Salve Regina Academy in Gorham receives a $30,000 grant

Alison Mueller, director of marketing, enrollment and development for the Diocesan Catholic School Office presented a check to the Rev. Kyle Stanton, head of school, at Salve Regina Academy in Gorham in the amount of $30,000. The academy was awarded the grant from the St. John Neumann Catholic School Trust. (COURTESY PHOTO)

GORHAM — Salve Regina Academy announced that it has received a grant of $30,000 from the Diocese of Manchester’s Saint John Neumann Education Trust. The Academy was one of four New Hampshire Catholic schools awarded a grant this year. Funds from this trust are for the general benefit of N.H. Catholic Schools, as well as for providing financial assistance to students desiring a Catholic education.

The head of school, the Rev. Kyle Stanton said, “This is the largest single grant the trust has awarded to a school. To receive a grant of this size is a wonderful gift to the community of Salve Regina, as it allows us to continue to provide an authentically Catholic education to families that otherwise may not be able to afford it.”

With tuition set at roughly $4,000, Salve Regina Academy’s tuition is the lowest of any Catholic school in the diocese. A commitment to affordability, with the understanding of economic challenges families face was a priority for Stanton.

“The cost to educate one student at Salve Regina Academy is roughly $10,000. Our desire to keep tuition rates low means that we must seek support from funding mechanisms such as the St. John Neumann Education Trust, and rely on the generosity of donors in order to fill that gap,” he said.

To date, Stanton has raised over $175,000 in donations to support the academy, most of which will offset the cost of building renovations and the installation of a playground. According to Stanton, donations continue to come in every day.

“More than three hundred individuals have donated to our school over the last seven months, and the number of donations continue to grow," he said. "For me, this is just confirmation that our desire to bring Catholic education back to the North Country is resonating with people all over the state and beyond. ”

Stanton hopes to raise another $50,000 this year, and has great plans for school’s future.

“Salve Regina has not only enriched our parish communities, but it has had a positive impact on the towns of Berlin and Gorham as well. Our school community is blessed with dedicated teachers and parents; our curriculum is distinctly different than that of any other school in the area, and as our enrollment and donations continue to increase, our programming will become even more robust,” he said.

At Salve Regina Academy, faith is integrated into the daily undertakings of students, faculty and staff. Students engage in the beauty of the created universe through an active study of the arts, history, math, science, literature and theology, and are called to recognize the unique dignity of human beings in that universe.

Faculty and staff support the work of each individual student in a way that is reflective and respectful of that human dignity, by encouraging critical thinking, creativity, awe and virtue.

Individuals looking to support Salve Regina Academy may mail a check to 9 Church St., Gorham, NH 03581, or donate online at

Salve Regina Academy is a Good Shepherd & Holy Family Parishes School serving students Pre-kindergarten through grade 8 in the Diocese of Manchester.

For more information about Salve Regina Academy, go to

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