SAU 20 Superintendent of Schools David Backler

SAU 20 Superintendent of Schools David Backler has overseen the effort to get Milan and Gorham Schools ready to open next week. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Due to the unpredictability of this coming school year, we highly recommend that you check the SAU 20 and your school’s websites frequently for up-to-date information.

Schools in SAU 20 will officially open as follows:

Edward Fenn Elementary and Gorham Middle/High School on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Milan Village School on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Errol Consolidated School on Tuesday, Sept. 8.


Parents of all students are urged to register their children on-line on or before Sept. 6. See the SAU 20 website at for details.

Entrance age

In the communities of Gorham, Randolph, Shelburne, Milan, Dummer, and Errol, a child entering school for the

first time must be 6 years of age on or before Sept. 30 to enter grade one or 5 years of age on or before the same date to enter kindergarten.

New families residing in Milan, Dummer and Errol are reminded that they must register their children with the school board of their community prior to enrolling for the fall. If members of the school board cannot be reached, registration forms may be acquired by calling the Office of the Superintendent of Schools in Gorham (603-466-3632).

If a child is entering school for the first time, parents are required to bring birth certificates and all immunization records. All immunizations must be completed or in process prior to the opening of school.

Pupils transferring from another school should bring with them a transfer card and immunization records.

Contact person

Contact persons in each of the schools may be reached at the following numbers or you may call David Backler, Superintendent of Schools at (603) 466-3632.

Jennifer Corrigan, principal Gorham Middle and High School, (603) 466-2776.

Tina Binette, principal Edward Fenn School, (603) 466-3334.

Amy Burlock, principal Errol Consolidated School, (603) 482-3341.

Amy Huter, principal Milan Village School, (603) 449-3306.

School hours

Gorham Middle and High School (6-12), 8:15 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Edward Fenn School (K-5), 8:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Milan Village School (K-6), 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Preschool/Pre-K, 8 to 10:30 a.m.

Errol Consolidated School (K-8) 8:15 a.m. to 3 p.m.

School calendar

A copy of the school calendar is currently posted on the SAU website at and one will be sent home with each student during the first week of school. Parents who do not receive a copy or who may wish additional copies are asked to call their respective schools and request that extra copies be sent home.

School closing procedure

General school closing announcements may be heard over TV Channel 9 (WMUR). Closings will also be posted on the SAU website at . School bus drivers in each of the communities are the first to be advised if schools are to be closed.

In addition, all families will receive a phone call through the ONE CALL NOW emergency phone contact system with a delayed opening or school cancellation message.

After the school day has begun, should schools have to be closed because of inclement weather or other challenges, calls will be made through ONE CALL NOW as soon as possible after the decision is made.

Should it become necessary for schools to be closed it is expected that parents will make arrangements for the proper care of their children.

School lunch

School lunch programs will begin serving meals on the first day of school. Cold lunch, milk and/or extra milk will also be served for those students wanting it. Milk/extra milk is $0.60 per carton in Milan and GRS Coop. In Errol extra milk is $0.60 per carton.

The cost of meals, which includes one carton of milk:

Gorham Middle and High School: Breakfast, $1.65; reduced-rate breakfast, $0.30; adult breakfast, $2.25; lunch, $3; reduced-rate lunch $0.40; adult lunch, $3.75.

Edward Fenn School: Breakfast, $1.65; reduced-rate meals breakfast $0.30; adult breakfast, $2.25; lunch, $2.75; reduced-rate lunch $0.40; adult Lunch, $3.75.

Errol Consolidated School: Breakfast, $1.65; reduced-rate breakfast, $0.30; adult breakfast, $2.10; lunch, $2.80; reduced-rate lunch, $0.40; adult lunch, $3.50.

Milan Village School: Breakfast, $1.65; reduced-rate breakfast, $0.30; adult breakfast, $2; lunch, $2.75; reduced-rate meals lunch. $0.40; adult lunch, $3.75

Lunch and milk money for those who wish to participate during the first week of school should be brought on opening day for the first few days of school.

Free meals and reduced-rate meals will be provided at the beginning of school for those students who qualified and who attended Gorham, Milan, or Errol schools during the 2020-2021 school year.

Applicants for free and reduced-rate meals for new families who have recently moved to the community will be processed during the first week of school and begin on Monday, Sept. 14.

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