Tele-Talk Responses: What would you like to see done with the unused space at Kennett Middle School?

There were 11 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: What would you like to see done with the unused space at Kennett Middle School? Two people suggested moving other classes to the building, either having it as a K-8 school or grades 6-8. Two people suggested using the building for town offices, one suggested tearing it down. Others suggested various non-school related activities, but one person said non-school activities could not be permitted in the building.

Has everyone forgotten what we voted in more than 10 years ago? They explained that we would mothball a lot of space but still have to heat it! Perhaps what we should have done was tear the whole thing down, but there were those in the community who would have cried out in horror at destroying their high school hallowed halls. A more important question that should have been asked is: What are we going to do with the vacant 11 classrooms we have already refurbished? The school board needs to look at moving both the fifth and sixth grades to the middle school. Close Pine Tree and give he building back to the town (before the town spends large sums on a new town hall and new/fixed rec center). Sure, the school tuition agreement will cause a loss in revenue to the school district, but the elimination of staff from Pine Tree would partially cover that and the reduction in costs from the town side would also make up a lot. The school board and the selectmen need to have a ah-ha moment when they finally realize that both town and school taxes are paid by the same people.

The 20-year Conway school contracts signed by sending towns require these towns to pay millions of dollars to Conway to help build and maintain Conway’s school buildings. So, what happens when the unused space in these school buildings is used for non-school activities? Or one of these buildings is closed down and sold? Certainly, the intent of these bonds is violated. Does this make these bond obligations invalid? Will the sending towns share in the revenue generated by the leasing of this space for non-school activities or sold? These and other questions should be asked by selectmen and town school boards in the sending towns. Ad-Hoc Committee for School Choice. John Hartman

I don’t understand why they can’t make it a K-8 school or middle school for grades 6-8. Or even let the people who have varied abilities use the space for classes a place to call there own, people who are varied abilities do not have any place. They are not allowed to use the Conway Rec and North Conway Community Center in the summer due to kids having camp. It would be nice to have a space.
How about town offices.
According to school administrators in the Sept. 22 article, that building used to house more than 1,200 students. Today there are fewer than 300. Return the high schoolers and sell that monstrosity on the hill. There is so much duplication, not only in rooms but also in support areas. What a waste.

I’d like to see the space turned into the town hall. No reason to build a new town hall when there is plenty of space there. And we could save money for something else in the town. North Conway.

I have ideas for this empty space. No. 1 would be a large meeting hall where food can be available to take care of all the thousands of children that go to bed hungry in the valley. They can show up on their own, 24 hours a day and have a decent meal. Another idea would be let’s just make it an indoor parking area, only for teachers, where they could park their late model vehicles which most have, indoors so these vehicles won’t be abused by the harsh weather conditions during late spring, early fall and winter.

I’d like to see the space at Kennett Middle School used to maybe make training rooms to help train and certify all the unqualified people that Superintendent Kevin Richard keeps hiring. If he’s going to continue to hire unqualified friends like Rick Biche, who’s not certified principal and Shaw who doesn’t even have the degree required, maybe he should offer them our training space where they can get certified.

I think it should be a place called the meth-heads, heroin addicts and all the dirt bags using the Mount Washington Valley. Put them all in there, let them but shoot themselves up, and then, after they all died, bury them and be done with them. You should not keep bringing these people back with Narcan and everything else. It’s their choice. It’s not up to me and everybody else to take care of these deadbeats.

I think the Kennett Middle School should get used as a bingo hall. Ladies don’t seem to congregate at the American Legion any more. I thought that it be a nice place for the ladies to congregate in the afternoon.

An indoor swimming complex with an Olympic sized pool, 10-meter diving board, kiddie pool, jacuzzi and sauna, or a city owned gambling casino, or recording studios for musicians like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kesha and Taylor Swift, or a bordello. If you don’t like those suggestions, why not let the Air Force bomb it with incendiary bombs? When the fire gets going real good, the local volunteer fire departments can put it out. Both the pilots and the firefighters need the practice. 

