To the editor:

We have a leadership deficit from top to bottom in this country. It is painfully obvious and there is nowhere to escape the effects of this cataclysm of epic failure that was ushered in by an America that thought they were better by electing the first Black president and found the disdain for this type of progress was deeper than initially perceived.

We have witnessed a resurgence of targeted hate against minority groups and an abuse of power that is hard to fully comprehend from the perspective of the American experiment. It is as if the lab was overrun by Gremlins and the green ooze is seeping into every corner of our collective consciousness.

Will Biden be the Bunsen burner that will burn off the dank dribbles of this administration’s infestation? We can only have hope, which has been in short supply, along with PPE.

But how does this translate locally? A good start is having leadership that represents all of their constituents and not a select few. Recently, I attempted to contact my board of selectmen and was faced with the phone off the hook, cell phones turned completely off. Really? This is what we pay property taxes for? A town of 300 residents and our selectmen cannot be bothered to respond to praise or concerns. Sometimes issues cannot wait for the summer schedule board meeting. Leadership is required to “be there” for constituents, not pick and choose who they respond to when they get around to it.

I think the phone is off the hook in Washington, as well.

We have spent months scrambling for solid information and solid prevention methods in the wake of a pandemic. We have been met with denial and misinformation. We are better than this. We are the most advanced country in the world and yet we have approached the virus and the complete obliteration of the hard work the past administration performed to create a bustling, healthy economy from the ashes left by the previous Republican led administration with deep fallibility.

We are no better off. In fact, we are exponentially worse. We have the highest rate of infection, record unemployment and according to our president, “the best mortality rate.” Wow. So much winning, I am simply exhausted, but glad I can breathe easily in Trump’s America of COVID parties.

I hear tales of mass gatherings and shake my head at the audacity and complete disregard for the lives of others.

These are the folks who are testing positive, and we are now playing a deadly game of six degrees of separation and Kevin Bacon is not pleased.

We just had a raucous get together locally and the idea of social distancing and mask wearing was lost before the first 12 pack was consumed. These are not healthy people. Avid smokers, obesity, COPD, diabetes and other autoimmune disorders are prevalent.

To not have enough self-respect by attending a party that could have been easily put on the back burner is equal to the disrespect the attendees have for the rest of us who are just trying to keep our children safe and not be a super spreader to the elderly. The elderly, which is literally the very definition of Coos County.

So, please, I implore our leadership to be an example and not a swab sample. Step up and do what you were elected to accomplish. Be our guidance and answer the call when needed. We already have a president who is off the rails and a busy signal in our nation’s capital, we don’t need a lack of responsibility here.

Elizabeth Ruediger


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