Tele-Talk: Should the Conway precincts have full-time fire chiefs?

The Conway Budget Committee has voted not to recommend a warrant article funding a full-time fire chief for Center Conway at $48,000 for the six months starting July 1. Precinct voters will decide at their annual meeting March 24. Budget committee chair Joe Mosca was concerned about the tax impact and that Conway could eventually have five chiefs. Volunteer Fire Chief Ray Leavitt, who is stepping down July 1, says the time has come for a full-time, paid chief.
This week's Tele-Talk: Should the Conway precincts have full-time fire chiefs?
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Tele-Talk responses: How important is the New Hampshire primary in the presidential election process?

There were 13 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: How important is the New Hampshire primary in the presidential election process? Nine people said it was important; two said it is not important and two people didn’t answer the question.

This is Jim from Glen. New Hampshire decides which presidential candidates are strong enough to continue and those that will not. The next president could potentially nominate four Supreme Court justices. The current court has given its support of homosexual marriage. The 1973 court legalized baby killing. What will be next? You decide today and on Nov. 9. You decide.
The first-in-the-nation presidential primary here in New Hampshire, which began in 1916 and took on more vibrancy after 1952, appears to be very important in the election process. It may well be due to much media coverage and a documentary about it called, “Winning New Hampshire.” The hype and glamour it has enjoyed continue to keep it alive and well as a heralded and sought-after boost to the candidate triumphant. Several online sources discuss its history and why its jubilance wafts through the state and nation like a Sen. Bernie Sanders win will for me, and all of us who are jubilant about this candidate who means what he says, says what he means, and whose integrity and compassion have never been in doubt. It’s historic, like the unique and inclusive government system of home rule. It entices candidates to take off their suits, don their jeans, get comfy and up close as they travel across this state, filled with diverse populations of hard working people who manage to find ways to get along through differences and adversities. L.S., Bartlett.
I’m 74 years old; I’ve lived in the state of New Hampshire my whole life, and you’re asking how important is it? We’ve got one guy from Vermont who went to Russia on his honeymoon, grew dope in the 1960s, was a drug dealer. And we’ve got one guy that has gone bankrupt four times and has no respect for women. And you expect us to care about either one of these people? No, it isn’t important. It’s time to do away with the primary.
I think the New Hampshire primary first-in-the-nation presidential election process is very important to New Hampshire. However, part of the problem is all the people from Massachusetts moved up here. So it’s more of a Massachusetts first-in-the-nation primary than New Hampshire. So it’s not what used to be up here anymore.
I think it’s very important that New Hampshire is one of the first primary states in the union. Hopefully, it will clear out some of the Republicans that don’t stand a chance of being elected. And as there are only two Democratic candidates, hopefully, it will show which one stands a better chance of coming out on top. But, I mean seven Republicans? Some of them have to quit. They’ve got to realize they don’t stand a chance of being elected. And Donald Trump? Go get a new TV show; you’re just a joke.
Sorry if The Conway Daily Sun didn’t think that Donald Trump came to Carroll County enough; sorry he’s not flying his plane in with the snowstorm. Get with it, voters in New Hampshire. The only clear candidate for the United States and New Hampshire, and all the states that he travels to, is Donald Trump. Wake up voters. We need Mr. Trump really bad in these serious times; no other candidate comes close.
This is J.J. from Conway. To me it’s a pain in the neck because you’ve got to register as an independent. Then you’ve got to declare as a Democrat or a Republican and then if you want to stay independent, after you vote, you’ve got to tell the clerk there you want to change it back to independent. It’s a pain in the neck.
Well, we all know it can’t be too important if all the knuckleheads in New Hampshire want Bernie Sanders for their president. It’s a slap right in the face to all the hard-working people in New Hampshire who worked their butts off to get where they are, and now all these deadbeats want to line up and suck off the system. It makes me puke.
It’s more important than beer but not as important as skiing. Anyone who disagrees smokes too much weed.
The New Hampshire primary is very important because it provided an opportunity for Mark Hounsell to recommend Hillary Clinton in the Conway Sun.
It’s as important as a political endorsement by The Conway Daily Sun. However, it does allow the local folks to actually meet these people in the flesh, which is very important. I was able to meet Hillary Clinton in Gorham when she marched down Main Street with all the reporters lassoed up into a group. I saw the wonderful twinkle in her eye. I heard the giggles in her voice, the sweetness of tones, the generosity and her speeches, and also I noticed that she has small feet and according to her Chinese proverb, a lady with small feet has a great intellect. But it doesn’t say much about her cankles. And as she marched, and if the sun was in the right direction, you could have seen the halo around her head. However, putting all of that in one column, the basic fact comes down to this: She is the devil.

