, from anything? NO!! Fear will not stop the flu, a cold; not even pneumonia if you've been exposed to it! Fear can not change the results of a blood test or if you get sick or not - common sense! We've all been through colds, flu's, respiratory illnesses in the past and we got through them just fine without panicking; besides, panicking wouldn't have changed the course of that illness one iota!

We all need to calm down! We can concentrate on the things we can control and do what we can. As for me, I will give the rest to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and let HIM take care of it because that's what He's there for. He is there for the things that are out of my control! This no to not to force feed my faith onto you, it's more to encourage everyone to just stay calm during this current situation. My faith helps me stay calm. It's also, as I said, common sense! We can do this, people. Take a deep breath and look at things with a calm, rational mind instead of high, intense emotion! Probably easier said than done, but it can be done!If we all do our parts in this and leave the rest to the professionals, we will all get through this. Get the facts, ask questions of the appropriate sources, take care of ourselves and above all, STAY CALM! We have been through epidemics in the past and they eventually ended. The other thing for us to do is stop watching the news non-stop. It's going to be the same thing day after day for a while. News sells; bad news sells even more! Find one news source you trust and watch only that one for News Alerts Only, not every day! We can make ourselves sick by watching this kind of news over and over. We won't learn anything new by watching the same reports that media "hype-up" so they can sell their product! We need to stick to the facts and react to t hem not our emotions of the situation! It's time to be proactive NOT reactive! I'm sorry! I have not right to tell you or anyone else to stop watching news! I learned the "hard way" after 9/11 when I was glued to the TV for weeks! I ended up making myself very sick because of the constant exposure of the vent day after day after day, ect. Again, I'm sorry. I have no rights at all to tell anyone what they should or should not watch on TV. It's meant as a friendly suggestion, nothing more.

I'm just a regular person who cares very much about people. Always have, probably always will. I felt it might help, at least a few people. I just wanted to share some of the coping skills I have learned over time to help get through stressful times. I'm not trying to sound like I have all the answers. I know as much (or as little) as all of you. I believe in what I have written and it calms my spirit! It doesn't mean it will be helpful for you but getting different ideas from various places can't hurt.

I firmly believe getting correct information, staying calm and using our heads will help all of us through this trial.

God Bless

Kathy Leaver


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