Frank Balantic: I’m disappointed that Marvel’s column was not printed

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To the editor:

I have asked William Marvel to send along a copy of the “rejected column.”  I look forward to reading it and was disappointed to learn that he had been censored cart-blanch.

Mr. Marvel, thank you for your wonderful contributions to The Conway Daily Sun over the years. I always read your column with the knowledge that I will learn some history, gain some perspective and be challenged to reflect on my outlook.

I have never questioned your “civility or fairness”; instead I find your commentary thought-provoking and founded in truth, despite the undeniable fact that sometimes the truth is cold and hard.

The Conway Daily Sun is a treasure that my family has enjoyed for 25 years while spending summers and school vacations on Walker’s Pond. More recently, the online version of the Sun is a welcome addition to the periodicals that we receive in coastal Connecticut, while we remain trapped in that fiscally insolvent and constitutionally oppressive state for another few years.

I must say that I have found Madamovary (or is it Susanthebruce?) to be uncivil, unfair, sometimes fact-avoiding and often uncommonly rude to those who disagree with her opinion. But I read her work and try to learn from it as well. Perhaps the editors at the Sun might look at her work through the same lens that they have applied to yours. But I hope not. It is part of what makes The Conway Daily Sun special.

Frank Balantic

High school physics teacher and retired submarine officer

Niantic, Conn., and Center Conway