Lacrosse Eagles can clinch playoff spot

By Lloyd Jones

CONWAY — Currently sitting in 11th place in the Division II standings, the Kennett High boys lacrosse team can clinch a playoff berth with a victory on Tuesday (4 p.m.) when it hosts Oyster River in Gary Millen Stadium.

The top 12 teams in Division II qualify for the post-season.

KHS went 1-1 last week to raise it record to 5-8. The Eagles completed a regular-season sweep of arch-rival Kingswood in Redstone on Wednesday, winning 11-2. Unfortunately, the team couldn't carry that momentum to Bow on Friday. KHS lost 9-2 to the Falcons (4-9), who jumped in 12th place with the win.

Coach Ross Emery was pleased with how his troops played against Kingswood, especially after halftime. The two teams played through a scoreless first quarter. The Eagles got the offense on track in the second period to lead 3-2 at the half.

Kennett outscored the Knights 4-0 in the third and fourth quarters in a stellar second half.

"I was very pleased to see the team ramp up the offensive pressure in the second half," Emery said. "We entered halftime only up 3-2. So it was a tight game until then. Our defense did a great job shutting down Kingswood offense. We put defenseman Robby Moody on their top scorer and closed him off."

Captain Kherry Rober, Brian Baker and Hunter LeBeuf all scored hat-tricks in the win while Dan Nusbaum added a pair of goals.

"It's great to know that we have good depth this year and don't need to rely on any one player to get the job done," Emery said. "We came off a tough game with St. Thomas on Monday having trouble with our clearing transitions but that was all straightened out for the Kingswood game.Tristan Andreani once again had a great game but he told me that he did not feel like he was very tested."

Oyster River (6-6) is ranked ninth in Division II coming into Tuesday's game. The Bobcats beat Kennett 9-7 in Durham on April 28 in a close match. Tuesday is also Senior Day for the Eagles with this year's cast of seniors being recognized prior to game.

"We are hoping for a playoff position," Emery said.


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DJ Shaw finishes 16th in problematic season-opener

ANDERSON, S.C. – DJ Shaw and the No. 60 Precision JLM Racing team got their 2015 season kicked off at Anderson Motor Speedway in Anderson, S.C. March 22. The "Peach Blossom Special" was the start of the Pro All Stars Series National schedule. The team faced plenty of adversity — they swapped cars twice, and fought through mechanical failures before calling it a night early in the 150 lap event after the brakes failed and ended the race in the 16th position.

The weekend started with the primary car's engine smoking in the first practice. The team turned around quick and rolled out the backup car, and showed plenty of speed throughout practice. However, the team found more engine issues with the backup car and went back to the primary car during the final practices of the day.

After practice the team had to change radiators and turn it around quickly before qualifying. Shaw, who lives in Center Conway, was only able to qualify 16th, but felt like he had a good piece to run the race with.

After just 20 laps, Shaw stormed through the field and cracked into the top five. As soon as he did though, the brakes failed on the 60 Precision JLM car, and Shaw fought brake fade for the rest of the night before bringing the car in for good with 15 laps remaining, finishing in the 16th position.

"We learned a lot about the car this weekend, and I'm glad we were able to get the issues of the way now rather than when we are points racing in the north," Shaw said after the race, "Still it's disappointing because we had a really good car and were just saving our stuff, but we know we were fast and we will be ready for the next one."

The No. 60 Precision JLM Racing car with DJ Shaw will begin their title defense at Oxford Plains Speedway on April 18 for the season-opener of the PASS North Series.

Shaw has had mixed results at Oxford Plains in recent years, but finished second there to secure the championship last fall.

You can follow DJ Shaw and the Precision JLM Racing team at, liking Precision JLM Racing on Facebook or by following @djshaw60 on Twitter.


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Plenty of on ice activity planned for Ham Arena this weekend

CONWAY — There is an exciting weekend in store at the Ham Arena, Jan. 23-25. In cooperation with Conway's 250th Anniversary Winter Carnival celebration, the Ham Arena will be host to several events dedicated to celebrating Conway's history as a winter playground.

