Tele-Talk Responses: Do you think it will serve Conway well to drastically increase parking fines in town?

Town officials realized that the $10 parking fines that have been on the books were too low to discourage illegal parking, so they have decided to increase the fee schedule in general. Parking fines have not been updated since 1987. There were 16 responses that answered the question, "Do you think it will serve Conway well to drastically increase parking fines in town?" Eight said they were for increasing the fine, six were against and two said it wouldn't matter either way since ticketing parking violations is not heavily enforced.

Hey, I'm calling on the Tele-Talk for the increased parking fine that hasn't been done since I guess 1987. I believe that they should double and maybe even triple the $10 to $20-$30 parking fines, and I also would like to suggest that they let the restaurant owners be aware of that because it's mostly the people that come into town. They go to the restaurants, and they leave their cars, just don't care. They should be penalized as well. Or at least have a sign inside stating you have an hour, two hours, to move your car or put money in the meter or move you car into a facility for town parking instead of ignoring it. That's my opinion. Ron Filip, Conway

This is John in Center Conway. And I don't believe it'll do any good to increase the parking fines because the police don't enforce them anyway. Thank you.

My answer is no. It will not serve Conway well at all. I agree with disabled parking fines. Other than that you're going to see traffic problems. What happens to parking for various events? People have a hard enough time making ends meet, and to pay the forever increase in taxes to have any more dumped on them. A Conway taxpayer, Roberta.

Absolutely not. We are a tourist economy and to "sock it to them" with excessive fines, like some of these proposed fines are, could have a long-term negative effect. To fine and tow cars at Diana's Bath is poor judgment. Conway is going to P.O. a lot of people. Granted, parking on both sides of the street is a safety hazard, but the solution is building an additional parking lot. Second, someone could charge to park cars on their land or allow parking on only one side of the street, off the pavement. Expand the sidewalk if necessary. You leave tourists with a bad taste, they won't be back.

Honestly, the parking in Conway and North Conway is a joke. It doesn't get enforced, so what good's it going to do to increase the tickets and the fines? You know, it isn't going to help at all.

No. Diana's Bath was a nice, quiet pretty little spot 30 or 40 years ago. Back then, five or six cars on a weekend was a busy day. Then something happened. The chamber of commerce exploited the heck out of Diana's when it was still private property. The forest service then saw an opportunity and bought the baths. They quickly made their illegal pay-to-use parking lot and exploited the heck out of Diana's also. How does greed and poor management suddenly become the tourists' fault? Their only fault was to be enticed and follow all the swell advertising of Diana's Bath. The fault lies with the town leaders. They are acting childishly, excited about how much more money they can now bleed off the tourists under the guise of keeping everyone safe. This just rolls my stomach. It looks to me like yet another revenue source exploiting something beautiful. Dean Frank, Silver Lake.

Hi, this is Dave from Conway. Increased parking fines, yeah, it's a long time coming. They could have done that a long time ago. Talk to the outsiders, the out-of-state ones, they are the ones that double park, so talk to them. By the way, where does the money go? You never see or hear where the money goes after they pay a fine. But definitely, you should increase the fines.

It really doesn't matter whether they raise the funds or not. The local police never write parking tickets.

Yes, and you must enforce them!

Yes, it would help, increasing the fines. But also, why don't you increase the fine for people that park in handicapped spaces? If you go in this valley, there are hardly any handicap available spaces anywhere in this town, and it is sickening when you think of how many people are handicapped. It is not fair to us that we have one or two spots and that's it in this valley. It is ridiculous. Thank you.

No. As with everything else in town the locals are playing eternal victim, and they have it backwards. Ask not what the tourists can do for you, but what you can do for the tourists. Dress up the entrance a bit and increase the availability for parking. And be glad we have the beauty and nature to look at because there's not much else in town to bring the tourists' money in. Thank you.

The fines should definitely be increased for parking violations as well as for moving violations and drunk driving. Now that possession of reefer is about to be downgraded from a misdemeanor to a violation, the politicians need to make up for the lack of revenue from lower fines. If you drive normally, and not like I drive rental cars, you have nothing to worry about. Think about it.

The character of the town is changing before our very eyes and will quickly become even more of a go-to locale for any number of reasons. Whether upping the parking fines "drastically" fits into that equation seems to me to be counterproductive. Moreover, while any such increases might make sense for the Diana's Baths area on West Side Road, that does not mean they should necessarily apply elsewhere. Ted Sares, North Conway.

They should increase the fines, enforce the no parking rules and use the funds to put light-up crosswalk signs in the village. It's really dangerous for pedestrians to cross Route 16, especially in the evening when you can't even see people standing on the side of the road. You have to step into the road to try to stop traffic, which is really sketchy. Most communities that care about pedestrian safety use light-up crosswalk signs. We just have bricks on the road. Ridiculous.

Raising the fines for illegal parking in Conway by a reasonable amount (perhaps to $20?) is appropriate only if it is clear to all visitors exactly where it is illegal to park. I received a parking ticket in Queens, N.Y., because the signage was not clear; many others on that side of the street also received tickets and we were furious and felt cheated. And recently I received a ticket in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., because the timer on the meter used up four hours worth of quarters in less than two hours. I certainly am not anxious to go there and park again. The Conway parking ticket should state clearly that writing a letter to complain about a fine that seems unfair is possible and those letters should be read carefully and the complaint investigated. While eliminating illegal parking is a reasonable goal, it should not happen at the expense of Conway's reputation as a pleasant place to visit, work, eat and shop. Before giving a ticket, an officer should always check to be sure that the prohibited area is clearly marked. David Wilkins, Silver Lake.

This is well overdue. Ten dollars is no deterrent and probably doesn't even cover the cost of enforcement. Jim Somerville