Eagles and Raiders ski in Eastern High School Championships

By Lloyd Jones

CONWAY — The high school cross-country ski season wrapped with a number of Kennett High boys and girls turning in outstanding performances on the state and regional stage. Eleven Eagles suited up for the Eastern High School Championships.

Fryeburg Academy also had three girls in the championships.

"Kennett continues to show its strength in depth," said Steve Vosburgh, Eagles' head coach.

Andrew Doherty, Darren Piotrow, Aidan Hagerty and Wilder Byrne for KHS boys, and Zoe McKinney, Eilidh McKinnon, Nina Badger, Helen Badger; Ellory Kearns, Hannah Thelemarck and Riley Steward for KHS girls, were chosen to represent New Hampshire and ski in the Eastern High School Championships at the Mountain Top Inn and Resort in Chittenden, Vt., March 17-19.

Skiing for Maine were Raiders Emily Carty, Zoe Maguire and Irina Norkin.

They raced over three days against the top skiers from Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York in individual races along with a team relay.

Team Vermont found the home snow to its liking and skied away with team honors with 16,283 points. New Hampshire was second with 12,903, while Mass. was third, 12,211, followed by Maine, 11,659, and New York, 6,346.

Racing action started on Mach 17, with a 5K freestyle (skate) race for the boys.

Elliot Ketchel of Warren, Vt., won the race in 12:24.6, topping a field of 112 skiers. He was joined on the podium by Scott Schultz of Lake Placid, N.Y., and Walker Bean of Montpelier, Vt., who finished second and third, respectively, in 12:27.2 and 12:31.7.

Doherty was 10th in the race in 13:06.6. He was the third Granite Stater to finish, coming in right behind Dublin's Calvin Bates, who was seventh in 12:58.6, and Gilford's Joshua Valentine, who was ninth in 13:02.8.

Hagerty was 40th in 14:03.3, while Piotrow finished 44th in 14:11.3, and Bryne, 95th, 15:31.7.

In the girls' 5K, Vermont swept the top five spots and took seven of the top 10 finishes. Rena Schwartz of Middlesex won the race in 14:35.8. She was joined on the podium by Norwich's Kirsten Miller and Burke's Alexandra Lawson, who finished second and third, respectively, in 14:39.9 and 14:45.9.

McKinney was 17th overall and the third skier from New Hampshire, finishing in 15:52.2.

Wolfeboro's Mary Kretchmer was eighth, 15:21.6, and Lilly Bates of Dublin took 12th in 15:32.4

Other KHS skiers were McKinnon, who was 34th, 16:51.4; Nina Badger, 38th, 16:57.3; Helen Badger, 48th, 17:17.1; Kearns, 58th, 17:39; and Thelemarck, 60th, 17:42.3; and Steward, 84th, 18:45.1.

Fryeburg was ledCarty, who was 43rd in 17:02.8, and teammate Maguire, who finished 94th in 19:46.7

On March 18, the racers put on their classical skis with a 7.5K race for the boys and the girls.

For the girls, Schwartz won the race by 15 seconds in 22:31.8. She was joined on the podium by Lawson and Kretchmer, who were second and third, respectively, in 22:46.8 and 23:03.5.

McKinney led the Eagles, placing 17th in the 100-skier field in 25:14.7. She was followed by McKinnon, 22nd, 25:37.4; Nina Badger, 29th, 26:08.6; Thelemarck, 32nd, 26:11.9; Helen Badger, 37th, 26:21.5; Steward, 71st, 28:28.5; and Kearns, 73rd, 28:38.7.

Carty was 54th, 27:35.9; and Norkin, 77th, 29:03.

The athletes had a busy day on March 18. Following the classical race they took part in 1.2K freestyle sprint races.

For the girls, Lawson took top honors in 2:48.9. Also on the podium were Kretchmer in second, 2:51.9, and Kirsten Miller of Vermont in third in 2:52.03.

McKinney was 22nd in 3:07.63, followed by McKinnon, 32nd, 3:14.04; Nina Badger, 51st, 3:19.53; Helen Badger, 57th, 3:20.4; Kearns, 67th, 3:25.81; Thelemarck, 84th, 3:35.0; and Steward, 96th, 3:42.76.

Carty again led the Fryeburg girls, finishing 46th in 3:17.70. She was followed by Norkin, 93rd, 3:41.81.

For the boys, also over 1.2K, Schultz won the race for New York in 2:18.79. He was joined on the podium by Greg Burt of Vermont, second, 2:20.89, and Bates of the Granite State, third, 2:21.89.

