Stacey Hicks: Understanding Osteoporosis

By Stacey Hicks

Carlisle Place Physical Therapy and Wellness Center

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by comprised bone strength, predisposing individuals to increased risk of fracture. There are many risk factors associated with osteoporosis. The major factors are as follows:

1. Female.

2. 65 or older.

3. History of compression fracture.

4. Fracture with trauma after 40 years old.

5. Family history of osteoporotic Fx.

6. Low vitamin D levels and low dietary calcium.

7. Excessive alcohol consumption.

8. Smoking.

9. Post-menopausal weight less than 132 pounds.

10. A number of other conditions and medications affecting bone mineral density.

Physical Therapy treatment is indicated for improving bone health.

Education and exercise programs designed with mixed and varied loading can be beneficial in preservation of bone density.

Addressing fall risk issues is imperative in prevention. Physical therapy can help improve posture, education on proper body mechanics avoiding excessive spinal flexion, prescribe assistive devices and improve overall motor control and strength.

If you have already suffered from a fracture physical therapy can help you recover from any physical or function impairment getting you back to a more independent lifestyle.

Stacey Hicks is a physical therapist and owner of Carlisle Place Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Jefferson. Hicks attended University of New England in Biddeford, Maine, graduating with a bachelor of science in physical therapy in 1996. She is a nationally certified lymphedema therapist and is certified in the McKenzie Method of mechanical diagnosis. If you are experiencing the living with osteoporosis, ask your physician for a referral to the Carlisle Place for an evaluation. Hicks and her staff can help you get you on the right track. Call  (603) 586-4100, fax (603) 586-0084 or go to

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