BERLIN — A special dedication will take place this Veterans Day when Dead River Park will be officially named 12 Memorial Place to honor the 12 Coos County servicemen killed serving in the Vietnam War.

The ceremony will take place at 9:45 a.m. during Veterans Day observances conducted by the White Mountain Veterans Council.

A new sign at the park lists the 12 who lost their lives: Pvt. Terry M. Abbott, Marine, Lancaster; Sgt. Daniel J. Albert, Army, Berlin, Staff Sgt. Cecil A. Broome Jr, Army, Lancaster; Sgt, 1st Class George L. Dale, Army, Gorham; Cpl. Richard A. Demers, Marine, Berlin; Staff Sgt. Maurice C. Descoteaux, Army, Berlin; 1st Lt. Charles J. Dickey, Army, Lancaster; Cpl. Yvon A. Hebert, Army, Stratford; Pfc. Kenneth B. Jordan, Marine, Twin Mountain; Cpl. Benjamin A. Kenison, Marine, Jefferson; Pfc. Terrence C. Sullivan, Army, Berlin; 1st Lt. Jan A. Ulmer, Berlin.

The project was undertaken by Cpl. Richard Demers Detachment Marine Corps League and spearheaded by Tony Dube and Lionel Turgeon.

The two approached the city council in August to ask permission to put a new sign up at the park. They noted that years ago the park had been renamed 11 Memorial Park in honor of the Vietnam veterans killed in action. But over the years, the pair said, an additional veteran had been identified. The two reported that the league had been cleaning the park and wanted to correct the name and put up a new sign. The council gave its support with Mayor Paul Grenier thanking the veterans for taking on the project and offering any help the city could provide.

Dube said they have tried to find relatives of the 12 veterans to invite them to the ceremony. He said they are trying to spread the word in hopes of reaching as many as possible.

The White Mountain Veterans Council will gather at the Berlin VFW at 8 a.m. on Veterans Day and depart at 8:30 a.m. to Milan Village (8:50), Dummer (9:10), Vietnam Veterans Park (9:45), World War I Memorial (10:30), Veterans Park (10:40), Spanish American War Memorial (10:50), and Veterans Memorial Bridge (11).

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