RANDOLPH — Members of the Randolph Forest Committee John Scarinza, David Wilcox, Mark Kelley and Laura Brockett met with American Legion Post 82 representatives Mike Murphy and Pat Boisclair on Wednesday Oct. 2 to discuss the proposed monument to the seven “Jarhead” motorcycle club members who lost their lives in a head-on collision in Randolph this past summer.

Discussion between the board raised concerns of the abutters, that at one time the proposed site had been used as a siting range for shooting, but Chairman John Scarinza said that there was no evidence that this area had been used for this purpose recently but the board would recommend that a sign be put up making shooting in this area illegal.

Questions were asked about the heights of the proposed flagpole and the illumination required by federal law. Murphy said that the height of the flagpole would be about 10 to 15 feet high and that only the flag need be illuminated not the entire pole.

“The flag needs to be recognizable” said Murphy, adding a spotlight is not required.

Scarinza said that the town of Gorham “Dark Skies” ordinance could be used as a guide for the lighting.

It was asked if the flag needed to be lit all year.  

Murphy replied that it was the intention of the American Legion to raise the flag on Memorial Day and to lower it for the winter on Veterans Day depending on the weather.

Scarinza mentioned that years ago there was a streetlight in that area and other lighting, so this lighting would be less obtrusive than what had been in that location previously.

The board discussed the issue of trucks blowing their horns passing by as a sign of respect. The committee would ask state Department of Transportation to install a sign asking that horns not be blown by passing traffic as a sign of respect for the memorial.

"If we do nothing and have no rules regarding that site then things will continue to be left on the site and the traffic issues will continue,” said Scarinza.

It was proposed that a memorandum of understanding between the town of Randolph and American legion Post 82 Gorham be signed describing the obligations and duties of both parties regarding the memorial site and any events held there. Any events being requested by other parties would have to be vetted through the American Legion first.

The legion would be responsible for the placement of the 5-foot-high and 5-foot-wide stone, as well as stone benches, gravel for five parking places, the placement of the American flag and pole, periodic cleaning and mowing, and the opening of the site each season.

Randolph Fire Captain Bill Arnold brought up the idea of a stone bench honoring the first responders that day also be placed on the site. Arnold said that he had someone who was willing to build and put together the bench for the site.

Murphy replied that the American Legion “had no issues” with the proposed bench and would welcome it.

It was also suggested that a sign informing the public, be put on the site temporarily, stating that a permanent memorial will be installed in the spring.

The Randolph board then voted in favor of the two proposals and passed the memorandum of understanding with the legion representative is to be voted on by their executive board on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

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