Tele-Talk: What would you like to see done with the unused space at Kennett Middle?

Conway selectmen have opted not to move the community recreation center to Kennett Middle School, with Town Manager Earl Sires telling the school board the decision was based "on a number of factors, including increased operating costs, site management concerns and the availability of private funding." There is currently about 48,000 square feet of unused space at the middle school

This week's Tele-Talk: What would you like to see done with the unused space at Kennett Middle?

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Tele-Talk: How did the dry summer personally affect you?

Rainfall has been well below average in New Hampshire this year. Carroll County is currently rated by the U.S. Drought Monitor as "abnormally dry," while the middle and southern parts of the state are experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions.

This week's Tele-Talk: How did the dry summer personally affect you?

Call 733-5822 Saturday and Sunday and leave your comments on our machine. You may fax your responses to 356-8360 or e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Comments can also be posted on The Conway Daily Sun's Facebook page. Results will be published Tuesday.


TeleTalk Responses: How did the dry summer personally affect you?

There were nine responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: How did the dry summer affect you? Two people talked about general concerns about the environment and potential climate change; three people joked about the water shortage; one said Saco River tubing plans were canceled; three people said they really enjoyed the warm, dry weather and spent more time outside as a result and one person suggested going vegan would be a solution.

Of course the dry weather and human-induced climate change has impacted me personally. I am part of nature, and everything that happens to the natural world has an impact on me. That so-called rugged individualism can be tossed in the shallow-minded barrel from whence it came. We are all impacted by the environment, which is a fragile balance that has reached a dangerous tipping point. Go vegan, it might save your planet. Laura Slitt.

I switched from drinking water to beer.

No showers, no teeth brushed, no shampoos, no flushing, no water in my whiskey. Just plenty of discomfort. Rotting away, Conway Village.

Yes, the lack of snowfall this past winter kept a lot of snow machine people away, and possibly some of our skiers who help to keep our economy going. I’ve had to use my garden hose on fruit trees and the garden, which cost me money out of my pocket. I just let the lawn go brown. My biggest fear, however, is the possibility of a large fire in the area, as we are surrounded by all sorts of trees especially the evergreen species. That is what worries me most about all this dryness.

I didn’t get to tube the Saco this summer.

How did the dry summer personally affect me? Well, it was great. I loved it. I rode my bike mountain bike everyday. I went swimming in the river everyday with my dog. I watered my grass in my garden when it needed it. It was wonderful, one of the best summers as I can remember. You know when you drive through the village, and it’s so hot that the pedestrians walking down the sidewalks kind of look like they’ve been beaten up? Well, that’s my kind of weather — the hotter the better and the drier the better. Beats the heck out of 20 below zero any day. This is Bob.

This is Jim from Glen. Lots of walking swimming and grilling, it was a great summer. However, I’m sure they were going to hear from the global-warming, climate-change extremists. By the way, has Al Gore called in yet? Enjoy this wonderful rainy day.

I do worry about the beverages my friends the chipmunks and the squirrels will have to drink. So, when I see a raindrop in the sky, it makes me want to do somersaults and back flips knowing that my that my forest friends will have a beverage to drink.

Hot, sunny, dry, spectacular days to be out and play.

Tele-Talk responses: Why do you think there is so little interest in this election?

There were 13 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “Why do you think there is so little interest in this election?” Eleven people said there is little interest because people don’t like the choices of candidates, either because they are corrupt and out for themselves or because they are all the same and nothing will change no matter who is elected. Two people blamed the media; one of them also said there is plenty of interest in the elections. One suggested that voters should be allowed to cast votes against candidates as well as for candidates.

I believe the reason there is low interest in this election season is because it’s the same thing, just a different day. There’s nothing new. They all say they can make our world a better place, but all they want is to put money in their own pockets. Self-interest, that’s why there is little interest because they are selfish individuals who only want to line their own pockets, not better this world.

