To the editor:

A few weeks ago, I sent a letter to the editor in regards to the ATV presence in our town. I had titled the letter “Return the Quality of Life to Those living along Lancaster Road OHRV Trailhead.” The header was changed to “Bullying over positions ATV has got to stop.” It was done so without my consult and changed the emphasis of my piece.

My point was that no neighborhood should suffer as much as those living along the Route 2 OHRV trailhead are. It is unnecessary and if the selectmen had followed the town zoning and ordinances, the trailhead would never had been opened to OHRV traffic. This week, a new OHRV trailhead is opening up. Let us please not forget our neighbors. Right now, there is an opportunity to restore peace to our neighbors, end a lawsuit, and save our town resources. The route two trailhead needs to be closed to OHRV traffic.

Again, I encourage anyone who says that the issue is not a big deal, or exaggerated, to spend a day in this neighborhood and then speak to the issue. And remind yourself that what has happened to our neighbors, could easily happen to you and your neighborhood.

Many people reached out to me after my letter was printed. Many felt the same way I did and felt concern for those living along the Route 2 trailhead. I encourage you to reach out to the selectmen, our county representatives and state government. We absolutely have a say in how we want to see our community grow and how we look after our neighbors and our quality of life. We developed a master plan for our town, encourage our selectmen to honor it. Please speak up. Please help our neighbors.

Our neighbors deserve to have their quality of life restored. It is long overdue.

Deidre Blair


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