BERLIN — An inmate in the Berlin state prison has pleaded guilty and been sentenced for his role in a conspiracy to introduce fentanyl into New Hampshire for distribution.

On Monday, Benny Ranes, 43, pleaded guilty to a felony count of conspiracy to sell a controlled drug, subsequent offense.

He was sentenced to serve six to 12 years with three years of the minimum sentence suspended on good behavior and no A-l disciplinary tickets while incarcerated.

Ranes is currently being held at the Concord prison.

The charge against Ranes was brought after law enforcement learned he had introduced a paroling inmate to his former fentanyl supplier, Ramon Rivera Muniz in Haverhill, Mass.

The paroling inmate met with Muniz and purchased large quantities of fentanyl for redistribution within New Hampshire.

According to court documents, Ranes was incarcerated at the Berlin prison in November 2018, when he put a paroling inmate in contact with Muniz.

Between Nov. 27, 2018 and April 3, 2019, Muniz sold large quantities of fentanyl to the paroling inmate for redistribution in New Hampshire.

On nine occasions money was deposited in Ranes’ inmate canteen account by a MacKenize Ramos.

Muniz was indicted in October 2019 as a drug enterprise leader as the head of a fentanyl ring that trafficked the drug throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Ramos, 26, of Amherst was indicted on a charge of possession of a controlled drug (fentanyl) with intent to sell. At least five other people were charged in the trafficking ring.

The case is the result of the collaborative efforts of the N.H. Attorney General’s Office, the N.H.Department of Corrections and the U.S.Drug Enforcement Administration.

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