The Berlin High School Class of 2019 held their Senior Academic Awards Night at the Berlin High gymnasium on June 3. Through the generosity of businesses, organizations, financial institutions, and individuals, scholarships totaling $ 276,534 were awarded to graduating seniors. Several juniors were also recognized that evening for their academic excellence.

Awards granted:

Dartmouth College Book Prize: Maria-Regina Young.

Harvard Book Prize: Brian Bourassa.

Saint Michael’s College Book Prize: Darrian Drapeau and Matthew Landry.

Gedeon Vachon Awards: Nathan Fecteau and Emily Letellier.

Craig Rydin and Linda (Labnon) Rydin Scholarship Fund: Joshua Berthiaume, Kristen Goyette and Brandon Weeks.

Raymond and Muriel Binette Memorial Scholarships: Nolan Grenier and Alexis Griffin.

American Legion Awards: Samuel Stiles and Alexis Griffin.

Berlin & Coos County Historical Society Book Scholarship: Hanna Groleau.

Knights of Columbus, Council 506 Scholarships: Aiden Wood.

Michael A. Morgan Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Vien.

Theresa Denault Roy: Allison Theriault.

The Corporal Richard Demers Detachment of the Marine Corps League Scholarship: Brandon Weeks.

AVH Mariam Gaynor Scholarships: Danielle Couture and Allison Theriault.

White Mountain Rotary Club of Berlin and Gorham Scholarship: Sawyer Sanschagrin.

BPD “Call to Duty” Memorial Scholarships: Allison Theriault and Emily Letellier.

H. Edmund Bergeron Technical Studies Scholarship: Jenah Arsenault.

2019 Educational Talent Search Scholarship: Kali Blais.

BHS Backers Scholarship: Joshua Berthiaume.

Northeast Credit Union Scholarships: Kelsey Alimandi, Libby Nett, and Haley Coulombe.

Northeast Credit Union “Roger G Marois” Scholarship: Allison Theriault.

Northeast Credit Union “Peter J. Kavaluaskas” Scholarship: Jillian Lefebvre.

Norman H. Miles Music Scholarship: Joshua Berthiaume.

National School Choral Award: Julia Belanger.

John Philip Sousa Music Award: Kelsey Alimandi.

Berlin Kiwanis Club Scholarships: Kristen Goyette, Haily Knapp, Emily Letellier, Jillian Lefebvre and Allison Theriault.

VFW Post 2520 and VFW Post Auxiliary 2520: Jenah Arsenault, Hanna Groleau, Sawyer Sanschagrin and Allison Theriault.

Re/MAX Northern Edge Realty Scholarship: Haley Coulombe.

Gorham-Sabatis Lodge No. 73 Masonic Book Scholarship: Allison Theriault.

National Honor Society Scholarship: Haily Knapp

BHS Social Studies Department Scholarships: Alexandra Perry, Kirsten Langlois, Hanna Groleau, Kloey Cooney and Alexis Cloutier.

BHS Mathematics Department Scholarships: Kali Blais, Teah Hickey, Hailee Guitard, Trevor Dube and Caleb Hannigan.

Berlin Education Support Staff Scholarships: Alynna Leveille and Lauren Frenette.

Berlin Education Association Scholarship: Kloey Cooney.

Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarships: Kelsey Alimandi, Kristen Goyette and Sawyer Sanschagrin.

BHS FCCLA Award: Kali Blais, Mariah Gorman and Makayla Letendre.

Seth Jones Memorial Scholarship: Samuel Stiles.

Brenda M. Gagne Memorial Scholarship: Aiden Wood.

I AM COLLEGE BOUND Scholarship: Kali Blais.

Lucie P. Gagnon Memorial Scholarship: Haily Knapp.

White Mountains Community College Scholarship: Hanna Groleau.

White Mountains Community College N.H. Scholar Merit Scholarships: Teah Hickey and Samuel Stiles.

New Hamsphire Automotive Education Foundation NHEAF: Chandler White.

Andrew Joseph Monahan, Class of 1942 Scholarship: Allison Theriault.

Susan H. Wyman Scholarship: Oliver Blanco.

New Hampshire Scholars Program Awards: Kelsey Alimandi, Brianna Allen, Jenah Arsenault, Emily Baillargeon, Seth Balderrama, Johsua Berthiaume, Eric Berwick, Kali Blais, Cameron Boucher, Connor Brown, Thomas Cole, Kloey Cooney, Haley Coulombe, Danielle Couture, Hannah Demers, Trevor Dube, Isaac Duchesne, Patrick Ellison, Nathan Fecteau, Marissa Gagne, Kristen Goyette, Alexis Griffin, Kaley Hall, Teah Hickey, Haily Knapp, Trent Labrecque, Rickey Lambert, Keegen Law-as, Jillian Lefebvre, Emily Letellier, Makayla Letendre, Alynna Leveille, Andrew Martel, Samantha McCann, Michael Moore, Libby Nett, Brett Pinard, Arianna Smith, Samuel Stiles, Charlie Thagouras, Allison Theriault, Ashton True, Jessica Vien, Brandon Weeks and Aiden Wood.

Temple Beth Israel Endowed Scholarships: Kelsey Alimandi and Jillian Lefebvre.

Jason Sanderson/Bobby Stephen Scholarship Awards: Eric Berwick and Brett Pinard.

Terrance Sullivan Award: Todd Kay.

Estate of Irene (Ouellet) Markovich Scholarship Awards: Jenah Arsenault and Patrick Ellison.

North Country Board of Realtors Scholarship: Allison Theriault.

Community Colleges of New Hampshire Foundation Scholarship- Sawyer Sanschagrin.

N.H. Red Sox Foundation Scholarship: Emily Letelllier.

Richie Ladd Memorial Scholarship - Alexis Griffin

American Society of Civil Engineers Scholarship: Jenah Arsenault.

Arnold P & Della A Hanson Endowed Scholarship - Aiden Wood.

Northway Bank Scholarship: Kelsey Alimandi.

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