Tele-Talk: Do you think New Hampshire animal cruelty laws need strengthening?


Recently, a Wolfeboro woman was charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal neglect. Investigators believe that there were 84 Great Danes from Wolfeboro and Bartlett that were kept in filthy conditions, not properly treated for disease and fed infested food. In New Hampshire, a dog owner suspected of animal neglect is automatically charged with a misdemeanor for a first offense. Last year, after 21 counts of animal cruelty were brought against an Ossipee woman who allegedly kept 59 dogs in filthy conditions, a judge dismissed the charges because the criminal complaints didn't match the wording of animal abuse laws on the books.

This week’s Tele-Talk: Do you think New Hampshire animal cruelty laws need strengthening?

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Steven Connolly: Flying Yankee streamliner train is nuisance nostalgia; state of New Hampshire should scrap it

To the editor:

The state needs to scrap the Flying Yankee.

This is the historic streamliner train that sits mostly abandoned at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln. It once ran with great prominence across Boston & Maine rail lines in New England. Those days are long gone.

The Flying Yankee needs a half a million dollars in rehabilitation plus a realistic plan to operate it under state ownership.

Neither of these is feasible which are reasons why this train has been sitting in Lincoln for years. It sat in Glen before that.

There was a recent proposal to move this train to Concord as a static display, but this isn’t feasible either.

Preserving history is important but this isn’t happening. This train is nuisance nostalgia. The state needs to scrap the Flying Yankee.

Steven Connolly


Tele-Talk Responses: What advice do you have for graduating high school seniors?

There were 16 responses to this week's Tele-Talk question: "What advice do you have for graduating high school seniors?" 

The advice is as varied as those that fill the valley and some of it is sure to send our young men and women on an adventurous journey.

Make sure you have skills. Most people today cannot plunge a toilet or check their own oil. Go to a trade school; it might not be glamorous, but it pays the bills. Claes Swede Hermanson

Do something with your life! Get out of this town and spread your wings! Follow your dreams. You are your worst enemy! So many are rooting for your success and it's within your reach if you believe! Congratulations. Windy Harper

At the beginning and end of each day, ask God for nothing and thank Him for everything. From Eaton (one of the sending towns which have no representation and are taxed of support SIU 9).

The advice I would give is to start a business as soon as possible and then store your business vehicles on the two-hour parking town roads, just like Moose Tours, and reap the free advertising while town officials and police just totally look the other way.

My advice would be to protest. Don't get a job, just protest, and you will fit right in.

Beware of squealers, tattletails, backstabbers, saboteurs, liars, cheaters and crooks. The world's full of them. Don't be one. Don't buy high mileage vehicles from strangers. Don't pick fights with outlaw bikers, NHL hockey players or off duty Chicago cops. That is unless you want to spend a few days in the intensive care unit on a ventilator. Be a real hero and give blood to the Red Cross. Have a wonderful life! This is Dave in North Conway.

Poverty, I said poverty, is to be respected. Being rich is to be mocked.

Pray, study politics and join the republican party. Save the country. Thank you.

Yeah, I want you to know clearly that global warming and climate change is a fraud.

If life throws you difficult situations, just take a moment and stop and sing the first three choruses of "Kumbaya." And if you have a general dislike for your family or a general dislike for humanity, then do all you can do to make sure this country does not have any borders to allow all the world's vermin inside our land.

Make sure that you always have a pet cat in your life, and when you see a poor person and a tear comes to your eye in sympathy over this situation, remember, chances are pretty good that they chose that way of life.

My advice for graduating high school seniors is do not listen to the liberal media. Stay strong, work hard and you will succeed. Thank you. God bless you all. Congratulations.

Yes, hello. This is Paul from Effingham. To all you students, just remember one thing: You do not need to strap yourself with college loans to make a ton of money. There's plenty of money to be made in the trades plumbing, electrician, carpenter, etc. So don't worry your heads off about college loans when you could take up a trade and make plenty of good money. And the only other piece of advice I can give you is when you do make that good money, don't turn out to be a jerk like that guy in the White House. He's the biggest a-hole around. Once again this is Paul in Effingham, Good luck students, bye now.

Hi this is JJ from Conway. The question, "What advice do you have a graduating high school seniors?" My advice is the less you do, the less you get blamed for. Then you are going to get blamed for doing nothing anyway. That's all folks. Thank you.

My advice is get out and work, work hard. If you fail the first time, pick yourself up and do it again. Don't blame it on your parents, your school, your co-workers. Now it's your choice. Take care of yourself. Don't be like most of the dead beats in the valley and just suck off of the system.

Don't listen to a bunch of people giving advice through Tele-Talk!


Tele-Talk Responses: What type of health-care system would you like to have?

There were 18 responses to the Tele-Talk question: “What type of health-care system would you like to have?” This question comes after the town hall forum hosted by Rep. Jerry Knirk (D-Freedom) on health care last week, which he hoped would start a discussion, introduce new ideas and get people talking about a way to fix the current system rather than complain about the ineffectiveness of it. Many responses were in favor of moving toward a single-payer system, one response was to begin by scrapping the Affordable Care Act and many others point to using various existing systems in other countries as a model for our own.

We need a universal one-payer system for health care in this country. It’s time we have the same care and protection as every other civilized free country on this planet. It’s awful the way citizens are taken care of in the United States.

Recently I had surgery. After surgery, I was sent to rehab. It was recommended that I would need three weeks. A doctor in California representing Anthem diagnosed my case from his office in California and had me discharged after a week. Why? Because to stay an extra two weeks, which my on-site medical providers recommended, would cut into the insurance’s profits. Let’s remove private insurance from health care. I lived five years in a country that had single-payer health care; that never would’ve happened there. Single-payer is cheaper, more efficient and more caring.