Doherty was eighth in 2:25.95, followed by Hagerty, 55th, 2:42.90; Piotrow, 56th, 2:42.91; and Byrne, 90th, 2:51.15.

The championships culminated on March 19 with a mixed 4X2.5K relay. There were 50 teams in the race.

Massachusetts No. 21 (Gabrielle Vandendries, Laura Appleby, Jacob Jampel and James Kitch) took first in 20:24.8

Vermont took the next four places.

Piotrow teamed with Mary Kretchmer, Lilly Bates and Calvin Bates on N.H. 11 to finish in eighth in 21:59.6.

McKinney, McKinnon and Doherty teamed with Joshua Valentine on N.H. 12, finishing 14th in 22:28.7.

Thelemarck was teamed with Hallie Chancey, Cameron Brochu and James Wilkes on N.H. 14, placing 15th in 22:30.2.

Helen Badger was on N.H. 15 with Leah Dutkewych, Nathaniel Nichols and Michael Geraldi, finishing 20th in 22:59.

Hagerty was on N.H. 16 with Sare Campbell, Caroline Fischer and Zachary Ennis, finishing 24th in 23:19.1.

Carty, on Maine 35 with Jennifer Wilbraham, Bennett Hight and Ben Alford, finished 28th, 23:41.

Kearns, on N.H. 20, with Alexandra Paluszek, Matt Manwaring and Samuel Seeley, was 39th, 24:44.1.

Norkin, on Maine 39 with Grace Andrews, David Roy and Cameron Bancroft was 42nd in 25:01.3.

Steward and Byrne teamed with Grace Cisler and Jake Willeman on N.H. 53 to finish 43rd in 25:01.3.


Raiders honored at 2016-17 Winter Sports Awards Night

By Lloyd Jones

FRYEBURG — Fryeburg Academy wrapped up another successful winter sports season last week when the Raiders hosted the 2016-17 Winter Sports Awards.

Athletic Director Sue Thurston talked about the number of highlights and accolades the Raiders were a part of this winter. Each team had one of its athletes talk about the season and what it meant to them. It was a fantastic night for Raiders Nation.

Raider Plaques were awarded to the following:

Special Olympics — Sportsmanship Award — John Plummer.

Boys basketball — Coaches Award — Justin Daniels and Napp Knapp.

Girls basketball — Coaches Award — Kaylin Delaney and Makayla Cooper.

Girls indoor track — Coaches Award — Bridget Tweedie and Gwen Boros.

Boys indoor track — Coaches Award — Max Kummer and Jeremiah Schrader.

Alpine skiing — Coaches Award — Brooke Juneau, Hannah Frye and Matt Gunther.

Girls Nordic — Coaches Award — Irina Norkin and Emily Carty.

Boys Nordic — Coaches Award — Ben Caffrey and Alfie Walker.

Unified basketball — Teammate Award — River Lusky and James Littlefield.

Cheering — Coaches Award — Grace Arriaga.

Head of School Career Achievement Award — Mackenzie Buzzell and Bridget Tweedie.

Howard Ross Award — given annually to a member of the Fryeburg Ski Community who has provided exceptional contributions to the ski program — John Atwood.

The Winter Special Olympians, under the direction of Coach Kathy Dunham, enjoyed great success with results from Reed Wales with two gold medals in Nordic; Aaron Hennessy winning a silver and two bronze medals in alpine; Ben Charles getting a silver medal and adding a fifth place finish in the dual ski; James Littlefield with two top five finishes in Nordic; John Plummer with two top five finishes in alpine to go with a sixth place showing; and Star Young winning a silver and a bronze in the dual ski.

A number of Raiders garnered All Conference Awards, which are selected by either the vote of the league coaches or as a result of finish in the Western Maine Conference Championships.

In indoor track, Christian Bedell in the 200 and 400 meters; Gwen Boros in the 4x200-meter relay and long jump; Jared Chisari, Alexis Charles, Skye Collins, Spencer Thomas and Max Kummer in the 4X200-meter relay; Miah Schrader in the 200, 400 and the 4x200-meter relay; and Bridget Tweedie for the 55, 200 and 4x200-meter relay.

In girls' basketball, Mackenzie Buzzell.

In Nordic skiing, Ben Caffrey, Emily Carty, Zoe Maguire and Irina Norkin.

In alpine skiing, Brooke Juneau.

