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Kennett sports trophies need refurbishing and updates; community help sought

CONWAY — A movement is afoot to refurbish and in some cases create new sports plaques for Kennett High School.

Moving can be very challenging. Such was the case for numerous Kennett High School trophies which did not fare well in the 2007 transition from the former high school in Conway to the new campus located in Redstone. Many trophies and plaques were either damaged, broken, dented or scratched. Some even incurred paint spillage. Also, most of the plaques are missing names of award winners primarily dating back to 2007.

In an effort to restore this valuable part of Kennett High rich sports history, a fund has been created — KHS Trophies Refurbished Fund — and the Kennett High Sports Hall of Fame Committee has made the first contribution pledging $1,000.

Donations for the restoration can be sent to Bob Russell, (KHS Trophies Refurbished Fund), 125 Fairview Avenue, Conway N.H. 03818.

No names have been engraved on the plaques since 2006, something the hall of fame plans to upgrade.

Members of the hall of fame are working to restore the plaques/trophies, but need some help from the community if possible on who may have won certain awards in various years.

Kennett High Principal Neal Moylan has been working with the hall of fame and has dedicated the wall outside the gym for the refurbished plaques/trophies to be hung this fall under track lighting.

The following a rundown of the Kennett High Sports Awards.


Boys Soccer — Mark Butler Soccer Award — needs: replace the plaque; new tags; and description of the award. Missing names from 1982-99 snd 2007.

Football — Sam Fuller Award — needs: replace the wood; new tags; and description of award. Missing names from 2007 and 2012.

Girls Soccer — Suzy Engler Award — needs: replace with a new center piece. Missing names from 2007 and 2012.

Volleyball — Volleyball Award — needs: clean it up and replace tags. Missing names from 2007 and 2012.

Field Hockey — Marsden Award — needs: replace the plaque; new tags; and description of the award. Missing names from 1996-2001, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2012.

Cheerleading — Spirit Award — needs: replace the plaque; new tags; and description of the award. Decide what to do about fall and winter cheering whether to do one or two plaques. Missing names from 1996-2001, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2012.


Nordic Skiing — Broomhall Award — needs: replace tags. Missing names from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Damon O'Neal Ski Award — has been refurbished by the scholarship committee.

Hockey — Jim Terry Award — needs: make the plaque bigger.

Girls Basketball — Russ Award — needs: replace plaque, decription of award and replace tags. Missing names from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Boys Basketball — Karl Seidenstuecker Award — needs: replace wood; description of award; and new tags. Missing names from 1997, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.


Baseball — Jack Burns Award — replace tags; replace second piece of the plaque. Missing names from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Softball — Softball Award — needs: replace plaque, description of award and replace tags. Missing names from 1983, 1999, 2000, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Track (Field) — Don Trimble Award — needs: replace plaque, description of award and replace tags. Missing names from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Track — KHS Track and Field Award — needs: replace plaque, description of award and replace tags. Missing names from 1989-94, 1996, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Mark Butler Award — needs: replace plaque and replace tags. Missing names from 1990-2001, 2003, 2006, 2008-13.


A Boys Tennis Award (not sure when award first presented or who the winners have been); a Girls Tennis Award; a Cross Country Running Award (not sure when award first presented or who the winners have been); a Golf Award (not sure when award first presented or who the winners have been); Indoor Track Award (not sure when award first presented or who the winners have been); a Ski Jumping Award (not sure when award first presented or who the winners have been); a Unified Basketball Award (awarded the past two seasons); and a Lacrosse Award (not sure when award first presented or who the winners have been).

All of the names for the girls tennis award have been supplied by longtime tennis coach Jon Judge from 1983-2010 and the past four years by The Conway Daily Sun.

If you know the names of award winners from the missing dates, please email Lloyd Jones at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Raiders host Sacopee, Lake Region in track

By Charlie Tryder

FRYEBURG — The Fryeburg Academy track teams hosted its geographic rivals Sacopee Valley and Lake Region last Wednesday. The Raiders finished second in both the boys and girls meets.

The boys scored 109 points to only trail Sacopee's 126 points. The girls scored 82 points falling short only of Sacopee's 100 points.

In the boys' meet, Forest Stearns won the 100, 200 and 400 meter races with respective times of 11.78, 23.94, and 52.19.

Eric Hannes won the 800 and 1600 with 2:11.19 and 4:43.24 times. Patrick Carty owned the 3200 with an impressive 10:24.17 time.

Eli Thompson finished just behind Stearns and the 100 with an 11.79. Njemille Philip took third in the 200 with a 25.48. TJ Rose took second in the 800 and the 1600 with runs of 2:13.68 and 4:43.49. Liuke Yang ran the 300 hurdles in 45.22 for second place.

