Tele-Talk Responses: Should N.H. comply with President Trump’s request to hand over voter information?

Sixty-four responded to the Tele-Talk question: "Should N.H. comply with President Trump's request to hand over voter information?" Below are 50 of these, and the remaining were simple yes and no responses that are accounted for here, No: 11, Yes: 3. The no/yes ratio here is a good indicator of the responses below.

Let's not address a potential problem, let's just pretend everything is fine. Who is to say that the results not only prove we have dead people voting but that Trump would have lost. Remember he did not win the popular vote, and as some are just discovering, it is the electoral votes that matter. The delegates pledge their votes to the one who wins their state. Like the government doesn't already have your name, address and Social Security number; you file taxes, they know all they need to know. This is to audit our system to see if we have people voting illegally. I think it's important to know.

Liberals wasting money. This information is already sold. It's not private, and to be honest, I'm surprised this is even a story.

What our state officials are missing is that it's not so much what the Advisory Commission wants as much as it's the fact they are asking for it. Hopefully, Gov. Sununu and Bill Gardner will reconsider, and not cave in to the paranoia-fueled request of that orange disgrace in Washington. Conway

Voter information is already available public information. The information should be provided as requested. If we have nothing to hide, then release the information. Otherwise, maybe there is fraudulent voter registration. With today's easy mobility it's too easy for individuals to become registered in multiple cities. Ferdinand R. Thomas, former registered voter from Concord and Gilford, and Peabody, Mass., and now Florida. How many places still show me as registered?

I certainly do feel that voter information should be checked on a regular basis. From a personal point of view, I had gone to the Conway Town Hall a few years back, to the Town Clerk's Office and was waiting my turn when I noticed the Voter List on the wall. I flipped through it and found both of my parents' names still on it. My mother had died in 1972 and my father in 1981. I mentioned this to the clerk when it was my turn at the window. I do not think that they had voted, hopefully anyway, as we are not Chicago or Boston. But we have had four instances of questionable voting in N.H., when we have had out of state volunteers register to vote with our "Domicile rule" (you sleep here last night, you vote today) on three occasions, and a man from Massachusetts who came back to Nashua to vote. I do not see checking as being voter suppression as much as protection of the vote of honest people. The man from Massachusetts probably countered my vote, which is not how things are supposed to work. Why is it that the Democrats are the ones that seem to be so concerned about cleansing the roll of the dead or folks with multiple registrations? Jim Shuff, Freedom

Gov. Sununu, I strongly question your judgement in sending in New Hampshire state voting data to a federal database. In a state whose motto is "Live Free or Die," it is hard to understand how allowing this information to go to a man whose allegiance to the Republican party and maybe even to his country, which is in question, is in the interest of the people of New Hampshire. Why don't we send a list of gun owners while we're at it? You need to stand for the people of New Hampshire, not Donald Trump. N.H. Republicans are a unique breed and believe in independence, but not necessarily submitting to the national sway as unfortunately Kellyanne Conway found out when she went national. Your political aspirations in this state will be better served by standing behind us, not "The Donald." I strongly support Rep. Kurk's view.

What's the problem? Voter information does not record who you voted for. What are the states afraid they'll find? Hiding something?

No, it's an invasion of privacy, as well as a waste of time and money. This is a very thoughtless, expensive president. Enough already.

Seventy years ago there was another government in Europe that collected voter data and used it to great effect. Populist demagogues ran that show. Populist demagogues are running this one.

Hell no! My information is private just like my vote. This is a phishing expedition of the first magnitude. Tell them to go pound salt!

We're playing inside Trump's games now. America has become the "Trump Show." Remember Trump's "birther lie?" During that years long destructive drama, Trump claimed to send investigators to Hawaii. He never did. And in the end, his lie was exposed as a complete sham. So we know that Trump lied. And we know that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, Trump kept pushing his lie. There's no difference between Trump's "3 million illegal voters" lie, and Trump's "birther lie." Like Trump himself, there is no substance here. It's all about the drama of another "Trump Show."

If N.H. thinks there's a problem, then the state should do its own investigation into it. No need to send N.H. residents' information to a federal database. So no, I don't agree with sending my information out of the state. And for those who say the government already has it anyway, then I guess they don't need us to send it to them.