Each week at the indoor track meets, coaches at the meet select an "MVP of The Meet" based off the performances that evening. This year, seniors Bridget Tweedie, Miah Schrader and freshman Gwen Boros all were selected for that award.

Several Raiders earned All Academic laurels (seniors with at least a 3.2 GPA and receiving varsity letter) in the Western Maine Conference: in girls' basketball — Mackenzie Buzzell, Makayla Cooper, Kaylin Delaney and Alexandria Fraize; in indoor track — Alexis Charles, Will Davis, Chloe Downs, Ella Forbes, Nabeel Ghadfa, Taylor Kruger, Dominic Malia, Jeremiah Schrader, Spencer Thomas and Bridget Tweedie; in cheering — Shelby Day; in alpine skiing — Hannah Frye; in ice hockey — Bowen Greenleaf; in boys' basketball — Francesco Gianfelice; and in Unified basketball — Chris Hennessy and Reed Wales.

Athletes who placed in their state championships events: Nordic — Emily Carty, sixth in the classic ski and fourth in the skate; Zoe Maguire, sixth in the skate and seventh in the classic; Irina Norkin, ninth in the skate; and Alfie Walker, ninth in the classic ski. Indoor track — Jared Chisari, fourth in 55-meter dash; Casey Kneissler, fifth in shot put; Miah Schrader, third in the 400 meters and fourth in the 200; the boys 4x200-meter relay team placed third; Christian Bedell, fourth in the 800 meter. Alpine skiing — Brooke Juneau second in the slalom and fourth in GS.

State Champions: Class B State Champion in the 55-meter dash, in her first season even trying track, Bridget Tweedie. Also joining Tweedie on the top podium spot was the State Championship 4x200-meter relay team of freshman Gwen Boros, seniors Skye Collins and Alexis Charles.

3-Star Jackets were presented to: Manny Baptista, Caleb Bowles, Abby Burnell, Brianna Brunell, Liam Chisari, Caroline Condon, Osage Crie, Sophie Duane-Leavitt, Chloe Downs, Kailey Eastman, Bowen Greenleaf, Chris Hennessy, Jessica Jensen, Casey Kneissler, Hailey Kenerson, Amelia Rowland, Faye Taylor and Isaiah Voter.

"The highlight for me," Thurston said of the winter season, "was to be able to watch our MSAD 72 community come together at 5:45 a.m. for the WGME School Spirit Challenge pep rally. From our first donation on line Jan. 9 —through the final donation by the Alumni Association at their ski race March 3, our students, teachers, parents, grandparents, friends and businesses combined to raise 33,205 pounds of food that was donated to the Good Shepherd Food bank. If you didn't hear, we finished third in the challenge."


Eagles recognized at KHS Winter Sports Awards

By Lloyd Jones

CONWAY — The Kennett High School Athletic Department held its annual Winter Sports Awards on March 20 in the Loynd Auditorium.

Athletic Director Neal Weaver served as the master of ceremonies and made athletes, parents and friends feel right at home in the friendly confines of Loynd Arena.

Those on hand enjoyed a 8-minute slideshow put together by junior Mackenzie Murphy with photos supplied by Josh Spaulding. Set to music, the show was upbeat and drew two thumbs up from the large flock of Eagles on hand.

The major awards were presented by the coaches to the following athletes:

The Karl Seidenstuecker Award was presented to junior basketball player Brett Miller by varsity Coach Jack Loynd.

The Seidenstuecker Basketball Award, named in honor of the longtime and legendary Kennett basketball coach, is awarded each year to the young man who best exemplifies the traits admired by Coach Seidenstuecker. These traits include coachibility, all-around play, leadership and sportsmanship, consistently representing the team and Kennett High School in a respectful manner.

The Russ Award, presented by Coach Larry Meader, went to junior girls' basketball player Kelsey Bush.

The girls' basketball award, also known as The Russ Award, is given in honor of longtime basketball coach and educator Bob Russell. The award is given to the player who demonstrates pride, determination, leadership, behavior and enthusiasm in the sport of basketball.

The Unified Basketball Award was presented by coach Courtney Dimon to Patrick Hunt Jr.

The Jim Terry Award, presented by Coach Mike Lane and program founder Jim Terry, went to hockey junior Mackenzie Murphy.

"The Jim Terry Award, named after longtime coach Jim Terry is given at the conclusion of each season to the player(s) who has demonstrated excellence in determination, discipline, leadership and sportsmanship both on and off the ice."

The Indoor Track Awards were presented by coach Bernie Livingston to senior Karly Boothby for the girls and senior Jarod Carr for the boys.

