As much as I hate to see the city of Berlin public works director resign, I can certainly understand why he chose to leave this position and I guess I should look at his departure as a blessing for Berlin.

From what I read on Facebook, there is no shortage of qualified local candidates with expertise on how streets should be treated and plowed in the winter — where, when, and how built-up snow removal should occur; how pothole control and street/sidewalk repair should be handled, as well as trash pickup, recycling, street sweeping, manhole cleaning, drainage issues, grass cutting, and all the other daily tasks assigned to our public works department.

They also say they want taxes to decrease, so I guess they know of a magic formula to accomplish these tasks with less funding.

Oh, that's right, they call it “better budgeting.” Awesome! Looks like we will all be saving money and getting better services with the next director.

I understand that many of these people feel the salary of the public works director is way too high.

I can only assume they are ready, willing, and able to take on the job at a far lesser pay rate. Thank you in advance for your dedication to the citizens.

We also have an opening for a school superintendent as well as principals, assistant principals and other managerial positions.

What a fantastic opportunity for some of these same individuals to take over operation of the schools, again at a far lesser pay.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to fill these positions with all the local knowhow in the community as to the way things can be done better and for far less money.

So, if you are reading this, and it applies to you, now is your time to shine.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Dig out your resume, take those framed degrees and certifications off the wall and head right down to city hall or the School Administrative Unit office and fill out one of those applications.

With all your self-proclaimed qualifications and expertise, you should be a shoo-in for any of these positions.

Finally, this is a municipal election year with four city council seats and a mayor being elected in November. Get out there. Spread your message of how you will keep the streets properly plowed, potholes filled as they occur, new roads built, older roads and sidewalks repaired, illegal drug and mind-altering substance abuse stopped, drug dealers taken off the streets, crimes solved, fires put out, rescues made, dilapidated structures torn down, children better educated, local business flourishing, new hotel(s) built and new industry started.

From what I keep reading on social media, this can all be done with far less tax money.

I can’t wait to see how and look forward to the savings I will incur every year.

Complete those nomination papers. Get your name on the ballot, campaign positively about what you will do and how you will do it rather than how bad everyone presently sitting in those seats are and how they only care about themselves and getting rich off the poor taxpayers.

I know, speaking for myself, I don’t know how I’ll survive without the $1.92-per-day-before-taxes paycheck I receive but I’m willing to give it all up for the opportunity to see such great infrastructure and city service improvements made with a lower tax burden.

Convince me and come November you have my vote!

Mike Gentili is a Berlin city councilor.

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