To the editor:

The New Hampshire Fire Arms Coalition is mailing a broadside condemning me for Senate Bill 677. I would like to set the records straight.

SB677 was proposed some time ago by the governor. It was supposed to offer court protection to vulnerable adults. Older people whose faculties were failing or unfortunate people who never had much in the way of faculties, or older people lacking family to take care of them.

Back then it seemed like a good idea. All of us Republicans signed up as sponsors or co-sponsors.

Since then the anti-gun people got a hold of it and slipped in wording that allowed police to confiscate firearms from anyone who seemed to be connected in any way with the vulnerable adult.

I looked at SB 677 yesterday and that objectionable language was gone, or at least I could not find it after readingng the bill through twice. As of right now SB 677 is 11 pages long. It's wordy with large sections of it duplicated in several places. It contains a lot of complicated words that could rise up and bite us. I plan to vote against SB 677 just because I cannot be sure what it will do.

I should also say that I am a gun owner, I am an NRA member, I am an Air Force veteran, and I am a member of the Alderbrook Sportsman's Association, which has a shooting range in Littleton. I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment.

David J. Starr

Senator, NH District 1

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