The Damon O'Neal Alpine Skiing Award, presented by Coach Laurel Zengilowski, went to junior Paige Hill and freshman Connor Glavin.

The newly created EKB3 Spirit of Skiing Award, named after longtime assistant alpine Coach Ed Bradley went to seniors Liz Robert and Jamie Kelemen.

The Flying Eagle Ski Jumping Award, presented by Coach Chip Henry, went to senior Dennis Morgan.

The Broomhall Nordic Award was presented to senior Darren Piotrow by cross-country ski Coach Steve Vosburgh.

Vosburgh also presented the Most Improved Skier Award to freshmen Jordanna Belle-Isle and Hunter Krebs.

A presentation of sports letters for each team followed the awards ceremony in separate rooms while the hockey team will cap its season with a banquet at Indian Mound on Thursday night.


Alpine Eagles ski in Meet of Champions

By Lloyd Jones

CONWAY — Seven members of the Kennett High girls' and boys alpine teams qualified recently to compete in the prestigious Meet of Champions at Cannon Mountain in Franconia.

The top 10 finishers in slalom and GS for boys' and girls receive an invitation to ski in the Meet of Champions, which brings together the top 30 skiers from divisions I, II and III, at Cannon Mountain in Franconia on March 2.

For the Eagles, Paige Hill, Ashton Coleman, Liz Robert, India Drummond for the girls, while Sean Maloney, Connor Glavin and Dylan West qualified for the boys.

In the morning giant slalom at Cannon, Bedford's Sophia Dobrowski topped 38 other girls to win the two-run, combined time, race in 1 minute, 32.16 seconds. She was joined on the podium by Gorham's Karyssa Lachance, who was second in 1:34.03, and Sunapee's Maddie Austin, who finished third in 1:36.76.

Kennett was led by Coleman, who finished 11th in 1:39.50.

She was followed by teammates Hill, 21st, 1:44.16; Robert, 24th, 1:45.92; and Drummond, 29th, 1:48.86.

For the boys, Will Austin of Sunapee came from behind to lay down the fastest second run of the day to win the race by the blink of an eye in 1:27.21. Profile's Jack Sampo was right on his heels, finishing second in a field of 38 skiers, in 1:27.92.

Austin and Sampo were joined on the podium by Tucker Ormiston of Derryfield, who was third in 1:29.92.

West was the top finisher for the boys from Conway, placing 12th overall in 1:35.94. Glavin was 16th in 1:36.69.

Maloney did not ski in the Meet of Champions, after earning a spot on the 2017 Eastern Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Junior National Team. He competed in the U20 age category, north of Chicago at the Norge Ski Club from Feb. 28-March 4.

In the afternoon slalom, for the girls, Hollis-Brookline's Stephanie Menard had the fastest two runs to win the race by almost two seconds in 1:25.06. She was joined on the podium by Plymouth's Rebecca Caron and Dobrowski, who finished tied for second in 1:27.52.

Coleman led KHS, placing 12th in 1:34.40, followed by Robert, 19th, 1:41.08; Drummond, 20th, 1:41.41; and Hill, 28th, 2:04.77, after a fall on the first run.

For the boys, Austin made it a true daily-double by winning slalom on top of his morning GS title. Again, it was tight at the top, and again, Austin had to come from behind on his second run to claim the crown, winning in 1:14.39. Ormiston was a close second in 1:14.49, while third place honors went to Portsmouth's Tristan Hamilton in 1:17.75.

West was the lone KHS boy to finish, placing 12th out of 25 finishers in 1:25.85.

Glavin did not finish his second run.

The Kennett girls won the overall Division II title for the fifth year in a row on the slopes of Cranmore Resort in North Conway on Feb. 14. The Eagles won the title with 762 points, topping the 11-school field.

Plymouth was second with 691 points, followed by Hanover, 677; Hollis-Brookline, 672.5; Souhegan, 648; Kingswood, 626.5; Oyster River, 588; ConVal, 585; Windham, 560; Lebanon, 522; and Pembroke, 508.

The KHS boys were third for the second year in a row in the state championships.

Plymouth won the title at King Pine Ski Area in East Madison on March 3 based on a strong finish in slalom to secure team honors with 737 points. Windham was second with 728 points, followed by Kennett, 717; Hollis-Brookline, 625; Souhegan, 618; Pembroke, 595; Kingwood, 593; ConVal, 560; Lebanon, 559.5; Oyster River, 512.5; Hanover, 476; Milford, 425; and John Stark, 322.