First up, this Friday (Jan. 23), from 7:10-9:10 p.m. the Ham Arena will be hosting the Wooden Stick Old Tyme Hockey Game to benefit "End 68 Hours of Hunger" program. Players who want to take to the ice need to raise $25 that will be donated to the local "End 68 hours of Hunger" program. This program sends quality food stuff home with children in need, to bridge the 68 hour gap the weekend poses, to ensure they have sufficient food at home to be healthy and well nourished.

Anyone interested in participating should call the rink at 447-5888 to get on the ice.

"Feed your hockey hunger and feed the hungry at the same time," Chris Perley, general manager of the Ham Ice Arena, said, smiling. "A wooden stick is recommended to harken back to the old days of old time hockey but the game is about raising money for the less fortunate."

On Saturday (Jan. 24), from 12:30-2:30 p.m. the Ham Arena will host a Vintage Public Skate Session. Anyone arriving in a vintage costume will receive a $1 off their public skating admission price. In addition the Mount Washington Valley Skating Club will present a 20-minute show at center ice at 1:10 p.m. Come on down and see the Valley's best skaters and enjoy the ice as well!

Also on Saturday, the Kennett High hockey team will host ConVal at 3 p.m. in its annual Business Appreciation Day beforehand when the Eagles will recognize community members for their continued support. Following the game, the Fifth Annual Skate With the Eagles will take center ice with everyone having the opportunity to skate with the hometown ice hockey team.

Saturday is also Movie Night at the Ham. From 6:10-9:10 p.m., the arena will present one of the finest feel good hockey movies of all time — Disney's "The Mighty Ducks." Folks will be able to glide across the ice while watching a rag-tag group of hockey players overcome adversity and learn all about teamwork. You can watch this hockey classic on the big screen and in full surround sound. This free showing of the The Mighty Ducks comes with a paid admission to the public skate.

"Come enjoy public skating like you've never seen it before," Perley said.

On Sunday (Jan. 25) from 9:30-11 a.m., the Mount Washington Valley Curling Club will present a curling demo at the Ham Arena.

"This unique sport was around when Conway was founded," Perley said. "Come watch and what has been described as 'the most intriguing sport on ice!' All these activities are in honor of Conway's winter heritage. Sports that turn cold and snow into fun for all!"


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MWV Career & Technical Center December Student Spotlight

CONWAY — The Mount Washington Valley Career and Technical Center Student Spotlight recognizes students for achievement in Career & Technical Education programs. These students have demonstrated high levels of technical skill, program involvement through Career and Technical Student Organizations and solid employability skills.

Logan Hagerty

Grade: Sophomore.

Town: Jackson.

Program: Drafting/CAD.

Instructor: Joseph Riddensdale

Instructor recommendation: "I have known Logan Hagerty for the past two years, having served as his drafting teacher and his SkillsUSA Program advisor. Logan is an intelligent, capable, and dedicated young man. Logan is very competitive and shows excellent drafting skills. He is an extremely quick learner that can accomplish any task given to him. Most recently, Logan worked on a class assignment where students were to create a preliminary design of the new White Mountain Aquatic Center for review by the WMAF board. The students presented their design to the board during class. Logan, along with two other students, was chosen to take the recommendations from the board and continue the design process. They will eventually work with the Architect on the final designs for approval."

Maddie Glavin

Grade: Junior.

Town: Freedom.

Program: Graphic Arts.

Instructor: Theresa Sires

Instructor recommendation: "Maddie Glavin is in her second year of photography and video production at the MWV CTC, and in addition to her regularly scheduled class, she is an instructional assistant in another. She is an eager learner and a hard working student with a great attitude. She checks out equipment often to practice outside of class time and has created award winning photographs. She shows up to class with a smile and is always helpful to peers and instructors alike."

Madison Cardillo

Grade: Senior.

Town: Conway.

Program: Marketing.

Instructor: Deirdre Lorway.

Instructor recommendation: "Madison Cardillo works hard in all of her academic classes.  She truly is a role model for her peers.  She is hardworking and caring and this is apparent in everything she does.  She is always positive and willing to help out.  It is a pleasure to have Madison in class and I look forward to hearing about her future success."

