Tele-Talk question: Does the new law that eliminates the need for a license to carry a concealed weapon make you feel safer?

There were 20 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “Does the new law that eliminates the need for a license to carry a concealed weapon make you feel safer?” Nine people said the new law does make them feel safer; 11 people said it does not.

No. The possibility, even the likelihood of people walking or driving around the roadways, our towns, our markets, meetings, schoolyards and such, does not make me feel at all safe. I know I’m not going to be carrying a gun and now I’m just going to wonder who around me or who driving by me might be an angry person, an upset person and perhaps almost a loose cannon. It does scare me. I’m Betsy.

Yes, the new law does make me feel safer. I think you need to put the guns in the school, too. That way we won’t have people come in shooting our kids up. The criminals only go after people who don’t have guns.

How can the general public possibly be more safe because people can now carry a concealed weapon without a permit? Now, anyone who owns a gun can carry concealed. No checks, no scrutiny if they should be allowed to carry concealed If you look at somebody cross-eyed or offend them, you have no idea if they are armed. In the old days, if you had a problem with somebody, there was a fist fight. Now, the offending person can pull a gun. You have no idea if they are armed. What could possibly be a good reason to allow to carry a concealed weapon without a permit or lack of initial screening? In addition, how many crimes have been prevented by private citizens carrying a gun? Maybe 1 percent? Probably less. I am a gun owner and I support the right to own firearms. However, the Second Amendment refers to militias, and in the 1700s the rifles and pistols were single shot, not the guns of today, such as assault rifles and guns with mega-size ammo clips. This is a very bad idea and it makes me question the sanity of the legislators who supported and voted for this bill.

This is Jim from Glen. Yes, definitely yes. Oh, and by the way, have you noticed the times they are changing?

What are we so afraid of that we need to be toting around a hidden gun?We seem so afraid of Mexicans that we need a wall to keep them out. We seem so afraid of Muslims that we don’t want to allow anyone from seven predominantly Muslim countries into America. We feel the need to lock up one in three adult black males. So, if the question were who am I afraid of: a Mexican, a Muslim, a black man or the person with the hidden gun? I’m afraid of the guy with the gun.

Yup, people need to protect themselves. It’s starting to feel a little like early Dodge City out there. Silver Lake.

More guns in public do not make us safer, contrary to John Lott Jr.’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” which used completely fake statistics (and there are sources for that if you Google it) and where he was funded by the Olin Foundation, which manufactures ammunition — well the funder of that foundation (manufactures ammunition). So, the whole premise for having a concealed gun, it’s just completely fake. It’s just sad that the governor capitulated to threats and the need for the support of the politically active NRA and the gun lobby. It’s just another sad day for New Hampshire.

A very interesting question. It’s just so happens, a few years back, my brother was mugged in New York City. He gave them the money, and they still beat him up, broke all of his front teeth. They got away. He applied for a pistol permit, was denied. Too bad that they don’t have the same law in the city that we just passed. I commend Sununu for putting in that law.

This is Chuck from Conway. I just wanted to say that I think it’s great that the governor signed this bill into law. And kudos to the reps and Sen. Jeb Bradley for bringing it forward, just because it’s a constitutional right. You know, we can argue all day long whether we have a shirt on or shirt off, but the Second Amendment is the right to bear arms and keep arms and defend yourself with arms and everything that the Constitution stands for, just like the First Amendment, the 10th amendment, the 14th amendment. The amendments were put there for a reason, but it does make it safer. It allows women to put firearms in their purses, their backpacks, whatever it may be. It also makes it safer because now we’re the 13th state out of 50 that has gone to this law. So, in those 13 states, the people know that everybody could be carrying now. So, the criminal is always going to have a firearm, the criminal’s always going to have drugs, the criminal’s always going to commit crimes, no matter what. You can’t stop a criminal. But now, in 13 states, a criminal has to think a little bit more strategically or to think that somebody might shoot back at him. So, before he pulls that gun and decides to kill people, somebody in those 13 states that have decided to do this, may have something that they can defend themselves, defend their liberties, defend a fellow neighbor, defend a woman, defend the child, to fire back. So, it just places doubt now in the criminal’s mind that, hey, in 13 states and now in New Hampshire, everybody’s carrying a firearm.

Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding. If anything it makes me so much more afraid because who knows what idiot out there has a weapon — at least they had to register it before. Also, are we not losing a lot of money by not charging people for these permits? In a state where we are desperate for some money, to stop collecting it?

