Eversource launches life-saving AED Program

As part of Eversource’s commitment to safety, the energy company recently installed automatic external defibrillators on all of its line trucks. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Company equips every line truck in the state to respond to cardiac emergencies

MANCHESTER — As part of Eversource’s commitment to safety, the energy company recently installed automatic external defibrillators on all of its line trucks in New Hampshire.

Eversource lineworkers and supervisors work at all hours of the day, in every corner of the state, and in all weather conditions to ensure the reliable delivery of power customers depend on.

That means crews are frequently working in remote areas, or in conditions that make it nearly impossible for first responders to reach them in the recommended three to five minutes that aid needs to be administered during a cardiac emergency.

With the installation of AEDs on each line truck, Eversource lineworkers are now equipped to immediately begin delivering life-saving care in the field if one of their co-workers experiences cardiac arrest.

“At Eversource, we live the mantra ‘safety first and always’ every day, and the installation of AEDs on all of our line trucks in the Granite State is an important part of those efforts,” said Eversource Safety Program Administrator Chris Stock. “Every second counts when someone is experiencing cardiac arrest, with a person’s chances of survival significantly increasing when CPR is performed. These AEDs can be used before emergency services arrive, providing each of our line crews and substation crews with an additional tool to enhance the safety of our team working in the field by ensuring that emergency services are accessible to them wherever they go.”

Eversource has deployed 172 AEDs throughout the state, installing a device on every line truck, as well as in every area work center.

The defibrillators were also assigned to each working foreman within the company’s substation group. Because Eversource line crews are working 24/7 throughout the state and are frequently the first to respond to emergencies, the AED program will also help to enhance the safety of the public.

Just last year, four Eversource electricians working at a substation in Laconia were honored by the American Red Cross of New Hampshire & Vermont with an Everyday Heroes Award for administering life-saving CPR to a man experiencing cardiac arrest until emergency services arrived.

With expanded access to AEDs, the energy company’s crews will be empowered to provide emergency services to one another, as well as to members of the public they encounter in the field who are experiencing cardiac arrest.

Eversource’s efforts to install defibrillators on line trucks throughout the state is just one of the many ways the company is working to enhance the safety of its employees and the public. In honor of its employees’ life-saving efforts in Laconia, Eversource this year sponsored CPR classes for area residents.

Eversource also provides training to local municipalities and emergency responders on avoiding electricity-related hazards, and the company’s Hazard ID Program recognizes employees for going above and beyond to ensure the safety of others.

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