Come to Ossipee Planning Board hearing Tuesday

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To the editor:

Residents of Ossipee, Tamworth, Madison, Freedom and Effingham: The Ossipee Aquifer needs your help! There is a proposed eight-pump gas station with underground storage tanks to be located in the Groundwater Protection District. This proposal is also partially within the FEMA floodplain.

Please attend the Ossipee Planning Board Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 21, at 7 p.m. at the Ossipee Freight House to voice your concerns and protect our shared water.

Since 1989, gas stations and underground storage tanks have not been allowed in the area of Routes 16 and 41 because the residents of Ossipee voted to protect their drinking water resource due to the potential contamination of the shared Ossipee Aquifer. In July 2015, the Ossipee Zoning Board of Adjustments went against the town's Groundwater Protection Ordinance and issued two variances to allow both at this site, which was previously contaminated by underground storage tanks in two locations from a former gas station that was established before the ordinance.

About $1.5 million is earmarked for the continued monitoring of the contamination and the wells of businesses and residents in the area of potential impact (NH DES Case #199309040) with about $545,000 already spent. The potential consequences of this proposed gas station could reach far and wide as water knows no boundaries. I The Town of Ossipee Public Hearing notice states: Case #17-3- SPR: Valley Point, LLC c/o White Mtn Survey, to develop 2400 Route 16. Tax Map: 7 Lot: 11. Intends to raze all existing manmade features and redevelop the property to include a 5,000 square foot. convenient store w/ 25 parking spaces, drive-up window for coffee & prepackaged food, a dedicated service and unloading area. Four (4) two (2) fuel pump dispensing islands, a fuel delivery station, drinking well water, 600-gallon per day effluent disposal system and driveways onto Routes 16 and 41 etc. ... You can find the site plan application for this proposal, the Ossipee Zoning Board of Adjustment's Notice of Decision, which granted the variances for the gas station and underground tanks in July of 2015, as well as other documents related to the current contamination under the Advocacy tab at For more details, call (603) 539-1859.

Corey Lane, water quality coordinator, Green Mountain Conservation Group