To the editor:

With the horrible events of the past week, I should be focused on the carnage in our nation and the blood on America’s hands — #masa — Make America Safe Again. FYI: Texas and Ohio have open carry and not one “good guy with a gun” to be found. Theory diminished.

But, surprise, we are taking a trip down Hope Avenue. Now that Marianne Williamson has become the latest buzz candidate, I will share my extraordinary opportunity to meet her at the Kelley Stelling Gallery on Manchester’s vibrant Hanover Street.

One hundred supporters squeezed into the art space featuring the brilliant canvases by local painter, James Aponovich. We were like sardines in a beautifully designed can. It was hot, but only until a wave of uber cool rolled in at 5 feet 3 inches, in 4-inch heels.

Marianne Williamson has an aura about her that makes you feel calm and collected. But don’t get too comfortable. She is a truth sayer of the Nth degree. She shared her overview of her decision as a political outsider to throw her hat in the ring and become a candidate for the highest office in the land. America is sick and Dr. Williamson has the cure: love.

Now, that may seem to be a simplistic approach and a 180-degree turn from the low-brow, degrading rhetoric we have become accustomed to, however she is spot on.

In almost a conspiracy theorist dream reel, she connected the dots with red string of all the industry-based contributors to what ails us: pharmaceuticals, the health-care industry, the prison industry, the insurance industry, the Monsantos & the agriculture industry (eat corn like the cows that we are), the gun lobby, the Pentagon, and our political structure as it stands today.

She is clear. She is concise. She does not play. She is here to stay. This woman speaks from the heart, and her heart is big enough to speak for all of us. She is inquisitive and constantly learning.

She asked about “this North Country place” and I did my best to explain the beauty and challenges beyond the Granite Curtain.

She was intrigued, as was I, in her gentle and kind approach to solving problems, as opposed to the human wrecking ball we have become accustomed to. Shake off your complacency. If the second night of the candidate debates has proven anything, there is a field of committed and soulful candidates who want to serve us and not simply ingratiate their bank accounts with dark or foreign money as POTUS. It will do us good to remember that 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is not an ATM. Marianne is truly self-made and has fresh ideas to share.

So, shake the sand out of your ears, open your eyes to truth, expand your compassion meter for one another and let’s stand together with those who serve to unite us, not divide us. If that is not the America you wish to embrace, the passport bandwagon may be circling your neighborhood.

Imagine if the venom was laser beam focused on French Canadians? That would be soul crushing and shameful. It is no coincidence that the character “Homelander” in Amazon’s "The Boys" has a Trump-like compassion. What do you expect from a human rat raised in a lab?

He even created a super terrorist to secure his popularity and position. Sound familiar?

This isn’t good television; this is OUR reality. Please, let’s stop embrace one another and remember who WE are as a nation: welcoming, loving, understanding and helpful. Anything less, is unpatriotic and not the America our framers envisioned.

Elizabeth Ruediger


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