Shelburne Trails Club to hold its Annual Meeting and Speaker Series

The featured speaker at Shelburne Trails Club's Oct. 10 annual meeting, Marianne Borowski, will highlight the history of the 83-mile Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail. (COURTESY PHOTO)

SHELBURNE — The Shelburne Trails Club will hold its annual meeting and a speaker series event on Thursday, Oct. 10, at 7 p.m., at the Shelburne Town Hall on Village Road.

Preceding the business meeting will be a presentation by Marianne Borowski on the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail.

Borowski, the founder of this organization, will highlight the history of the 83-mile, multi-surface, recreational path across northern New Hampshire from Woodsville, on the Connecticut River, to the town of Bethel in Maine.

Rail trails, dirt roads, bike paths and quiet paved backroads have been linked together to produce a route across the state of New Hampshire.

The route travels along river valleys and through the northern White Mountains Region of the state.

Enjoy a photo tour of the trail and learn of connectivity to other bike routes and see where this effort establishing the trail may lead.

The trail enters Shelburne on the Hogan Road from Gorham before following North Road east into Maine and the town of Bethel.

This event is free and open to the public. The Shelburne Trails Club annual meeting will follow the presentation.

This event is part of the Shelburne Trails Club’s annual speaker series. The club supports and promotes safe use and stewardship of the Shelburne-area trails.

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