Tele-Talk responses: Do you think the state did all it could do to prepare for the three-month partial bridge-closing at the Saco?

There were 31 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “Do you think the state did all it could do to prepare for the three-month partial bridge-closing at the Saco?” Twenty-one people said they think the state did enough to prepare people for the bridge-closing; 10 people said the state did not or offered suggestions about how the state could have handled the closing better.

Yes, I think the state did the best job they possibly could to repair that bridge and notify people. It has to be done, so …

The state did a great job for itself. They know exactly how to handle the local talent up here who never really pushed hard to build a temporary bridge. It’s already having negative and disruptive impacts for businesses and the revenue sent to the state, not to mention all the people that live here. Yes sir, a real good plan. Silver Lake.

I believe the state did a good job to prepare for the three months of closing the bridge. There are plenty of signs saying that it’s closed, but people who can’t read need to go back to school. Steve from Conway.

Absolutely, the state did enough to prepare for the bridge closing. People are just stupid; you can’t teach stupid. There are enough signs up there. If they don’t see them, they should turn their licenses in.

Yes, I think they did do as much they could to be prepared for the three month closing of the bridge. What the concerns me though is the little cartoon underneath the Tele-Talk question. It’s pretty inflammatory, but talk about making fun of people, it’s disgusting.

Yes, I think they did a good job. The state did a good job. Giving a three-month notice for the bridge being done over, and I think drivers should be more careful.

Yes, it did. But a little traffic jam should just be a little happy reminder of just how well our government is functioning.

The state did an incredible job. No matter what they do, people are going to complain. And you people might want to buckle in for the ride because if they get it done within three months, I will be surprised. We’re probably looking at a four-to-five month project. And  itneeds to be done, so stop complaining and get over it, move on and put your big-boy pants on.

Bridge fiasco! The state really dropped the ball on this! It would have made more sense to have northbound traffic cross the bridge than to have north bound traffic go across the covered bridge and fight to get back out onto Route 16 crossing the southbound traffic! It would make much more sense without having to cross traffic. Not sure who came up with this brilliant idea. The traffic flow would be so much better having southbound use the covered bridge “south” than to have cross over traffic trying to get back across Route 16!

No, it did not, but thanks to our attention-grabbing selectman and his son, we were rescued from the congestion. Pure garbage. Conway.

This is Jim from Glen. So good that the bridge is closed for repairs — our tax money at work.

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I think the info got out. People just need to pay attention. What I question is the whole process of the construction. Why not build a temporary bridge, as when they rebuilt the bridges in Glen and Hart’s Location, and get the job done in one season. Not to mention the additional wear and tear on the covered bridge, which will be closed after the first idiot tries to take his RV through it.

All changes take time getting used to, and since I’m sure we all want safe bridges to travel on, we’ll adjust. My only concern is the amount of traffic backing up in the left lane headed north to West Side Road and the covered bridge. That lane is only meant for a few cars and that light only stays green for a few seconds because of it. Now that that lane is the main traffic lane, something needs to be done about lengthening the time of that green light and keeping that lane moving. It’s already an issue on weekdays in early March, so it’s not going to get any better. Not sure if that’s DOT’s task, but Conway Village is going to be a mess if not dealt with soon. Seems like a bug that could be worked out if the powers that be are staying alert.

Of course not. The state barely realizes we live up here unless its time to collect the meals and rooms tax, or they are looking for a place to put a prison or other such NIMBY project. Otherwise we aren’t important to them.

I think they did, there is a sign right at the light that says that the bridge is closed and a detour sign pointing straight, and people pass other signs on the way, too.

I was taking a left, headed toward the covered bridge (southbound) when an older man in a red truck with Conway Fire Department plates gave me the finger and then yelled at me that the bridge is one way now. Some signage on the bridge headed north informing us that it is one way would be helpful. I saw a few others headed southbound when I was driving north. The detour is pretty confusing. I hope that all of the traffic over the covered bridge doesn’t impact it negatively. A little patience and some informative signs would go a long way.

People, and especially visitors, don’t pay attention to the signs. It has to say it on their GPS, which doesn’t work in Conway. Drivers need to pay attention to the signs, but that takes common sense, which is going away because the electronics have to tell us.

How many signs do people need? Really scary that despite all of the signs, people are still confused. Text less, drive more, people.

There’s going to be a really bad accident on the covered bridge because cars continue to go southbound not paying any attention to the signage I really think somebody should speak to the police. I know I will tomorrow (Monday).

I battle with people everyday on the covered bridge. They need to either post a police officer there or close the road from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. It’s ridiculous.

Block the turning lane with the closed sign ... before they turn — obviously, stating open to local traffic only. Poor Bea’s.

Why didn’t they use lights to let north bound go then the light turns red and south bound could pass over the bridge. I would assume it’s because of traffic backing up, but some of the lights at those intersections are way too long! The one by Irving is way too long! We call it the “pack-a-lunch light.”

Yes, it was in the paper a few times with a lot of warning, and, also, the signs are everywhere. Like, Hello! If you didn’t know about and live in town, you live in a cave or can’t read!

It should have been northbound over the steel bridge and southbound over the covered bridge.

Well, one person who I saw attempting to cross the bridge going North, as I was going South across it, was on his cell phone. Perhaps if he had been paying attention, he would have noticed the detour signs.

I am just amazed they are starting now and not starting Fourth of July weekend!

The ones I’ve seen doing so, have their phone pressed to their ear.

There really isn’t much they can or could do. Other than put a closed sign on the Massachusetts border.

Got to tell them flatlandahs: “Can’t get theyah from heyah.”

Three signs don’t do a thing, and they are confusing as hell. Sooo, no.