To the editor:

Well Mr. Roy, let's see who actually has no respect for the law, freedom of the press, the military, the police, the Pledge, or our country and democracy, shall we? And let's see who also wears masks.

Ever hear of the KKK, Mr Roy? Don't they wear masks? But you are OK with that, huh?

Then you got the Proud Boys, American Guard, Daily Stormer, Crew 38, Hammerskins, Firm 22? All of these groups? Are right-wing, Fascist, Nazi terrorist groups, and according to the FBI and Homeland Security, are the biggest threat to the United States, bigger than the Muslim radicals are.

They are fascist, white supremacist, Nazi losers, Mr Roy, responsible for some of the most violent acts in the U.S., including mass murder, murder, acts of terrorism, bombings, threats against news organizations, Democratic politicians, blacks, Jews and Muslims.

One of their members committed mass murder in El Paso, killing 22 and injuring 24.

One of their members is responsible for sending all those bombs to our Democrats. Many other members of these groups have been arrested for sending terrorist threats to Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Maxine Waters and many others that Trump constantly attacks in his psychotic Twitter rants.

One of their members committed murder in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others.

And guess what, Mr. Roy? They call themselves Christians, Republicans and Trump supporters. But we call them? Fascists. Seems you have no problem defending them, huh, Mr. Roy? And you project what they do? Upon us who stand up to them. Talk about exposing your hypocrisy, huh?

Now let's get to Trump. Despite the evidence shown in the Mueller report that you all called fake news, Trump contacted another foreign government to dig up dirt on his opponent. And then? Covered it up. And now? Threatened the whistleblower and those who gave the information in his report. And just the other day? Shared a tweet by Pastor Jeffress saying that if Trump is impeached, they should start a Civil War.

So, would you call those people law abiding citizens who respect the opinions of others, for our laws and police, country and democracy? Or are they fascist punks who are terrorists?

They are the very reason we of Antifa exists. If it were not for them? There would be no need for Antifa.

Then you say your party cares about or military and vets? If that is so? Then why have they done nothing to stop the 5,000 suicides of vets each year? Why did they just cut all the benefits for our military people to pay for a wall?

Did you know, sir, that many of our military people cannot even make ends meet and go on welfare? That is because the Republicans will not even allow them to get a decent wage. And, Mr Roy? Each and every time I go by an MIA/KIA Never Forget flag, I salute it. Do you?

You can project all you wish on us, Mr. Roy, who are from Antifa or who are standing up to that criminal in the White House who has broken his oath of office so many times. It is not funny. And it’s the fascists groups I mentioned, who praise Hitler and his Nazis and want to have that kind of government for our country.

It is the Democrats who have proven they stand by the democracy and the Constitution. And it is we of Antifa who stand up against Trump's fascists who want to rule the U.S. just like Hitler and the Nazis tried in World War II.

Frank LaFerriere


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