Karl and Nicole Nordlund: Eliminating vacations seems like a step backward

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To the editor:

We are writing today about the Conway School Board considering eliminating February and April vacation. Our child is a freshmen at Kennett High School. He was hired, at his first job, in November of this school year, at the age of 14.

He was happy to work as many hours as he could over the February break. He is well on his way to being able to buy his first car at 16. It is his goal to also, by then, cover his  insurance payments and drivers education tuition.

Many of his friends worked at the same ski mountain, as well as other ski resorts. It is a great first job. He will also have the opportunity to participate in the restaurant field which, over February vacation, can net him enough to cover his insurance obligations through the slow spring season. This is when it becomes challenging to bring in substantial income.

There are limited options during school time due to juggling sports, academics, family and home obligations.

We are left wondering if the committee, studying this option, has come up with solutions to this problem? Hoping the community can take action to keep these important opportunities open. It is challenging enough to make ends meet here. There is constant attention, via organizations and meetings, being given to making the valley attractive for young people to want to stay and work, and this is a case of income opportunities being literally ripped out of their lives. Seems like a step backward.

Karl and Nicole Nordlund