Danielle Vizard

Grade: Senior.

Town: Albany.

Program: Hospitality.

Instructor: Deirdre Lorway

Instructor recommendation: "Danielle Vizard is a positive and hardworking student. She is actively involved in school and participates in many extracurricular activities. She is thoughtful, caring, and has an excellent rapport with students and teachers alike. She is always willing to give a hand and has a great attitude. Danielle will be off to college in the fall and I know that she will do great things."

The Mount Washington Valley Career and Technical Center provides relevant, real-life educational experiences to prepare students for entry into post-secondary programs or the workforce. With 11 programs representing local industry employment opportunities students can choose from a wide variety of career paths and training opportunities. For more information visit their website at


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Tele-Talk Responses: What are your predictions for 2015?

There were 13 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “What are your predictions for 2015?”

My precdiction is the town of Conway wakes up and gets rid of those feather flags so you can see the view of the mountains and the valleys.
Boy I really hope that Fairpoint fires all those workers; they make me sick to my stomach. How can these people actually be holding out for more money because they might have to pay a little bit in their health insurance? People in the valley don’t even have health insurance probably 60 percent of the people. Plus these people are making $115,000 a year on average. Wow! How many people in the Mount Washington Valley are making that? These people need to get in the real world. And we all know every one of those people that work for Fairpoint would not last more than the day in the real world. They don’t know how the real world operates. Thank you, unions.
This is Jim Hrdlcka in Glen. After reading “Religion without God” in Saturday’s paper, my prediction is as follows: As violence and terrorism continue, the athiests and activists will start to seek the Truth and that’s truth with a capital “T.” Merry Christmas.
My name is Dylan Doe and I predict that in 2015 the people of Fryeburg will know the truth about what’s going on with their drinking water.
I have five predictions for 2015: 1. The world’s largest producer of energy, Russia, will demand gold for energy payments and OPEC will accept payment for oil in currency other than U.S. dollars. 2. Greece leaves the E.U. and thr Ukraine collapses. 3. The Japanese yen collapses causing some major global bank failures. 4. The tug and pull of inflation versus deflation of the world’s currencies becomes apparent on the side of inflation. And 5. Kennett wins another state ski championship.
My prediction for 2015 is that all retirees who move to town will start supporting education.
I predict the town will finally come to its senses and limit the feather flags or ban them all together. This form of carnival-like signage is an absolute atrocity. The people who okayed this need to get their heads examined. Just because other towns have allowed them, doesn’t mean it is right. Not only did we allow them, we allowed three per business. Can you imagine every single business having three of those out front and what it would look like? I almost wish everyone could see that. The group of people that passed the flag rule should be so embarrassed. It is just amazing they could have thought displaying not one, not two, but three flags per business would somehow look OK. Really? In what universe? At least some people are re-considering and want to do the right thing and change. I feel bad for the owners that bought them, but signage laws are changed sometimes and that’s part of doing business. Just simplify the damn signage laws and be done with it and don’t forget the common sense this time when you congregate. I predict they will and I predict they will do the right thing and just give Adam M. his little barber pole. My goodness.
My prediction for 2015 is simply the police department and town will continue to look the other way and not enforce violations of the two-hour parking rule in North Conway.
Peace brotherhood and love? Ha! Dream on.
Despite the rosy lies coming out of the administration about economic growth and rising employment, the economy will continue to decline and the pauperization of the majority of the American people will continue. The big excitement will be how many businesses will go bankrupt in the coming year. There is no hope for any improvement with the same bunch of intellectual pygmies running the country.
I predict that our current president will run our once great nation further into the pit of dismay.  Allowing our friends to the south will massively increase the work force, who will most likely put poor white and African American citizens into further competition for jobs. 
I predict that Mark “The Wonk” Hounsell will break his long-standing record for having his name mentioned in the Conway Sun.

The following Tele-Talk response was posted on the Sun’s Facebook page:
A strange virus will kill every man in the world except Conan O’Brien, and every woman in the world except Jennifer Lopez. The marriage will last 32 days.

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