The following were posted on Facebook:
Easy, I would say it’s as important as any other part of the nominating process. I’m hoping that the New Hampshire primary will weed out some of the carpet bombing war nuts of the Republican party and their vitriol has sparked something to get non-voters interested in voting against their ideology.
Very. People need to pay attention to what candidates say and promise. It is our civic duty, and we all share in this responsibility to get out and vote!

Tele-Talk responses: For whom are you going to cast your ballot in the New Hampshire Primary?

There were 21 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: For whom are you going to cast your ballot in the New Hampshire Primary? The responses were: six for Bernie Sanders; five for Hillary Clinton; three for John Kasich, two for Donald Trump and one each for Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz. Two people said they would not be voting; one person said she is undecided but will choose between three Republican candidates.
First let me say who I am definitely not voting for: Donald Trump. He is a racist, a bigot and a disgusting human being. The fact that someone with his reckless behavior and teenage mentality is the leading GOP candidate speaks volumes about the sad state of the Republican Party. Who will I be voting for? That’s an easy one: Bernie Sanders! Why? Because I think that tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthiest Americans and multinational corporations are unfair, that discrimination against people based on race, gender or religion is unacceptable, that protecting the environment is vital, that the cost of college tuition is way too high, that health care is a human right, that domestic violence laws need to be strengthened and that the government shouldn’t make reproductive health decisions for women. Oh, and unlike other politicians, he’s a genuinely likable person!
John Kasich is qualified, competent and accomplished. Most candidates run on slogans and empty promises. He is the only one whose record backs up his rhetoric. You will see positive changes from day one with President Kasich. Vote with your brain, not your emotions. Sue, North Conway.
I’m casting my ballot for Hillary. I think that she is the prime candidate that we should elect. She has survived adversity, and she continues to persevere for what’s right for our country and our state. I think that she has international experience, which I think is crucial to our election right now, and no one else has that. I also would raise the question as to I wonder if there is a glass ceiling in the United States, since I can’t imagine that in over 200 years we have not yet found a female in this country new that was capable of even being vice president or president, and I think that sometimes she may get some adversity on her because of that. So, I would ask everyone to please consider who we are looking to run our country and who has the experience and maturity, and who has already survived some of the adversity that our president will need to get through the future. This is a concerned citizen in Madison.
I’m voting for Bernie Sanders. North Conway.
This is Jim from Glen. I’m going to cast my vote for John Kasich, primarily because he has a proven record in the state of Ohio, and the people in Ohio have a favorable impression of him. In other words, his actions speak with a lot more volume than a lot of the words that I’m hearing from the other candidates. John Kasich is my guy this time around.
Oh, definitely Bernie Sanders. Then I can drive around town, see all the deadbeats that don’t work, and maybe I can quit my job and be just like them. But the difference is I won’t, because I do have a little pride myself and my family, and show them that you’re actually supposed to work to get things in this country not have it just handed to you.
I’m supporting any Republican over the despicable Marxist-socialist Democrats. But my first choice is Marco Rubio.
Chris Christie.
Two thumbs up for Trump.
I’ll be voting for Ted Cruz in the New Hampshire primary. Ted Cruz is the answer.
I’m from Conway and I am not voting, period. I don’t think any of the candidates are worthy of being president.
I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. She is simply the most qualified person for the job.
For whom am I voting? Certainly not Hillary Clinton. She is probably the most dishonest person to have been in the White House. She should be disqualified to run for president. Right now, Donald Trump still looks pretty good. Cruz is questionable about citizenship but so was Obama. Rubio looks really good. Still up in the air. When I go to the polls I will decide. R.W., Conway.
I’m voting for Bernie Sanders for president.
The one and only Bernie. Go, Bernie, go.
Go Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.
Hillary. I’m from North Conway.
