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Western Maine Art Group plans Christmas party with art exhibit
The art of Vaughan and Bleau brings color to Gafney Library
Carver brings life to wood in Berlin exhibit
Mares’ art captures fleeting moments in nature
Cynthia Watkins Melendy: Artistic Journeys: Brush strokes and pen strokes converge at Carega Gallery
Artistic Journeys: Cynthia Melendy: Surroundings reopens former gallery for summer
Artistic Journeys: Elma Fabiana Caudle — New eyes on the White Mountain landscape
Cynthia Watkins Melendy: Artistic Journeys: Spring has arrived at Ellis River Gallery
Artistic Journeys: Embracing the Wild with Jeanette Fournier and Roesmary Conroy
Cynthia Melendy: Artistic Journeys: Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains