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Property of the Week: Warm, cozy Intervale contemporary

Every room in this welcoming Intervale contemporary, located at Chandler Mountain Road in Bartlett, exudes warmth — from the living room, with soaring cathedral ceiling, to the cozy kitchen with newer appliances to the spacious screened porch.

There are three bedrooms and two baths, along with a family room can accommodate a larger family or weekend guests.

The property is lovingly maintained, with new roof and exterior paint, this home lacks for nothing. It has 3 air conditioners, a propane stove in the living room and central baseboard heat.

There is a one-car garage and ample storage. The location is central to all valley activities, and low Bartlett
Taxes are always a bonus.

This can be your home for $279,900. Act now while interest rates are still exceptionally low. For a personal tour call Dan Jones at RE/MAX Presidential, (603) 356-9444 or (603) 986-6099. The mls number is 4639757.

Jason Robie: Mitigating mortgage mishaps

By Jason Robie

When I bought my first property back in the 20th century, I did so with almost no money down. A former co-worker was the representation and walked me through the whole process that made it far more pleasant and educational.

One thing I distinctly remember was the specific "rules" he set up to help maintain my standing with the financial institutions. After the pre-approval, there's a bit of a tightrope that buyers should be aware they are walking as they move closer to getting that loan. Let's review a few of those missteps and perhaps we can help you avoid these traps on the way to your next new home.

Jason Robie: Cottage consciousness

By Jason Robie

There has been a lot of talk about the "tiny home" movement in the last couple years. Folks are downsizing and making use of smaller and incredibly efficient spaces in which to call home.

In the 1950s, the average home size was just less than 1,000 square feet. In 2004 it had ballooned to over 2,300. An article I saw yesterday noted how baby boomers were getting stuck with their "McMansions" since nobody was buying those unnecessarily large (and soul-less) monstrosities.

Turns out bigger really is not always better. Let's take a peek at the benefits of downsizing into a smaller home. Who knows? Maybe a cottage-sized home is exactly what you need.

First and foremost, for those of us budget-minded folks, a smaller home is simply going to cost less. Of course the materials and actual cost of the home will be proportional to the size and therefore less, but the associated ownership costs will be much lower as well. Because it is a smaller space, it will be cheaper to heat, cool, furnish and "accessorize."

The other costs related to home ownership will also be less including your taxes, insurance and even repairs. Consider replacing the roof on your current home versus a home that is around 1,000 square feet in size. You can imagine that everything related to updating or remodeling, with a smaller or "tiny" home is going to be far more budget friendly.

A "side" benefit to those items costing less is your ability to increase the quality of the renovations you decide to tackle. If the hardwood flooring you really want is twice the price of the affordable version, remember that you likely have half the floor area to cover.

If the goal is to minimize spending, this logic does not help you at all, but the lesser coverage areas for paint, flooring, fixtures, etc. can translate into higher quality furnishings and updates while maintaining the same budget.

It also stands to reason that with a smaller home, you will likely have a smaller footprint to landscape. This is another area where you can choose to stay budget-conscious or treat yourself to some higher-quality materials since there will be much less to purchase.

By taking the budget-friendly approach you will very likely improve your quality of life as well. I know this sounds like a bit of a stretch, but living in a smaller home can have far reaching (and often unintended) benefits for you and your family.

The savings you realize on those items noted above can translate into less stress, less time at work and more time spent doing the things you love. You also have less space for "stuff" (hooray!) which means a trip to the mall or that "big box" store is simply out of the question. There's no room for more crap in your life, so there's no need to waste that money.

A smaller home also means less time cleaning, landscaping and mowing and, in general, less maintenance and upkeep with those normal household items that we all deal with. I tend to sneak away from my desk during the week to clean the house and do the laundry. This frees up my weekends to "play". With a tiny home, those tasks are shrunk even further and take less time out of your life (except maybe the laundry part if you tend to get dirty like me!).

Living in a smaller home tends to shift your focus outside of the four walls in which you live. Try and take notice of the amount of time you spend thinking about your house (inside and out).

With a tiny home, there's less house to think about which allows you to focus on more important things like outdoor activities, a garden, spending time with friends and even just sitting on the front porch in the afternoon.

Almost identical to the benefits of unplugging your television, living in a small home gets your brain thinking beyond the normal and beyond the walls (figurative and literal) within which we live.

"The tiny home movement has shifted the priorities of countless people over the years," Badger Realty Agent Kerry MacDougall said. "Though home ownership is still a priority for these folks, they have learned they don't need to be held hostage by a massive mortgage and the associated upkeep that goes along with a large home. A shift away from our addiction to consumerism has become a refreshing change of pace for them."

Kerry hit the nail on the head with those comments. Making the shift to a smaller home will most certainly create a change in your thinking and your outlook on your place in our society.

I recognize this all sounds pretty "hokie," but much like cutting the chord to your cable company, as soon as you make the change you immediately start to see a shift in your thinking.

I encourage all of our readers to take a peek into their daily lives and see if there's a place where they could make a similar shift towards a smaller global footprint and a baby-step away from consumerism. I am confident many of our readers have already taken similar steps and would be happy to share their experiences with you. Let's go unplug!


Property of the Week: Waterfront living

This week's property is located on big Pea Porridge Pond in Madison, where summer is all about vacation.

If you enjoy swimming, Pea Porridge has a sandy bottom and it gradually tapers off. The Pond is dotted with homes around it and truly gives the New England feel. Canoeing and kayaking are a must on the water.

Fishing is at a premium on this water body. What better way to enjoy the time with your family than heading out in the early morning hours, jumping in your canoe and dropping your fishing line in the water? Who knows, you might catch enough to bring back to your family for breakfast.

Memories will truly be made here at this waterfront contemporary. This lovingly built three-bedroom, two-bath home is situated on the property affording you the dream of looking outside at the sandy beach waterfront. You might even hear the sounds of the loons as they can be viewed out your window.

This is an open-concept home with a large living/kitchen/dining area. Cathedral ceilings give the feel of even more spacious surroundings. There is a full walk-out lower level.

This is a perfect home for entertaining when you want activity, or should you wish to just sit and relax during the lazy summer day while lying on a float in summer, you can do it all here.

A floor to ceiling brick hearth offers the possibility of burning wood, or should you want to just point and click you can have the feeling of a wood but the ease of a propane gas burning stove.

All this is offered for sale at $349,900. For a private showing, call listing agent, Nubian Duncan at Badger Realty (located at 2633 White Mountain Highway in North Conway) at (603) 356-5757 or cell at (603) 662-5505 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..