Local Vinyl Album Club donates $4,080 to Weeks Medical Oncology Department

Ned Finkel and Jasper at a 33 1/3rd Club meeting. (JOHN OPENHOWSKI PHOTO)

LANCASTER — The 33 1/3rd Vinyl Album Club hosted the film "Woodstock" at Lancaster’s Rialto Theatre on Wednesday, Sept. 25, when approximately 200 people attended.

The event was held in honor of former club member, Ned Finkel (1959-2019) and everyone who has been impacted by cancer.

The proceeds totaling $4,080, on this 50th anniversary of the historic film, were donated to Weeks Medical Center, Oncology Department.

“Club members wanted to honor the memory of our friend Ned, and the excellent services provided by the Weeks Medical Center Oncology Department to our community,” said 33 1/3rd Club President Bill Rugh. “We are so pleased that Ned’s name will be included on the Wall of Recognition by Weeks Medical.” Club members expressed their appreciation to the many people who helped make this community event a resounding success.

Plans are already being made to hold a similar event next year. Bill Rugh said that “The Last Waltz, celebrating the farewell performance of The Band, seems to be the top choice so far.”

This film, directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 1978, is seen by many as the best concert film of all time.

The performers, in addition to The Band, include Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and many others.

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