Beth Canter: Tell Conway School Board to keep vacations

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To Conway residents, students, business owners and teachers:

The Conway School Board is prepared to vote in their meeting on May 22 to eliminate February and April break, and to create one March break. They are planning to do this without any input from voters or surrounding districts. They’re using the excuse of a few hot days in June on the third floor of the $45 million high school to change a long standing tradition in our community.

One of the largest tourism weeks in our valley is February vacation. The majority of businesses are desperate for workers during this week to accommodate the huge amount of tourism. Between the ski resorts and restaurants, they need employees!  Much of this labor force comes from teachers and students.

The Mount Washing Valley is a tourist town. We are one of the top tourist destinations in New England. We have built this valley on the back of the hospitality and tourist industry. Taking away the February vacation is a short-sighted plan that does not take into account what effect this will have as businesses will have fewer employees and residents will have less money. That doesn’t take into account the traffic and other logistics of school during that week.

I am guessing that the rest of New England  will not be eliminating their vacations and changing to one week in March to accommodate our few days of “warm classes” in the high school issue.  Having a break in March takes that away, and vacationing at the same time as college “spring break” doesn’t really hold any appeal.

The school board’s policy committee” should be representing the entire school community as they are an elected board. The job is to represent the constituents/voters. When you pass this type of secret resolution that effects thousands of community families and businesses with no input, that is not representation.  It’s insulting that this poorly thought out plan would have to be passed in a secret meeting, minutes of which have not been released online, with zero input from the rest of the valley.  

I urge all affected  to either attend the meeting on Monday, May 22, at 6:30 p.m. at the Kennett Middle School or please contact the Superintendent and school board directly with your concerns.

Beth Canter