To the editor:

We can all take a sigh of relief that the First in the Nation Primary has come to a triumphant conclusion.

Bernie Sanders squeaked out a tiny victory over political newcomer Pete Buttigieg.

It is amazing that a candidate who has been campaigning in New Hampshire for five, long years felt the breath of a political “newbie” on the back of his neck, coupled with the sting of an amazing third place surge by Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

To go from single-digit polling to capturing 20 percent of the electorate is no small task, especially for a woman, with little to no name recognition three short months ago.

A note of appreciation also needs to go to the Coos County Democratic Party and the executive committee, led by Brian Bresnahan. What a complete 180-degree turn in competent leadership, in comparison to 2016.

It is heartwarming to have individuals dedicated to supporting the primary process and the wonderful group of candidates that we were not only allowed, but encouraged to get to know.

No one stood a chance or had a voice four years ago. We were literally in lockdown. Dissenters were met with disdain and any support for any other candidate beside Sanders was quashed.

With new leadership, we were freed from the chains of the political operatives who infiltrated the party ranks in an effort to oppress any support for competing candidates. It was shameful, but the party now has more inclusivity and moral fiber than ever before.

I witnessed our leadership team attend candidate events and host voters in an effort to not just get out the vote, but the opportunity to choose a candidate that most fits their idea of a nation worth embracing.

So, thank you.

We needed to clean our own house before telling others to do the same.

With the sweep of energy that has been generated by two relatively unknown moderates, barely a step behind the progressive standard bearer, I am renewed with hope that we can lift up Milwaukee in July with cohesive energy and not burn it down with hurt feelings and boo boo faces.

No matter who, we must vote blue. To our nation, we must be true. This is the mantra of today’s legion of Democratic voters and is long overdue. Congratulations to the night’s winners. It was hard-fought and well won.

Elizabeth Ruediger


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