This is Jim from Glen in response to your question. Let’s first start by getting rid of Obamacare and taxpayer funding of planned parenthood. Let’s get the government out of our health care decisions. No one should be pressured to buy health insurance. And remember this, a government that’s big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away. I would like to have the health-care system that they have in East Timor, Burkina Faso, Sao Tome and Principe, Vanuatu and Greenland. Also, hats off to the extreme knowledge held by our nurse practitioners.

There’s nothing more anti-American than forcing people to give their hard earned money to a for-profit corporation like health insurance companies. They want to offer insurance. We should expand Medicaid and have a buy-in system, and it should be based on your income. And for every healthy event that you have, your price goes down, and for every unhealthy event you have, such as smoking or drinking, your price goes up. It’s a simple expansion of Medicaid and it should not be by force. This is not a fascist society ... yet.

Simply put, the federal government needs to stay out of and never should have been involved in the insurance business. It should remain and stay with the private enterprise system, which we’ve lived with for over 200 years and has worked fine. This is Peter.

Come on, where is the commonsense? Where has is it gone? Right out the window, just like everything else. It’s not up to the government to take care of everybody.

To me it’s simple: Every year, lower the Medicare age by 3 years. In 22 years everyone will be on Medicare, a system known for its low administrative costs. Health care for-profit companies will be phased out and providers will only have to deal with a single reimbursement system. Heavenly! Art Micallef, Bartlett.

Something similar to what the United Kingdom or Holland has, which essentially is universal health care. We were well on the way with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and then two-faced Paul Ryan and his team of mostly white males came up with a cruel replacement that even Trump says is too “mean.” This “plan” was neither understood nor even read by the imbeciles who passed it, yet they had the audacity to celebrate by smoking cigars and drinking beer to the theme of Rocky on the front lawn of the White House. A day of infamy to be sure. Disgusted with GOP, North Conway.

Single-payer is the only way to go to get the best health care for the lowest cost. The other advanced nations have figured this out already, so why don’t we get it? I believe that we have a stubborn and righteous national consciousness based on “rugged individualism” and competition — in effect, shooting ourselves in the foot. The fear and resistance to anything that even smells of “socialism” keeps us from banding together to help ourselves, even though people love their Social Security and Medicare. People also dislike “big government,” except for large national efforts like the military to keep us safe and the aforementioned social safety nets. It seems kind of dumb and hypocritical to me. Well, it’s time we all came together to welcome single-payer, saved some money for other important things, and pitched in to really help each other stay healthy and stay active to get even more good things done in this great country.

If everyone ate healthy, went easy on the booze, didn’t consume mind-altering substances, maintained their ideal weight, exercised regularly, saw an MD annually, and didn’t do stupid things like riding motorcycles, playing tackle football, shooting others, skydiving or base jumping, health-care costs would be a fraction of what they currently are. Think about it.

Single-payer like the rest of the civilized world. Steve.

I would like to see a non-profit insurance system as in Europe or a publicly funded health-care system as Canada offers. For-profit health-care systems only make the insurance companies rich. We need to do something quickly. Barbara, Center Conway.

Get rid of Medicaid and expand Medicare to cover every citizen. President Franklin D. Roosevelt drafted a Second Bill of Rights but died before he could implement it. One of the items in it was medical coverage for all citizens. After he died, his Second Bill of Rights was relegated to the realm of history. Instead, Americans continue to be forced to beg for charity from family and communities on websites designed for this. America stands out as a nation of citizens far happier hating useless terms such as “socialism” and “liberalism” than demanding a universal health coverage system in 2017. The “sheeple” have been well-trained in recognizing and instantly condemning worthless terms, phrases and dialogue that are all (not coincidentally) in the worst interests of affluent presidents, politicians and Wall Street. As a side note, there is no “liberalism” in America and never has been. Travel or study British or European life to understand this.

How unfortunate it is that we in the United States spend far more for our health care, and yet have worse outcomes than so many other countries that offer a government-run health-care system. Unfortunately, Democrats assumed that a bipartisan health-care system based on a Republican model would receive broad support, but it was fought every step, never improved or supported by many in Congress. Currently, behind closed doors, Republicans are crafting a system that will take away health care for many of us ... no good! Now the only solution is a single-payer, government-run program that will make our health care more efficient, more reliable, less expensive and better for all of us.

A one-payer system on the order of Medicare.

To the question on what type of health-care system I want: one that focuses on preventing disease instead of diagnosing and treating it. The human body reacts to foreign substances that are not supposed to be in our blood and tissue by rejecting them. Consequent symptoms arise, in every organ. Instead of eliminating cause, our profit-driven culture, refusing to take individual responsibility for optimal health, gives it to the U.S Department of Agriculture, which sets dietary guidelines while at the same time promotes and subsidizes consumption of animals, dairy and eggs. Health care should focus, as many doctors are, on real prevention. See “What the Health,” “Forks Over Knives,” “Hungry for Change,” “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” “Vegucated,” “PlantPure Nation” and “Eating You Alive.” These doctors understand prevention. The human body is quite capable of optimal health as long as what it’s fed and watered with, just like our gardens, is appropriate. Focus on eliminating cause of disease, environmental toxins and what we chew!

Yeah, I was thinking the type of health policy that I’d like is the government style where everybody else in the world has to pay for it, and then they get the greatest insurance that could never, never really be imagined by the rest of us. You know, probably not the kind with the $6,000 deductible and what not. I think that would be a good policy for me, something like that.