Berlin woman launches crowdfunding campaign for her latest book, 'What is left of me: How I lost the weight and found myself'


Erica Buteau’s 180 pound weight loss success story has been featured on The Today Show and in Woman’s World Magazine and is now the subject of her latest book written to inspire others

BERLIN — Three years ago, Erica Buteau weighed 326 pounds. She was required to take multiple prescription medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, insulin resistance and depression. The then 34-year-old woman with a significant family history of heart disease was obese, unhealthy and certain that there was no way to change for the better. Then she had an “aha” moment and set out to truly live life to the fullest. Today, she’s lost 180 pounds and no longer relies on prescription medications to keep her health in check.

After sharing her weight loss success story with millions of viewers on The Today Show this past September and appearing on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine at the end of 2016 in addition to receiving coverage in various online magazines, local newspapers and on television and radio in Atlanta, Buteau realized the feedback people were giving her had a common thread. She’s been featured in several video testimonial videos for both Atkins Nutritionals, the leading low carb lifestyle company and DDP Yoga, which offers a unique approach to fitness. These programs, Buteau says, were instrumental to her success when coupled with her strong will, dedication and a simple curiosity in seeing just how far she could go.

“Women were seeking me out from everywhere online. They all wanted to know my “secret!” Many of them decided to start their own journeys to a healthier lifestyle as soon as they heard my story.” Buteau says, now determined to help keep the momentum going and to spread her message of inspiration and determination. To reach, inspire and motivate other women that are finding themselves in that same dark place Buteau once was, she started writing.

Buteau said, “I felt desperate, and hopeless. I was sick, tired and had given up even trying to lose weight. Everything changed in a single moment and my success became my motivation. With every pound lost, I was determined to continue. Today, I want others to know that it’s possible to take control of their lives, the key is finding your why and always remembering it along the way.” Now, she’s helping them do just that with her latest book.

Beyond the typical explorations of a one-woman weight loss success story, "What is Left of Me" goes deeper; exploring the real and not always comfortable changes that occur following drastic weight loss, the struggle to maintain a new weight without losing touch with life before, and the need to individualize weight loss efforts to achieve success.

What is Left of Me just launched on Publishizer at Publishizer is a crowdfunding or kickstarter type platform that connects authors with readers and publishers. Buteau’s book is available there for pre-order until May 12. The site offers readers and corporate sponsors and number of options from preordering an eBook or signed first edition hard copy of the book to the “Dream Package,” in which corporations may pre-order 250 books in addition to various additional perks listed in the campaign. Buteau is hoping to connect with a few local sponsors to organize some fun book signing events with the opportunity to raise money for a local charity organization through her “Laugh & Share,” “Love” or “Hope” packages within the campaign.

When Buteau is not challenging others to find the courage to change their own lives; this solopreneur wears many hats and can be found blogging, teaching at White Mountains Community College, managing social media marketing programs, or playing referee at her home in northern New Hampshire where she lives, laughs and loves her husband, children, granddaughter and one yappy dog. Follow Buteau on Instagram @ericabuteau or visit her website,

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