Accused Killer Says Wife is Lying About Her Lover’s Murder and Beheading

Armando and Britany Barron are seen in their booking mugshots. (CHESHIRE HOUSE OF CORRECTIONS PHOTO)

KEENE — The Jaffrey man who allegedly shot and killed his wife’s lover before forcing her to decapitate the dead body in an unincorporated place in Coos County will not get the probable cause hearing he requested, claiming that his wife is not telling the truth about the murder.

Cheshire Superior Court Judge David Ruoff denied Armando Barron’s request, writing that Barron’s argument that there is no hard evidence of a crime beyond his wife’s allegations is insufficient.

“The defendant argues, in effect, that she has a motive to lie and that her ‘evidence’ is just an accusation and therefore not credible,” Ruoff wrote.

He said that is not an accurate interpretation of the evidence so far presented in the case.

Armando Barron, 30, and wife, Britany Barron, 31, are being held without bail for their roles in connection with the murder of Keene resident Jonathan Amerault, 25, that began in the Jaffrey/Rindge area on Sept. 19, 2020.

Armando Barron was charged with capital murder and Britany Barron with falsifying physical evidence in conjunction with the murder.

According to court records, the state is processing thousands of pages of information, close to 30 hours of recorded interviews, several thousand photographs, as well as the physical evidence taken from multiple crime scenes.

Because of delays related to COVID-19, there have been missed discovery deadlines, prompting Barron’s request for the probable cause hearing.

Police discovered Britany Barron alone at an Errol campsite, along with Amerault’s headless body, head and car.

“I’m in big trouble,” she reportedly told the Fish and Game conservation officers who found her.

Armando Barron allegedly discovered that his wife was having an affair with Amerault and then used her cellphone to lure Amerault to Annett Wayside Park in Rindge.

Britany Barron told police her husband savagely beat her after discovering her affair with Amerault and at one point put a loaded pistol in her mouth.

At Annett Wayside Park, Armando Barron violently assaulted Amerault and tried to force his wife to shoot him, even putting the gun in her hands and wrapping his hand over hers, according to an affidavit written by New Hampshire State Police Detective Stephen Sloper.

Armando Barron then forced her to cut her lover’s wrists, according to Sloper. Armando Barron then shot Amerault three times, police said.

The couple drove up to the Errol campground with Britany Barron driving Amerault’s Subaru up to the woods. There, she was forced to cut off Amerault’s head and bury it in the woods, police said.

Amerault’s body was wrapped in a tarp and buried near a brook, and his car  covered with a tarp, according to Sloper’s affidavit.

Amerault failed to show up for work the following Monday, and his mother reported him missing to Keene police, according to State Police Detective Matthew Anderson’s affidavit.

Police contacted Teleflex Medical in Jaffrey where Amerault worked and learned he did not call in and that his co-worker, Britany Barron, also was out. Teleflex employees told police that Britany Barron called to say she would not be at work and was likely quitting her job.

Employees told police they believed Britany Barron and Amerault were in a relationship.

Police contacted Armando Barron, who told detectives he was despondent over the breakup of his marriage. He said he last saw his wife that Saturday night when he dropped her off at the side of the road in Temple so she could go camping with friends. He then drove to Errol in Coos County, a 3 1/2-hour drive, then returned home, he told police.

Anderson writes that police used cellphone signal data to locate Britany Barron. Her phone was last connected to a cell tower in Errol, and Fish and Game conservation officers found her at a campsite in the woods in Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant.

Police say Britany Barron was alone at the campsite and armed. Near her was an object covered by a tarp and covered with sticks and branches. The conservation officers reported seeing blood run out of the bound tarp covering Amerault’s headless body.

Britany Barron told police she burned Amerault’s belongings and wiped down his car and was waiting for her husband to return, according to Sloper’s affidavit.

Armando Barronwas stopped and arrested in Coos County, though the affidavit is not exact, stating only he was arrested in State Police Troop F's jurisdiction.

Both Barrons are currently being held without bail.

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