COOS COUNTY — Coos County continues to see high numbers of COVID-19 cases with the administrator at the Coos County Nursing Hospital in West Stewartstown reporting Tuesday that conditions there “keep going from bad to worse.”

Administrator Laura Mills reported Monday’s testing added 11 new cases among the nursing home residents and 16 more employees. With the new cases, Mills said the nursing home had 34 active positive residents and 40 active positive employees and is still waiting on test results on others.

With so many employees out, Mills said the nursing home has been arranged so they only have to staff two floors, with the isolation unit now taking up an entire floor.

Still Mills described staffing is “very precarious.” She said positive employees who are still feeling OK are willing to come in and take care of positive residents.

Mills, a registered nurse, has worked some floor shifts herself. In addition, Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital has offered to share nursing staff, and Mills said she has received some applications for RNs, LPNs and LNAs anxious to offer some help and several will be coming on-board.

Mills noted that Gov. Chris Sununu has reinstated the Long Term Care Stabilization Program, which provides a weekly stipend for essential workers in long term care. She said she will apply for that as quickly as possible.

The Coos County Nursing Home in Berlin last week reported a staff member out on quarantine and no positive cases in the nursing home. 

Overall the state Department of Health and Human Services reported there were 105 positive cases in Coos County as of Tuesday.

The Colebrook-Stewartstown area continues to be a hot spot with 39 active cases in Stewartstown, 17 in Colebrook, seven in Pittsburg, five in Clarksville, and Stratford and Columbia each listed as having 1-4 cases.

Berlin is the other hot spot with 20 active cases.

The DHHS site also lists the towns of Lancaster, Dalton, Whitefield, Jefferson, Milan, Errol, Carroll as each having one to four cases.

The DHHS on Tuesday reported 279 new positive cases statewide with 3,551 current COVID-19 cases diagnosed in New Hampshire. There are currently 77 individuals in the state hospitalized with COVID-19.

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