This is all public record. Anyone can have it, even you! The state charges for it to create revenue. The entity trying to change that should be wary of unforeseen consequences in trying to change current law.

Yes, New Hampshire should do their part to fight voter fraud in this state. Not all who voted were real residents of New Hampshire. Personally, I know of fraudulent voting in many towns in New Hampshire. Changes need to be made across the country, no registering to vote the night of elections would help.

Absolutely not. Elections are run by the states, not the federal government. When all this information is gathered on one government database, the possibility of it being hacked, altered, deleted, stolen or manipulated is so much greater. Millions may mistakenly or deliberately be deleted from registration and not be aware until they go to vote in 2018. Can you even imagine the outcry from Republicans if Obama suggested this? All to bolster Trump's fantasy that he won the popular vote. He didn't.

As much as most of us would like this information to be private, most of it is not. The state sells it. Where do you think all those phone spammers get your information?

This is a complete waste of money to try and prove Trump's ridiculous assertion that 3 million people voted illegally. It was a lie that even the GOP has admitted never happened, but Trump will run this farce and say that it did. In the meantime, information that is not available will all be gathered in one place on a White House computer. What could possibly go wrong with that?

It's funny how Sununu jumped right in and said the state would comply with the request but then he got such a backlash that he then put the decision solely into Secretary of State Gardner's hands. Weasel.

No, no, no! There is no good reason for them to have it and no evidence to back up their claims.

This is the "Live Free or Die" state. We don't like "big govermint" pushing us around. And if this information is so easily available, then why don't they already have it?

There is only one reason this information is being requested. I want to be able to vote privately and not have my information given out.

I think sending that information is a bad idea. The government already has our addresses, names and Social Security numbers. Why did they need to know who we voted for? We're taking a chance of identity theft happening to every citizen of the State of New Hampshire by sending this either over the internet or through the mail. I think it's a bad idea.

No, no, no. I don't care if this is a Trump White House or a Dem White House requesting this info. No.

Absolutely not! Enough of our information is floating around anyway.

No, and they shouldn't get our information for the parties to harass us at election time either!

Absolutely not! This information is going into a database in the White House. The Trump White House is not to be trusted with such sensitive information.

What do they have to hide? If there is no fraud, there shouldn't be an issue.

No, tell him to go to wherever it is hot. This is just a stupid witch hunt for him to lie and say he got more votes than Hillary. There is no voter fraud, which has been proven time and again!

No freaking way. The rest of you clowns are merely Trump minions. No mind

Honestly anyone at this point that can firmly stand behind the U.S. government needs to be treated for mental illness.

Voter information is already public. That's how they get your phone number so they can bug you during the elections.

If you have nothing to hide, why not?

Hi, I'm from Conway, commenting on today's Tele-Talk question. I believe we should turn over and comply with the president's request. Or are we afraid that somebody will find out how many dead people actually voted in New Hampshire or how many people that aren't residents of New Hampshire voted here? Come on folks, let's stop getting in the way of progress and let's get on with it. Let's find out what's really going on, especially with our elections. I'm very sure we got a lot of dead people that voted in Conway. They had to for the results we got. Thanks a lot Conway. There is one state senator and one state representative that are suing our governor and the secretary of state. Come on folks, can't we work together on some of this stuff? What are we trying to hide by not giving the commission whatever they want as far as our voter information, as long as it's not my Social Security number. Come on folks, let's play ball.

This is Joe from Center Conway on that voter information thing. Now, I'm getting a little bit upset with these educated liberals that don't read the entire article. If they read the article, it said "if possible," and also the secretary has given these voter lists out to people all over the state. So what's the difference whether the federal government has the information or some local guy has the information that's going to try and sell us stuff and play telemarketer or whatever. It's so idiotic and and it's dumb.

This is one of those things that angers me more than anyone could ever imagine. You'd never believe how much this irritates me. To even come up with the notion and actually say it out loud that you want somebody's voter information, you need to be removed from wherever the hell it is you are and beaten to a bloody pulp. If somebody actually comes out and says 'yeah, go ahead, I'll give you that information,' that person needs to be dragged in chains to court and tried for treason, and locked away – period. That's what it is. It is absolutely nobody's business at all who's voting for who and who's leaning to what parties or any of that kind of stuff. It just clearly is not; it undermines the entire notion of freedom in the United States. You might want to remember some of that stuff. So, I can probably go on forever, but I suppose that's enough of that. Thank you.

