Dr. Robert W. Sisson: Patch a good choice as fish and game commissioner

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To the editor:

I was in disbelief to read in your article concerning our Fish and Game Commissioner David Patch’s reconfirmation that he is being described as an “anti-gun activist” by a self-proclaimed gun rights organization.

Anyone who knows David Patch knows that nothing could be further from the truth.

Commissioner Patch knows as much about all manner of fire arms as anyone I have ever met. He is an unequivocal Second Amendment advocate, but more than that, he has a large breadth of knowledge about conservation, hunting, fishing, trapping and being an outdoorsman.

His confirmation is being decided by the five members of the Executive Council which has been lobbied by this gun rights organization, whose stated goal is to eliminate Fish and Game Commission of New Hampshire and to oppose each commissioner’s confirmation.

In support of Commissioner Patch, I sent the following letter to the North Country Region 1 Councilor Joe Kenney in April.

“Dear Councilor Kenney:

“I am writing this in support of Mr.  David Patch for his second term on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.

“I am relatively new to fishing and hunting, about four years, and I have sought his advice on several occasions as well as spoken to him about issues concerning me, such as the bobcat trapping.  He has guided me to classes offered by NH Fish and Game and advised me on all sides of issues we have discussed.

“He has always been professional, extremely knowledgeable, and a patient listener to all sides of an issue. He is an energetic wildlife and habitation conservationist  in the tradition of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. I find him to be a very intelligent individual of high character who carries himself with the gravitas needed for this position. I am proud to have him represent Carroll  County, where I reside.

“I hope you will confirm him to continue in his position.”

Dr. Robert W. Sisson