Eagles set sights on last two qualifiers

By Lloyd Jones

CONWAY — The Kennett High boys' and girls' indoor track teams competed in their final regular season meet at the University of New Hampshire on Sunday. Competing against a number of the larger schools in the state, the boys from Conway finished fourth out of 11 schools, while the KHS girls were seventh.

"The talent level was exceptionally high," said Bernie Livingston, Eagles' head coach. "I think that helped to bring out a few great individual performances by our athletes. We've been dealing with that sickness that has been going around the school, which meant we were missing a bunch of people, but still had a very good day."

For the boys, Pinkerton Academy turned in a dominating performance to run away with team honors overall with 113 points. The Astros were followed by Bedford and Concord, which tied for second with 38 points; Kennett 21; Keene, 17; Goffstown, 16; Londonderry and Monadnock, 15; Salem and Kingswood, 8; and Portsmouth Christian, 5.

Individual results: Boys 55-meter dash (won by Nico Buccieri, Pinkerton, 6.8): Noah Lautenschlager, 6.94 (a new PR): Chris Caputo, seventh, 7.34; Michael Welch, 12th, 7.44; and David Sheehan, 35th, 8.64.

Boys 300-meter dash (won by Dalton Mutz, Concord, 38.54): Noah Dubois, 27th, 43.34; Sam Cawley, 29th, 43.84; Lucas Kirsch, 39th, 47.84; Ben Klementovitch, 43rd, 48.64; and Jack Wheeler, 44th, 48.84.

Boys 600 meters (won by Noah Woodman, Pinkerton, 1:28.44): Andrew Belle-Isle, 18th, 1:55.34; and Garrick Porter, 19th, 1:55.54.

Boys 1,000-meter run (won by James Elmour, Monadnock, 2:44.24): Nick Whitley, fifth, 2:49.14; Jonathan Caputo, seventh, 2:51.04 (a PR by 6 seconds); Chris Desmaris, 22nd, 3:07.24; and John Soucy, 34th, 3:36.54.

Boys 1,500-meter run (won by Galvin Graves, Pinkerton, 4:14.84):.

Boys 3,000 meters (won by Joe Gagnon, Pinkerton, 9:33.64).

Boys 55-meter hurdles (won by Adam Spencer, Pinkerton, 8.24): Sam Hanson, 15th, 10.64; Cain Drouin, 16th, 11.24; and Kyle Drouin, 19th, 12.04.

Boys 4X160-meter run (won by Pinkerton, 1:17.34): Kennett — Cawley, Dubois, Cain Drouin and Welch, seventh, 1:25.64.

Boys 4X400-meter relay (won by Pinkerton, 3:41.84): Kennett — Chris Caputo, Whitley, Jonathan Caputo and Lautenschlager, fourth, 3:55.64 (season best by 6 seconds).

Boys high jump (won by Adam Spencer, Pinkerton, 5'8"): Lautenschlager, third, 5'8".

Boys long jump (won by Lucien Lumpini, Bedford, 19'11.25'): Chris Caputo, second, 19'1.75; Will Davison, ninth, 17'2.5"; Dubois, 17th, 15'11.5"; Cain Drouin, 24th, 13'3.5"; and Wheeler, 26th, 13'.

Boys shot put (won by Oliver Gunski, Goffstown, 47'): Mateo Lentini, eighth, 36'10" (came within two inches os qualifying for the State Meet).

"I really felt for Mateo because he's worked very hard and trained really well in limited conditions," Livingston said. "He was very disappointed because he wanted to go on. I look for Mateo to have a really strong outdoor track season."

For the girls, Bedford took team honors, winning with 80.5 points. Pinkerton was second with 59.5 points, followed by Londonderry, 48; Salem, 31; Monadnock, 16; Kingswood, 14; Kennett, 12; Keene, 11; Concord, 9; Portsmouth Christian, 8; and Gkffstown, 2.

Individual results for the girls included:

Girls 55-meter dash (won by Gretchen McGrath, Londonderry, 7.6): Selena Gauthier, third, 7.94; Rhiannon Hacking, 26th, 8.74; and Myel Watters, 38th, 10.24.

Girls 300-meter dash (won by Gretchen McGrath, Londonderry, 42.64): Ashley Vajentic, 17th, 52.14; Jessamine McLaughlin, 21st, 55.04; and Kathleen Ansaldi, 28th, 1:09.24.

Girls 600-meter run (won by Britney Johnson, Pinkerton, 1:39.04).

Girls 1,000 meters (won by Joelle Lafreniere, Monadnock, 3:15.54): Kaitlyn Fay, sixth, 3:24.14 (qualified for the State Meet); and Kimberly Bowles, 11th, 3:39.94.

Girls 1,500-meter run (won by Joelle Lafreniere, Monadnock, 5:11.64): Brianna Desharnais, 10th, 6:07.34.

Girls 3,000-meter run (won by Meghan Cross, Pinkerton, 11:09.04).

Girls 55-meter hurdles (won by Maria Virga, Pinkerton, 9.04): Karly Boothby, seventh, 10.34.

Girls 4X160-meter relay (won by Bedford, 1:27.74): Kennett — Hacking, Vajentic, Boothby and Gauthier, DQ.

Girls 4X400-meter relay (won by Pinkerton, 4:33.74): Kennett — Bowles, Chloe VanDyne, Lea Thelemarck and Fay, fifth, 4:51.04.

Girls high jump (won by Molly McCoole, Bedford, 5'): Chloe VanDyne, fourth, 4'8".

Girls long jump (won by Mollie Redman, Bedford, 16'5.5").

Girls shot put (won by Shanna Scribner, Bedford, 36'): Ansaldi, 12th, 22'5"; Naomi Lubkin, 14th, 20'3.25"; and Kathleen Sullivan, 15th, 20'1".

"Most of the kids did as well as they had been doing or improved in this meet," Livingston said.

Kennett has two meets left, for those athletes who have already qualified for the state championships at Dartmouth College, to improve their seedings. The first qualifier is scheduled at the UNH this Sunday at 9 a.m.

"We have 15-20 kids that have qualified (for the last two meets)," Livingston said. "Hopefully, we can continue to improve."