This is a New Hampshire citizen from Eaton, N.H. In no way shape or form should any information about New Hampshire citizens, their voting records, their party choices or anything else, be provided to Trump's commission because I think it's the road to totalitarianism.

Yes, I'm calling in reference to the Tele-Talk that was in the Saturday newspaper or Friday night newspaper. It seems to me that Mr. Trump is trying to tell the people of the United States what they're going to do instead of asking them. He was voted in. He is supposed to be a president. I will refuse to call him that, he is Mr. Trump. He is also a dictator, and Chris Sununu is a little dictator. They were voted to work for the people, not against them. The ACLU has the "great idea" we were given certain liberties, certain privacy acts were put into place; they do not have the right to tell us that they're going to do it. It seems to me that as a citizen of the United States and a resident of the state of New Hampshire, I have the right to vote on this and I vote no. They don't have the right to tell me what I'm going to do. I still have freedoms in this country, and I have had friends, young friends who have died for those freedoms in this country and I will not on their dead bodies give my freedoms up.

In response to President Donald Trump's request to hand over voter information, no. It's none of his business who I vote for. And as far as Gov. Sununu is concerned, he is supposed to be the governor of the state, not kissing Trump's rear end, no. Perhaps we as the citizens should sue Gov. Sununu if he releases that information. This has gone beyond reason. The elections have been over for some time. Trump needs to wake up and realize he's not a president, he's a dictator. Hurry up. Thank you.

Firm no to President Trump's request. I do not believe we should be handing over voter information. Thank you.

No. I think this is another way of giving up our freedom, and if this goes through, I will refuse to vote.

I voted for Donald Trump and I think everything he has done has been great, but I don't agree with this at all. It's way over the line. This is something the Democrats would pull.

No, no, no. It's an unsecure website. How dare they think it's okay to put our personal information, including the last four numbers of our social security, on something that unsecure. It's none of their business. Voter fraud is a hoax. Thank you.

Regarding President Donald Trump's request to get voter information, I say definitely no, no, no, no. We currently are losing more and more personal information due to computers, and I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Do not hand over any information. Thank you.

If the U.S. government wants that data, make them come and pay for it item by item instead of giving it all at one time. Also, it's absurd that the government wants Social Security numbers and birthdates. This is data that financial institutions ask me to verify my identity. Can you imagine giving that to the federal government having it hacked? It'll ruin people. Absolutely not, the government is too big the way it is.

No, never. Remember live free or die? What about every citizen's right to privacy? And please tell me what has really happened to our beautiful and free country.

No, I do not feel there is a valid reason to give this information to the present administration, or for that matter, any administration. Voting is supposed to be via secret ballot, and I do not want anyone, government or otherwise, to obtain access to my personal information and/or how or where I vote. Is America under martial law or are we still a free country?

I do not want to see any voter rolls turned over to anything or anybody having to
do with Trump and his Fourth Reich tricks.

Should New Hampshire comply with President Trump's request to hand over voter information? Absolutely not! Any federal request for personal information should be questioned as to purpose and future use. In this case, the apparent purpose is to support Trump's claim that he lost the popular vote due to voter fraud. I can't imagine what the future use of this information might be, but it won't be for our good. What we do in the voting booth is none of the president's business. Furthermore, Trump's request is laughably hypocritical; he ran on a platform of anti-big government – "Drain the Swamp!" – and here he is trying to intrude in state and personal business to serve his personal needs. Imagine the outcry if he or one of his commissioners were asking for information on gun ownership. No way should our state election officials comply with this request. Just say no! Peter in Conway

New Hampshire should not comply, but regardless, the powers that be will get their way. All efforts by the administration to gain eventual absolute control over all aspects of human life in America will more than likely win out. The "travel ban" on certain countries is a mere smoke screen, a clever foot in the door to the eventual complete and total ban on all and any immigration and perhaps even some tourism. America now has its very own brand of dictatorship and any talk of "democracy" is pie in the sky. We've arrived, yet people still believe their vote counts. Enjoy whatever freedoms and way of life we can right now because it is eroding faster than a flushing toilet.

If the commission wants information on N.H. voters, they should ask the the Russians. Those commie pinko red spies know everything about us.