Andrew Lyman took the shotput with a throw of 46'5.50". Will Price scaled the discus 120'7" for second place, and Lyman threw 114'11" for third place. Colt Witten improved his personal best by over a foot to triple jump 38'8.5" to stay in the hunt for a state meet appearance.

In the girls meet, Bailey Friedman swept the shot put and discus with throws of 35'.25" and 87'3". Anna Lastra led the pack in the 1600 with a 5:29.78 time. She won the 3200 with a 12:16. 66 run. Skye Collins finished second in the 100 m race with a 13.93 time, and a 14'10" long jump earned second as well.

The Raiders will compete at Lake Region in the Western Maine Conference championships tomorrow, and Raider coach Kevin McDonald spoke of the promise of the day, "This is a fantastic me if you enjoy athletics. We have some of the best athletes in Maine competing. Katie Hall from Lake Region is nationally ranked in the 100, 200 and long jump."


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Raiders honored with spring sports awards

By Lloyd Jones

FRYEBURG — Fryeburg Academy celebrated the spring sports awards recently. Each team had its own team wrap-up and the 3-star jackets, all academic and 12 sport sport athletes were recognized at all school assemblies.

Athletic Director Sue Thurston said a number of athletes being recognized for their accomplishment this spring.

Seniors who have played 12 recognized seasons of athletics included: Sydney Charles, Amber Dindorf, Bailey Freidman, Dakota Griffin, Eric Hannes, Forrest Stearns and Sullivan Briggs.

The Raider Booster Club honored them with a personalized fleece blanket.

Spring 3-Star Jackets went to Mackenzie Buzzell, Ryan Caracciolo, Kristan Chipman, Skye Collins, Mariah Davis, Erika Dennery, Shelby Hesselin, Keegan Jones, Tommy Kane, Huxley Lovering, Brandon Ludwig, Jake Maidment, Emily McDermith, Molik Mobley,Reid O'Brien-Check, David Olsen, Jasmine Ramsay, Jeremiah Schrader, Corey Thibodeau, Ali Upton, Allison Watson, AJ Worcester, Morgan Bullard Hodge, Courtney Batchlor, Karalyann Walker and Colt Whitten.

Spring 2013 All Academic honors went to: Girls Tennis — Chelsea Abraham, Morgan Bullard-Hodge and Isabel Hodgman-Burns.

Boys Tennis — Pavle Bulatovic and Milos Mitic.

Girls Lacrosse — Amber Dindorf.

Boys Lacrosse — Tristan Harvie.

Softball — Sydney Charles, Makayla Frost and Kylie Locke.

Baseball — Nicholas Kiesman and Liam LeConey.

Girls Track — Juliet Fink, Bailey Friedman and Sarah Welch.

Boys Track — Sullivan Briggs, Dacota Griffin, Eric Hannes and Will Price.

Spring Sport Raider plaques went to the following:

Boys Lacrosse — Raider Awards to Tristan Harvie and Mike Dandaneau.

Girls Lacrosse — Coaches Award to Mary Shea and Raider Award to McKenna Gerchman.

Boys Tennis — MVP to Pavle Bulatovic and Most Improved to Milos Mitic.

Girls Tennis — Most Improved to Isabel Hodgman-Burns and Most Dedicated to Catherine Ashley

Boys Track — MVP to Eric Hannes and Coaches Award to Andrew Lyman.

Girls Track — MVP to Bailey Friedman and Coaches Award to Anna Lastra.

Baseball — Most Improved to Matt Boucher and Sportsmanship Award to Nicholis L'Heureux-Carland.

Softball — Raider Awards to Alexis L'Heureux-Carland and Kristin Chipman.


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FA ultimate frisbee wrap up: girls first state champion

By Charlie Tryder

FRYEBURG — Fryeburg Academy, one of a handful of schools that fields an ultimate frisbee team, traveled to the Cumberland Fairgrounds to compete against other schools in the state championship event recently. The Fryeburg Academy girls defeated Cape Elizabeth 7-2 in the finals to win the first Maine girls' ultimate frisbee championship.

The boys, defeated in the semifinals by Cape Elizabeth, finished third. Falmouth won the boys' state tournament.

A number of girls contributed to the victory. Bridget Bailey, a captain and handler, received co-MVP status with her long throws, strong handling skills and good decision-making. According to Coach Emily Strahler, Bailey's 60-yard throws are the longest throws of any girl in Maine. Bailey also used her height to play back in the Raider defense and prevent long scoring throws by opponents.

