Ed Parsons: Cog hotel would commercialize hiking

To the editor:

In an article in Tuesday’s Conway Daily Sun, Cog Railway owner Wayne Presby remarked about Mount Washington: “I can’t think of a more commercialized place.” This is telling.

It speaks to the possibility that he has never hiked the Gulfside Trail, part of the Appalachian Trail, which passes close to the Cog tracks above timberline toward the northern Presidentials.

One important characteristic of trails in the populated Northeast is that it is possible to walk away from a developed spot, like the top of Mount Washington, and very quickly feel that you are back in the wilds. Considering the exposure to weather on the mountain, this is especially true there.

Walking away from the summit on the west side, the buildings on top and the Auto Road feel a long way off, and the occasional Cog trains going by can actually add a historical aspect as you gradually leave the busy summit and head toward the quiet northern Presidentials.

Building a hotel at timberline on the Cog would actually make Presby’s statement true and cheapen the experience of countless hikers in the future.

Ed Parsons


Rep. Frank McCarthy: Transgenders already have human rights

To the editor:

On Friday, March 17, a letter to the editor written by Margaret Merritt appeared in this paper. She stated she’d lost her pride in the state of New Hampshire because the “legislature” failed to ensure, quote, “Transgender people be treated fairly in finding work, housing, and getting served in public places like hospitals and restaurants.”

Margaret, I’m elated to inform you, you need not despair any longer, for the simple reason, not one iota of what you stated is true. To the contrary, transgenders in the state of New Hampshire have every human right, guaranteed by existing statute, equal to any inhabitant of the state. HB 478 was little more than redundant, embellished hyperbole, with most of its content established in state law, long ago. In truth, HB 478 was a cloaked bathroom bill, which, would have accomplished nothing, except to allow predators and, pedophiles to use little girl’s bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms; putting many at risk.

Article 1 of our state constitution, states: “All men are born equally free and independent.”

Article 2 states: “All men have certain natural, essential, and inherent rights, among them which are, enjoying and defending life and liberty: acquiring, possessing and protecting property; and, seeking and obtaining happiness. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this state, on account of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.”

Article 3, in my opinion, is also applicable; it states: “When men enter into a state of society, they surrender some of their natural rights, to that society, in order to ensure the protection of others.”

If you are really that concerned, please familiarize yourself with RSA 354-A authorizing the formation of the State Human Rights Commission, which has been in existence for more than 30 years. The State’s HRC is tasked with eliminating discrimination in employment, public accommodations and the sale or rental of housing or commercial property because of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability or national origin.

Contrary to what Margaret has been led to believe, RSA 354-A states: The general court (legislature) finds and declares that practices of discrimination against “any” of its inhabitants are a matter of concern, that such discrimination not only threatens the rights of and proper privileges of its inhabitants, but menaces the institution and foundation of a free and democratic state and threatens the peace, order, safety, health and general welfare of the state and its inhabitants.

The statute relates exactly how the goals of the HRC and related laws will be attained. Perhaps, many of those who favored HB 478, were naive, relative to existing law, or perhaps, they were playing politics with other people’s safety?

I voted to table, and I’m proud of it. Margaret, I sincerely hope the truth has brightened your day!

Rep. Frank McCarthy

Carroll District 2


Peter J. Thomas: President’s budget is very encouraging

To the editor:

Information released so far on President Donald Trump’s budget is very encouraging. It shows that the president is demonstrating a desire to move the United States back to constitutional government. For too long the federal government has been spending hundreds of billions of dollars each year on unconstitutional programs, as shown by the annual Constitutional Budget report of The Conservative Caucus Foundation.

It appears that the president will increase spending on national security, a function the Constitution clearly assigns to the federal government. Defense spending has suffered as money has been diverted to unconstitutional uses.

The budget will also cut from unconstitutional programs. Prominent among these is the Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose programs cannot be derived from any of the powers delegated by the Constitution. While much of HUD’s spending will remain in place for now, we can hope that this is a first step toward phasing it out entirely.

Finally, the president rightly insists that the federal government should continue to repay the money borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund so as to maintain full benefit payments. These surplus funds, borrowed over almost a half-century, came from a 1983 Social Security tax increase that was adopted explicitly for the purpose of making Social Security financially viable for a longer period. The money should be put to no other use.

Peter J. Thomas

Silver Lake

September Quint: Eaton voters fail to support Conway Rec

To the editor:

It is with great frustration and disbelief that once again, half of Eaton residents at this year’s town meeting voted against supporting the Conway Parks and Recreation Department.

I am disheartened that our community can see more bang for their buck by providing traffic enforcement six hours per week (to the tune of $21,819 per year) than in the value of offering Eaton children this incredible opportunity and the invaluable lessons the programs would instill in our future generation.

The article, which was the only article in the warrant not recommended by the board of selectmen, failed to pass. We lost by one vote, 33-32.  

I want to sincerely thank those of you who recognize the importance of the extracurricular programs offered by the Conway Rec, and who stood up to speak on behalf of the children. Your heads and your hearts are in the right place.    

September Quint