September Quint: Eaton voters fail to support Conway Rec

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To the editor:

It is with great frustration and disbelief that once again, half of Eaton residents at this year’s town meeting voted against supporting the Conway Parks and Recreation Department.

I am disheartened that our community can see more bang for their buck by providing traffic enforcement six hours per week (to the tune of $21,819 per year) than in the value of offering Eaton children this incredible opportunity and the invaluable lessons the programs would instill in our future generation.

The article, which was the only article in the warrant not recommended by the board of selectmen, failed to pass. We lost by one vote, 33-32.  

I want to sincerely thank those of you who recognize the importance of the extracurricular programs offered by the Conway Rec, and who stood up to speak on behalf of the children. Your heads and your hearts are in the right place.    

September Quint