To the editor:

During the “Year of the Pandemic,” the election cycle has been thrilling. Just like anticipating the next drop or sharp turn on a roller coaster ride, a surprise awaited me around every corner. I lost the campaign for Coos Register of Deeds to Leon Rideout, a formidable opponent.

Democratic candidates and volunteers in Coos County put many miles on their cars, hours of Zoom meetings, and put thousands of signs out. People like Henry Noel, N.H. Rep District 3, was stellar in the House, yet he lost his re-election campaign. Sue Ford, N.H. rep. campaigning for N.H. Senate District 1, knew Coos and the challenging New Hampshire education system better than most candidates throughout the state, yet she lost. Mike Cryans, Executive Councilor District 1, has probably physically run more miles on roads in this county than anyone and represented the County voice at each Executive Council meeting, yet was not re-elected.

Each candidate had a story to tell; each had unique and necessary attributes to bring to issues. The Democratic ballot was more diverse than in years past; Coos County is changing. Edith Tucker, N.H. rep, a thoughtful debater, was re-elected. Eamon Kelley and Larry LaFlamme, N.H. Rep District 3, fortunately, will be strong voices for the North Country. Paul Grenier will continue to lead the county government.

I look forward to working with all of the newly elected officials of Coos County.

Kathleen Kelley


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