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Jason Robie: Smarter than the average

By Jason Robie
Having bought and sold a couple properties in my day, I'm clearly the smartest man alive and everyone should listen to what I have to say. Now that we have that out of the way, the reality is, we can all learn something new every day. Did you know that the woman who sued McDonalds over the hot coffee was sitting in a parked car, not driving through the drive-through? Did you also know that she suffered third-degree burns on 16 percent of her body? The facts of that case got so buried in public opinion that the media hoodwinked us all. She actually asked for them only to cover her medical expenses ($11,000), but they refused and offered her a pittance of $800. (It should be noted that their gross coffee sales, at the time, were $1.3 million dollars a day!)

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Home of the Week: Four-season lakeside retreat

MADISON — Sit back, bury your feet in the sand and take in the panoramic view and cooling summer breezes from this truly one-of-a-kind lakeside retreat. Contemporary in design, this lakefront home, tucked away on peaceful Big Pea Porridge Pond, offers the perfect mix of a relaxing getaway while still being close to the skiing, shopping and the amenities of North Conway.

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Jason Robie: I said you said

By Jason Robie
I'm not going to bore you with the details of my interpersonal life over the past three weeks, but suffice it to say there has been a bit of a communication breakdown. Communication, or the ability to express our thoughts into a manner in which another person (or being) can understand, is a vital skill to possess and practice — one that I don't believe many of us has or use today. I say that not to sound cynical or negative, but merely as an observation. You don't get to a divorce rate of 50 percent or more(not sure of the exact number) with lots of open, effective and honest communication.

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Home of the Week: Village home with character

CONWAY — "Village home with character." That's how listing agency David R. Haine Real Estate describes this just-renovated Cape on Pleasant Street in Conway.

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Home of the Week: Privacy by the pond

EATON — "Waterfront serenity."
That's what you get with this three-bedroom contemporary on Thurston Pond Road in Eaton, says listing agent Lisa Brouillette, of Bean Group in Wolfeboro.

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