To the editor:

Is anyone surprised that the American taxpayer is Donald Trump’s wet nurse? Yes, that’s right. We are the boobs whom he suckles to bolster his fraudulent business enterprises and his immoral campaign to destroy everything that is beautiful and righteous.

Our next president paid $3.7 million into our tax base. Thank you, Mr. Biden!

Your president made the equivalent of two car payments on a used Mazda. For the Dummer residents, that is one and a half payments on the former town clerk’s Ford Escape. Yup.

Trump comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a prison cell and an electronic ankle bracelet to fit every, single one of them. You have to decide if you want to keep bailing out corrupt Republicans or opt for checks and balances.

You have to decide if you want to have health care that covers pre-existing conditions or face medical bankruptcy from a myriad of diseases to include the one that your president downplayed and diminished its capacity to extinguish your life with a tiny gasp of breath.

You have to decide if clean air and water is a gift you would like your grandchildren to inherit.

You have to decide if a viable economy, not based on stock futures, is one to pass on your your children.

You have to decide if a living wage is $7.25/hour and if you can survive on it and what it contributes to Social Security and Medicare.

You have to decide if women dying from back alley abortions is the next headline in the news. You have to decide if your tax dollars should be syphoned from public schools and channeled to private, religious institutions.

You have to decide if you will be able to educate yourself and not owe a mortgage payment for a $200,000 home when you receive your college diploma.

You have to decide if you can afford to pay a plumber, an electrician or HVAC specialist or simply do without because you had to live on macaroni and cheese all week.

You have to decide if a person driving a $70,000 truck, hauling a $50,000 boat is truly representative of the American Dream or an offset of tax evasion.

You have to decide if the last four years have been smoke and mirrors and opt for a clear future for all Americans and not just a privileged few who have made a lifestyle of cheating, lying and stealing from others.

The “other” is you. People in this nation are hurting. It is time to heal. Use your wisdom, vote blue.

Elizabeth Ruediger


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