Yes, it does. The states and cities with the most restrictive gun laws are the most lenient toward criminals and, therefore, the most dangerous. It’s not the guns or the drugs that are the true problem; it’s the corrupt government system that is. Legal or not, the state unions and business communities profit from them, either in the form of low income social slavery or in the justification for bloated unions and associated services, which is why the so-called opioid epidemic is being promoted. It’s just like Clinton and Barney Frank’s housing bubble, Bush and Cheney’s Homeland Security bubble and Obama’s health care provider services bubble. It’s pay-off, kickbacks and corruption that are making this country dangerous, necessitating the need to be armed.

Johnny Evans. I’m a corporal at the Freedom Police Department, and I’m in favor of SB 12. If you think about it, the pistol permit only penalizes the law-abiding citizens. Criminals, it makes no difference whether they have that piece of paper on them or not. So, this just, I believe, evens out the playing field for everyone who’s entitled to a weapon to be able to carry it if they wish.

I feel every bit as safe now as I did before SB 12 was signed. Regarding sex offenders and other dangerous individuals, any everyday objects could be a hidden weapon. Colin Preece, Center Conway.

Whether I feel safer in an atmosphere where so many feel the need to carry guns, concealed or not, is its own juxtaposition. No, I don’t, but then, living in a state and society that teaches children to become desensitized predators, to find delight in killing, be it in the glorification of war, hunting helpless animals or the myriad of variants by which this society does violence to humans and animals has never made me feel safe. I feel safe walking in the woods in nature, but if I came across men, I’d choose bears who I know have no desire to cause me harm. Perhaps the real question is why have we, the human mammal, in this state and nation, manifested a social order in which so many feel the need to pack fire arms and puff up their chests, lauding their pieces. Well done. We’ve created fear by our own behaviors that result a gun-loving culture reminiscent of the old west? Well done. Where’s my horse and six shooters? How about a grand bang up at the OK Corral Saloon, because nothing much has changed since I used to watch westerns, and the thugs with the biggest guns prevailed. Safer with concealed weapons? It answers itself. Read the Jim Mason Story, “Shooting Ourselves In The Foot, The Sanitizing of Violence in Society” at “It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Wait, wait, where’s my gun? I need it to feel safe! Laura Slitt.

It doesn’t make me feel any less safe. I find myself more concerned about people thinking a law will prevent a criminal from carrying a loaded firearm. Criminals don’t obey laws. This law does not allow convicted felons or anyone with a restraining order to carry a firearm. Maine passed this law in 2015 and I’ve yet to hear any negatives. There is a lot of misinformation being promoted by those who oppose this legislation. Ray Buckley, Democrat Party chairman, believes this law will make it harder to track firearms. New Hampshire doesn’t track firearms. Tuftonboro Police Chief Shagoury, for some reason, mentioned a pistol/revolver license is necessary to sell a firearm. It’s not. I’ll assume he was referring to private gun sales. Its a good idea to take a course (or a refresher) on firearm safety.

A gun in every pocket? Bring it on! Best idea since the invention of LSD, heroin, crystal meth and beer. Now is the time to invest in the businesses that manufacture and sell bulletproof vests. Bang, bang, bang!

I do feel much safer knowing or not knowing that a bunch of people who may or may not have passed a background check might be carrying concealed weapons and don’t need to have a license to do so. I would feel so much safer if we would also eliminate the requirement for anyone old enough to drive a motor vehicle to get a driver’s license. The rule requiring a driver’s license is definitely an infringement on our rights. We should all feel safer eliminating the license to carry a concealed weapon and the license to drive a car. Both have the potential to kill or injure many people if put into the wrong hands. What could possibly go wrong? Dave from Conway.

Those of us who are truly pro-life and who practice non-violence and therefore do not believe in having guns can now feel even more terrorized. The delusional mobs who scream about their gun amendment rights have no problem committing wrongs. Anyone who wishes to carry a gun only does so because they intend at some point to use it. And now our law enforcement has to contend with impulsive thugs filled with hate toward immigrants and everyone in between. “Safe” begins with our speech, our actions and how we have treated others. As a nation we have failed in all three. Gun-toting thugs walking into restaurants and gunning down individuals who “aren’t white like us” are a clear symptom of a national cancer — it’s called hate and it begins with gun ownership.

No. It makes me feel less safe given the number of Tea Party loons we have around here.

I will feel much safer when the bad guys don’t know if I am carrying or not. Thanks, Sen. Jeb Bradley and Gov. Chris Sununu.