Esmeralda Hernandez, a cutter, was often on the receiving and of Bailey's throws. Strahler calls Hernandez, the Raiders other co-MVP, fearless. Hernandez used her fearlessness along with her speed and great hands to score more than half of the Raider goals.

Sydney Andreoli and Laura Monegro also made tremendous contributions as handlers. Andreoli, recipient of the Coach's Award, worked hard to get to the disc and she consistently found teammates making in-cuts which enabled the Raiders to advance down the field. Monegro, also a handler, made very reliable throws to help the Raiders possess and advance the disc.

Abby Davis, who won the team dedication award, repeatedly got open using precise cuts. Taking advantage of her disciplined route running, the Raiders isolated Davis in the end zone where she used her good hands for a number of scores. The Raider handlers also looked for cutter Danae Dostie. Dostie used continuation cuts during the finals to great advantage.

Ariel Fogden contributed to the Raider championship both as a cutter and a handler while earning the Most Improved Player award. Emery O'Connell grew into a fearless and aggressive cutter who fought for the disc in contested situations. Emma Armington, the only ninth grader to play varsity, made strong contributions throughout the tournament. Erin Freiberg, another cutter, used her endurance to repeatedly get open, and when she received the disc she connected with teammates on continuation throws.

This is the first year that Maine Ultimate has had a tournament for girls as in the past, the championship has been coed, so this group of Raiders will forever be known as the first Maine Frisbee state champions.

Although the boys were eliminated in the semifinals, they had a nice run this year. The Raider boys were led by handlers Austin Gerchman and Blaine Andreoli. Gerchman, the team MVP, passed accurately throughout the season and played excellent defense. Andreoli, who received the coaches award, combined up line cuts for yardage gains with his handling responsibilities. According to coach Chris Strahler, Gerchman and Andreoli worked remarkably well together.

Ben Davis and Jared Schrader played key roles as cutters. Davis, according to Strahler, got open at will and was very strong in the air. His skill set and willingness to lay out when necessary enabled him to haul in long passes in the end zone. Schrader, the fastest player on the team, went from struggling to catch the disc to the individual who could be counted on to catch everything he touched in his first year.

Rodrigo Araujo, the third handler, improved tremendously this year as well. His reliable throws and catches contributed to the Raiders' effort this year, but his most valuable asset may have been his communication skills both on and off the field. Stanford White, a cutter, used his leaping ability to retrieve throws. Ben Darling used his speed to get open, and as the year developed he was able to continue the disc after receptions.

While many still associate ultimate frisbee with leisurely sunny afternoons on college campuses, the Maine Frisbee tournament demonstrated that the sport is anything but leisurely. Both teams played over three hours of frisbee on and exceptionally hot day. Thanks to the efforts of the husband and wife coaching team of Chris and Emily Strahler, over 40 Fryeburg Academy students participated in ultimate frisbee this spring. In a time when we worry about students lacking physical exercise, the value of the sport is evident, and ultimate frisbee clearly has become a part of the fabric of Fryeburg Academy.


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Raiders strong at Conferences

By Charlie Tryder

FRYEBURG — The Fryeburg Academy track teams traveled down Route 302 to Lake Region for the Western Maine Conference Championships on Saturday. Both teams finished fifth.

The boys scored 69 points and the girls 45 points. The York boys won the conference championship with 136 points, and the Greely girls won with 149 points.

For the girls Elizabeth Grzyb won the javelin with a 101'10" throw. According to Coach Kevin McDonald, "Anyone that follows high school track and field knows that 100 is big in girls javelin, and Elizabeth has been hitting 100 on a regular basis. She is the defending state champion. We look for her to keep her title."

Anna Lastra ran a 5:26.39 in the 1600 meters and an 11:57.29 in the 3200 meters for second and third place finishes. Lastra's 5:26.39 set a new school record.

McDonald commented on her work. "Only a sophomore, this is very impressive to say the least. Anna is a dedicated athlete who does every work out, is at practice every day, and maintains a positive attitude no matter what. Anna's future is very bright and the sky is the limit for this young athlete."

Bailey Friedman threw the shot put 33'7.5" for a second place finish to round out the key scorers for the girls. Andrew Lyman threw the shot put 47'1" to win conferences in the shot put for the boys. Lyman, according to McDonald, has been improving every week.

Other key scores for the Raider boys included Forest Stearns who took second in the 200 and 400 meters. He ran a 23.62 in the 200 and a 51.77 in the 400. Liuke Yang long jumped 18'5" for a third place finish.

The Raiders will now ready for the State Meet. The Raiders have done a nice job putting themselves in position to make a mark next week.

McDonald is happy with their situation.

"Eighteen athletes are moving onto the state meet in the coaching staff could not be prouder," he said.


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