For many years, the American public whether left, right or center, Republican Democrat, independent or nothingarian have elected people to represent them at various levels of government. They have sworn on a Bible — which, by the way, is a bad word in today’s society — to obey the laws and rules that make up the Constitution. And what have they done? Spend our money on just about anything, and sign their paychecks. End of story. The man and woman on the street has had enough of what is going on. Let us all turn out this time and surprise the town clerk’s prediction. An East Conway resident.

The lack of interest is because it’s just another face promising the same old stuff, and when they get into office, they all forget about the promises they made to the people. Another turnoff is when you receive your ballot, you have to face the sour scowl of those facilitating the voting process. They seem to be very unpleasant people, and over the years it has never changed — always that unpleasant scowl.

I’m a little confused with the question of why you think there is no interest in the election or little interest in election. If you’re talking about the primary next Tuesday, there’s not all that much buzz. But as far as the national election, Donald Trump got more folks in the primary than any other Republican ever. The liberals maybe not as many, but you will have a huge turn out, even though there’s a lack interest in both candidates. So, I’m not sure if you’re trying to keep the Republicans home or what, but there’s lots of interest in the elections.

This is J.J. from Conway. Look at Channel 9. It’s been going on for over year. They broadcast it morning, noon and night. That’s all they talk about is election, election, election. I’m sick of it going on all the time. There ought to be a law to do it just six months before the election, not over a year. Even if you have the top story of the day, they have the election first, probably. I don’t even watch the debates because I’m sick of it.

The displeasure is not just with the nation’s elections; it’s also with local and state elections. The American people are sick and tired of the corruption in Washington and constant bickering between both parties, back and forth, where absolutely nothing gets done. The people we elect to Congress sit on their hands, get paid and get raises for themselves, but Social Security, veterans benefits, all of that is frozen. Then Obama cuts money to the veterans administration. All we see is corruption. It needs to change.

The main reason is we’ve got Hillary Clinton running, who is the biggest liar. She’s just ruined this country, her and Obama. And now you finally have a great person like Donald Trump running, and what you people don’t like is he’s an honest person, and you don’t like what he says. We all know that’s what the problem is with so little interest.

They all look and sound the same. Nothing but a bunch of cheap two bit politicians.

It is the first election in memory where the American people are guaranteed to wind up with a president that most Americans don’t want. There is a solution to this. If we just add the feature of negative voting, by which I mean we allow people to vote against a person, thereby taking a vote away from that person, some of the problems caused by third, fourth and fifth party candidacies might be averted. Some of our past presidents might arguably not have been elected if we simply allowed people to vote negatively. And Donald Trump might well not have won the Republican Party candidacy. Worth considering, if the “will of the people” is to mean anything.

There are two unpopular candidates for president. Legislators have lost all appeal to the voting public due to perceived or real corruption and the money conga line. Rather than opt for viable and common sense routes to address a rebirth of “We the People” individuals/groups are opting to radicalize by joining groups such as the Tea Party, Libertarian, John Birch, religious groups etc. Many members of the public waste their time hating, denigrating and pointing fingers rather than expending what little grey cells there evidently are on actual solution-based problem solving. The mantra of “illegal immigrants” and “jobs” has been around since Abe. For the first time in 50 years, this will be the first presidential election wherein voting citizens will not have the full power and protection of the Voting Rights Act. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. If people spent more time on social media being proactive rather than wasting energy on frivolous activities, there might be a change. As it is, the country will continue backsliding until “The People” stop being “The Sheeple.”

Apathy and lack of attention are the two main reasons that, ummm ... what was the question? Forget it.

I’d say you already answered your own question. People are more caught up in worrying, wondering and learning about the national decision. It’s also partly lack of exposure to the state candidates, and that they seemingly just began campaigning.

I’d be a lot more interested if Bernie had won the primary.