Tele-Talk responses: Should the law mandating town voting on a certain date be abolished?


Twelve people responded to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “Should the law mandating town voting on a certain date be abolished?” Seven people said the law is fine the way it is; five said some accommodation should be made for severe weather.

No, the state should not change the law mandating town meeting on certain date. We live in Northern New England, it’s winter, we have one huge snowstorm in 20 some years that happened on Election Day and everybody freaks out. We have too many people from away that moved up here who don’t know how to deal with the snow. We’re in New Hampshire, it’s winter, we vote. Secondly we should stop naming winter storms. It’s just dumb.

Yes, I think the law should be changed to accommodate bad weather.

I’ve got a better idea. I think maybe our government should stop trying to fix what isn’t broken. We had one bad day of weather and now they want to go yakking, and we’re going to change everything, because apparently they ran out of other stupid things to talk about. I find it hard to believe that they’ve run out of stupid things to talk about; they have an abundance of that. So, I would just leave it alone.

This is Jim from Glen. The answer to your question is no, Election Day is Election Day, period.

No, it should not be changed. And when does it end? This is ridiculous. All you warm and fuzzies move up here, we get 18 or 20 inches of snow, and you think it’s the end of the world. This is New England. We have snow. We have wind, we have storms. Let’s get over this and move on; this is ridiculous.

Not necessarily, but you should ask Gov. Chris Sununu or Bill Marvel. They are really smart guys who know the answers to questions like this.

The following comments were posted on Facebook:

No, if the state offices, the courts more notably, feel that the weather is too severe and close, the governor should not ask that voting continue and absentee ballots ahead of a storm are just not practical for all. The law needs an amendment.

This law doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering it’s the business of the towns that needs to be taken care of. Tamworth is a rural town with no public transportation. After the storm, a lot of people had to wait to be plowed out. I think it was a hardship for some people to vote, although I managed it by voting as soon as the polls opened.

The law is fine, but in cases of severe weather, where voter turnout would be substantially impacted, a standardized alternate date should be set up.

If you know it’s going to storm on the day of the elections, call your town office and ask to vote on an absentee ballot the day before.

It’s plain common sense. If the public is at danger due to weather or whatever … common sense.

It should remain, with a clause that states that in situations where it is deemed unsafe to commute, the following Tuesday would be the declared date. The problem with this is many people make the trek out knowing the polls are open. Communication about closing and postponing would need to be broadcasted to as many individuals as soon as possible to avoid losing those voters.