After all the years of promises to us about turning this nation around, I’m beginning to really worry about our lunch-break Republican Party. After the strongest growth of our stock market ever, after the most employment gains in decades, after more housing starts than there have been in decades and after millions of Americans are now paying toward the health care that they receive, putting billions of dollars into our health network that beforehand had to be absorbed by all the people who paid their regular fees for their insurances, I’m going to have to back out of support for any of these so-called Republican candidates. I hate doing that; I’ve been a Republican for years. After the country dug itself out of the massive debt laid on us by the last great white hope — you know, George W. — I’m surprised that we, the Republicans of this great country, can’t do anything better than to offer us a clown car full of candidates, especially letting the leader of the clowns, recognizable by his Bozo hair, take center stage so often. He’s a joke. He’s only in it for his own personal gain. I can’t believe all the Trump chumps. However, I’ve seen no plan from any of our candidates, only posturing about what they would do if they were king — I mean, excuse me, if they were president — with no conceivable plan as to how they would accomplish any of their promises. I’m going to have to vote for Clinton this year. Sorry about that, but I’m going to have to leave the Republican party and do that because all they’ve been able to offer us this year is a clown-car full of candidates.
I am going to enthusiastically vote for Donald Trump! Trump has that rare quality that is missing from the other candidates, self-confidence, which makes him a leader. Trump won me over when he said, “I’m going to make you proud to be an American again.” These last seven years under Obama have been a complete embarrassment. The United States has become an object of ridicule and disdain around the world. Under Obama, America has abdicated its leadership role which has resulted in the deaths of thousands and the displacement of millions of people in the Middle East and the proliferation of new deadly terrorist groups such as ISIS. Our national debt has ballooned to $19 trillion and the economy has stagnated for the last seven years. Drug use has become an epidemic in America because people have no hope that their economic situation will ever improve. I believe Donald Trump is the only candidate with the economic know how to turn the economy around. As regards foreign policy, he will do whatever is necessary to eliminate the Islamic terrorists and rebuild our military. He is the only candidate who will bring the monstrous, incompetent federal government under control. Make America great again, vote Donald Trump for president.
I tilt liberal and almost always vote Democratic, but on Feb. 9 I will be “crossing over” for a moment in time, taking a Republican ballot, and voting for John Kasich. Why? In large part to help blunt the Trump/Cruz/Rubio circus, none of whom deserves New Hampshire’s “first in the nation” endorsement. While I don’t agree with many of Kasich’s views on the social issues of our complicated times, I think he is fair-minded, a good listener and a consensus builder. I trust him to do what is right for the country and the world in a calm, thoughtful, pragmatic way. I like his background experience as well as his proven record for getting things done both at the federal and state level, and I hope that the New Hampshire electorate recognizes that and joins me in pushing him closer to his party’s choice for president. That being said, in the general election, I will most assuredly vote for Hillary Clinton, the most qualified candidate from either party to ever seek the office of president. Judy Kennedy, Bartlett.
I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.
As a 31-year card-carrying member of the Communist Party, I will vote for today’s generational Stalin, that is Bernard Sanders originally of Brooklyn, N.Y. Or, since I have a fetish for cankles, I might both for the fat luscious cankles of the most smartest woman in the world, the female member of the Clinton family. Either one will do just fine.
One comment was posted on Facebook:
I’ve decided not to vote. Not one of these people is worthy of the office. Each one of them is a scumbag in their own way. And, if they ain’t a scumbag, they’re an old fart.

Tele-Talk: How important is the New Hampshire primary in the presidential election process?

The New Hampshire primary has served as a launching pad to the nomination for many future presidents. For others, victory in New Hampshire is but a fleeting moment of political glory. This week's Tele-Talk: How important is the New Hampshire primary in the presidential election process?

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Tele-Talk: For whom are you going to cast your ballot in the New Hampshire Primary?

Presidential politics are heating up. The Iowa Caucus is Monday; then all eyes will be on the Granite State for the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire Primary on Feb. 9. Town clerks are expecting a record turnout for the vote.

This week's Tele-Talk question: For whom are you going to cast your ballot in the New Hampshire Primary?

Call 733-5822 Saturday and Sunday and leave your comments on our machine. You may fax your responses to 356-8360 or e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Comments can also be posted on The Conway Daily Sun's Facebook page. Results will be published Tuesday.