To the editor:

As New Hampshire’s Democratic Primary is right around the corner (Feb. 11), I encourage all voters to please thoroughly research all of the candidates, their votes, policies, platforms, beliefs and visions.

Please don’t just rely on the news on your TV. All TV news stations are owned by rich and powerful billionaires who prefer candidates that are for the rich and powerful.

They will say nice things about the candidates that they prefer and say bad things (smears) and sometimes lie about the candidates that they don’t prefer.

Some candidates may seem charming or funny in personality or check an identity box, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have good character, are honest, are truthful, have good policies, have made good decisions, have made good votes, have good experience, and will ensure a government of, by and for the people and not for the rich and powerful.

Here are some things to think about when considering a candidate.

Will that candidate be able to work with the entire Congress? Do they show respect or do they just name call and just resist the other party, furthering the huge partisan divide that we currently have in our government?

Will that candidate put the American people first in their deliberations and decisions, not their party, not corporations, not lobbyists, not PACs, not billionaires, not another country?

Will that candidate uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Does that candidate run only a people-powered campaign or do they also take PAC, lobbyist and special interest money?

Will that candidate stand up to the Military Industrial Complex to end costly unjust unwelcome regime change wars for power, oil, money and profits? Wars that we pay for with our taxpayer dollars that needlessly kill our soldiers and people in other countries and make us less safe. Trillions of our taxpayer dollars that can invested in our country and our people.

Is that candidate honest, transparent, truthful, a good listener, compassionate and caring?

Can that candidate bring together people from all party affiliations, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Greens and Republicans, to beat Donald Trump? New Hampshire is made up of mostly independents.

Does that candidate want to improve our health-care system, education system, environment, infrastructure, criminal justice system, human rights?

I take voting seriously, and I hope you do too. Not only at the national level but at the state and local level as well.

Our leaders make important decisions every day that affect us all in so many ways. Our votes and voices truly do matter for the direction of our towns, cities, states and country. Happy deliberating! Feb. 11 is coming quick!

Donna Godin


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